Women of Oz March Flagship Group MTB Ride

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Airplane Field

Lawrence Plaza

Bentonville, AR 72712

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Join us for our monthly Flagship Ride! We'll be playing it safe by creating small groups and masks are required.

About this Event

Join us for our monthly Flagship Ride! We'll be playing it safe by not gathering as a group before the ride and will split into small groups. Ride Leaders will reach out to your group and confirm the meeting location a few days before the ride. Masks are required until we take off on the trails and strict social distancing will be a must. We will have ride leaders for skill levels between Beginner to Advanced.

****NEW***If you're new to mountain biking OR have never done a fundamentals skills clinic we now REQUIRE YOU to start with the WOZ Fundamental Skills Clinic during registration. Regardless of your riding experience we feel taking this skills course from one of our WOZ certified instructors will help improve your riding and create a better riding experience for all.***

Need a bike? You can reach out to any of our local bike shops to reserve a bike at a first-time rental fee of $20. Go to our website www.WOZNWA.com for a list of our bike shop sponsors.

***Ride levels are based on YOUR CURRENT skills and endurance levels *** We want everyone to have the best and safest experience possible so we’ve laid out a “rating” system to help align you with the right ride group. Please review the skills, endurance, milage and proposed trails. Being in the right group makes a better ride for all.

REGISTRATION: If you have a friend on the same ride level that you want to ride with make sure to register in the same ride level AND same group number (register ASAP to ensure this is possible). We will NOT be able to make any changes to groups unless you need to cancel your registration. This is all to deliver the best possible ride experience for each and every one of you! If you don't end up riding with your friends, don't worry, you'll have the opportunity to make new ones and see your other friends at the social afterwards. Win win!

Not sure which group to join? A great way to know if you are ready to advance ride levels is if you were able to keep up with the ride leader the entirety of the ride and felt like you could have continued at that pace for more. If you are still unsure on which ride might be for you just contact us…..we love talking bikes.

COVID 19: Please do not join the flagship if you have recently tested positive, been around someone who's tested positive or you are not feeling well.

Ride Levels: At registration first choose your riding and fitness level, then choose the best description among the groups.

Remember if you want to ride with a friend, register ASAP in the same Level AND Group # to ensure you'll be in the same group. No changes can be made after you register.

FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS CLINIC... this is the starting place

Select this group if you have never ridden a mountain bike, it’s been a little longer than you would like to admit, OR you've never taken this clinic before….. Welcome!   You have to start somewhere and this is the place! Even the most advanced riders need to brush up on these essential skills. This Skills Clinic will cover the fundamental of mountain biking and then you'll hit the trail for a 2-3 mile ride. 

Skill Level 1 

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Staying upright while pedaling

Fitness Level- no requirement 


You’ve ridden on the dirt multiple times now and you are starting to get the hang of things. You are now putting those skills from the clinic into play and working on shifting, braking, and body position.  Ride 5-7 miles.

Skill Level 2 -

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Skill level 1+
    • Level pedals while riding 
    • Riding with one finger over L & R brake levers
    • Getting to know berms (those are those turns with the dirt) 

Fitness Level 1 

  • Able to ride 30 minutes on easy terrain
  • Climbing a hill on the bike might require a breather break on the way up, and at the top of the hill. (I thought hills were for going down??)

GREEN +.... New with constant improvement

Here to add the obstacles and steeper hills, but you are taking fewer breaks and pushing the ride time and mileage.  You are attempting more rocky surfaces, bridges and to roll over roots. (Yep we just roll right over those suckers.) Distances up to 8 miles or 2 hours are doable. Down Tristan’s?  Let go up it! Ride 5-7 miles.

Skill Level 3

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Skill level 2+
    • Standing on level pedals in “ready” position comfortably
    • Getting comfortable with appropriate gear shifting 
    • Novice on cornering and berms 
    • Comfortable crossing bridges 
    • Okay rolling over low roots/rocks and through tight trees  

Fitness Level Required -2 

  • You ride 2x a week
  • You can handle non-stop riding for up to an hour on easy terrain, after that it’s hit or miss.
  • You can climb up Crystal Bridges hill without stopping, but give me a breather at the top!

 BLUE ....Confident and Fit.... attempting rock gardens

Skill Level 4 - 

The rides are getting longer and the pace quicker.  Getting quicker out of berms you are confident in shifting, comfortable on single track and open to attempting obstacles.  You’re getting the hang of Coler, riding most of Slaughter Pen, and may have ridden Back 40 or at least parts of it. Ride 9-12 miles.

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Level 3+
    • Controlled braking
    • Must be comfortable cornering and with berms 
    • Bike-body separation are natural
    • Comfortable with most moderate terrain (steeper, rockier, wetter, etc.)
    • Confident with wide switchbacks
    • Able to look up the trail and anticipate shifting, position change, obstacles, etc.

Fitness Level 3 -

  • You ride 2-3x a week on an average in season week
  • You can climb longer with soft pedaling as a recovery instead of stopping
  • You can ride moderate pace for 2 hours with minimal stops 
  • Must be able to climb Ozone 

Intermediate skill group: here because you’re still working on upping the mileage and ride time. 15 miles or 3 hours might be my cutoff!                                               

BLUE + ...Confident, fit and ready for a 3hr ride

Skill Level 5 - 

You’ve been riding for awhile now, put a lot of time and mileage in to riding confidently and tackling bigger challenges are a regular thing. You are comfortable with fast descents, rock gardens, more technical climbs and features.  Ride 10-15 miles. 

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Level 4+
    • Confident with bike handling skills with roots, rocks, tight corners, etc
    • Your tires are leaving the ground
    • Climbing technical terrain 
    • Comfortable in tight Berms/Switchbacks and exit with acceleration 
    • Can ride technical single track 
    • Able to get up and over moderate obstacles up to 6 inches off ground

Fitness Level 4 - 

  • Riding 3-4x a week 
  • 3  hour rides are doable
  • Able to climb continuously without breaks 
  • Can ride most of Back 40 

BLACK....Advanced rider and can ride with a pro-mtb'r

Ride now, talk later.  You are up for fast paced, intense, challenging, demanding, some good ol light-hearted competition!  Be ready to ride fast, nail some jumps and drops, and possibly get a QOM in the meantime! Ride 15+ miles.

Skill Level 6 -

  • Skills you can perform:
    • Level 5+
    • Comfortable with drops and changing technical terrain 
    • Hop over obstacles  
    • Able to perform front wheel/rear wheel lifts (up to 6 inches as needed) 

Fitness Level 5 - 

  • Riding 4-5x a week 
  • Considers racing around the Back 40 in around 3hrs FUN
  • Ready to move at a rapid pace throughout ride
  • Continuous movement, breaks only to refuel 
  • Can ride Rock Solid and Schroen Train 

Cancellation/Bad Weather Policy: If bad weather arises we aim to cancel the event by 10am the day of the flagship. Stay tuned to social media for announcements.

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Date and Time


Airplane Field

Lawrence Plaza

Bentonville, AR 72712

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