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Women with ADHD - Working With Your Strengths

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The Impact Hub

901 Mission St, Suite #105

San Francisco, CA

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Having ADHD is a gift. We can see things that other people can't see and because of this, we can come up with effective solutions to problems.

We have high levels of empathy, which means that we are good with people. We are more sensitive, which means that we can pick up on the nuances of what's going on around us which enables us to make wiser choices.

We can get a lot of things done when we get in to the flow of what we are doing. We can get lost in what we are doing and it can feel good to have the ability to tune the whole world out.

We are impulsive, which means we are adventurous and are willing to take risks. We are creative, which means that our imagaination can take us places that other people can't go.

We have vision, which means that we can come up with a birdseye view of how we want something to look and make it happen.

We get bored easily and always need to feel challenged which means that we pick things up quickly and always have a hunger to learn. We need to feel stimulated which means that we can have a few projects going on all at once. This ultimately means that we get more done because we are utilizing the full potential of our energy.

Do you ever feel like your doctor doesn't fully understand what it's like to have ADHD?

Do you attend classes and feel like their idea of a solution is for you to change who you are?

Do you leave classes feeling down on yourself because you know that implementing some of the solutions presented would be next to impossible?

Caitlin studied Psychology at The University of Melbourne and has ADHD herself. She has come up with ways in dealing with her ADHD that work for her and don't make her feel like she needs to be different. Caitlin believes in taking an individualized approach to ADHD because every person is different.

Expected Outcome
By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a renewed sense of energy and an acceptance of yourself that will help you move forward in your life and enable you to see things from a new angle that helps you grow and prosper. We must say thank you for our ADHD, because we are unique and amazing individuals because of it and not in spite of it!

Why pay $98?
Caitlin believes that therapy can be helpful in seeking support and encouragement, but from her own personal experience, some therapists have not been the right fit and that has set her back, instead of propel her forward. Caitlin would sometimes leave therapy sessions and classes feeling alone and misunderstood. When she came up with her own ways of working with her ADHD, she was a lot happier, was able to manage tasks better and was able to become more aware of her weaknesses so she could foresee possible pitfalls/find people who could do the things that she struggles with. By attending this workshop, you will be getting a lot of value because you will be working with someone who knows and understands what you are going through.

Famous people who either have or are thought to have ADHD
Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Emily Dickenson
Virginia Woolf

Ann Bancroft
Solange Knowles
Michelle Rodriguez
Zooey Deschanel
Emma Watson
Janis Joplin
Joni Mitchell

Cynthia Gerdes - owner of Hell's Kitchen
Diane Swonk
Bill Gates
Richard Branson

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Date and Time

The Impact Hub

901 Mission St, Suite #105

San Francisco, CA

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