Women of Law Enforcement Annual Conference
$150 – $300
Women of Law Enforcement Annual Conference

Women of Law Enforcement Annual Conference

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Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex

505 W. Felix

Fort Worth, TX

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Guest Speaker:  JANEÉ HARTEAU

                           Chief of Police

                           Minneapolis Police Department

Chief Harteau joined the MPD in 1987 and worked her way through the ranks beginning as a patrol officer on the street until December of 2012 when she was sworn in as the 52nd and first female chief of police in the department’s history.


In 2006 as the Inspector of the First Precinct, she worked to formalize the SafeZone collaborative and served as the first president of its board of directors until July of 2009.  As the First Precinct Inspector she was a longtime proponent of strong public/private partnerships to strengthen public safety downtown.   Among those partnerships was the creation of the Block E station, the Fusion Center and the Downtown Courtwatch program for which the MPD won an international community policing award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).


Chief Harteau holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science and a Master of Arts in Public Safety Administration; both from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.   Currently she trains law enforcement leaders nationally for Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety and is an Assistant Professor at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in the School of Police Science.  She is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute of Police in Boston, MA and the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s Police Staff and Command School where she was the Franklin Kreml Leadership Award winner.


Chief Harteau has been featured in many local and national publications and has received numerous community accolades includes MN Women’s Press “2013 Changemaker” award, Twin Cities Business Journal “2013 Diversity in Business Award" and was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from St. Mary's University of Minnesota.  With the roll out of MPD 2.0 in 2013, Chief Harteau is at the forefront of leading organizational change and has often been a keynote speaker at various business, government, educational institutions and women's organizations.


Chief Harteau is an active member of the Major Cities Chief’s Association (MCCA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).  In addition, Chief Harteau serves as a member of various boards of Directors including the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), a national law enforcement think-tank based in Washington DC, the national Law Enforcement Leaders Forecasters Group (LEEF) and the Law Enforcement Leaders to reduce crime & incarceration.  Locally Chief Harteau serves on the YWCA of Minneapolis, Youthlink a non-profit that serves homeless youth, and Cornerhouse who provides resources for and assesses suspected child sexual abuse victims.


Practical Training:(Limited spots available, registration will be first come first serve) 

Force on Force Training- Indoor Tactical Village ( 36 spots) -This training provides officers the ability to respond to high stress, short duration critical incidents where they are faced with an unanticipated, deadly threat at close range.  Officers will face multiple high stress scenarios while applying skills they brought with them from the square range using FOF.  Officers will be facing suspects and apply their training in both shoot and no shoot situations.  All students will be required to follow all rules and safety protocol of the Fort Worth Police Department Tactical Village SOP. Student Required Equipment: Body Armor, inner belt, empty gun belt, heavy long sleeve shirt or heavy jacket with hood, Gloves.  Optional equipment: woman's groin protection.  All safety equipment will be provided by FWPD including converted firearms.  Force on Force Ammunition will be supplied by Vista Outdoors.  DO NOT bring Any live ammunition or Firearm to this class. 

Tactical Pistol- Dorcia Meador, Retired Fort Worth PD (50 spots) , This integrated course is designed to train officers to react quickly and effectively to an armed assault.  It is designed to give female officers the skills to engage lethal threatening situations with confidence. 

  • Enhance shooters basic firearms techniques with accuracy
  • Develop advanced gun-fighting skills CQC
  • Shooting on the move, multiple suspects
  • Tactical Deployment

Student Required Equipment: Brimmed Hat, Ear and Eye Protection, Body Armor, Duty Rig, Belts, Mag Pouches and Accessories, Duty Handgun, Minimum of Three Magazines and 300 rounds of practice/ball handgun ammunition. ( No reloaded ammunition).

TAC-Patrol Rifle- Indoor Rifle Range (10 spots) - This fast paced course will be a refresher course for the student to the carbine where the methods of fundamental marksmanship and tactics will combine to allow quick and effective deployment in a tactical situation.

  • Site In
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Multiple Skills drills
  • Tactical/Speed Reloads
  • Position Dexterity
  • Distance shooting

Student Required Equipment: AR style carbine w/tactical sling and 3 magazines, Rifle magazine holder or chest rig, wrap around ballistic eye protection, ear protection, brimmed style cap, 300 rounds of ammunition (No reloaded ammunition). Optional: Patrol Gloves. 

Defensive Tactics-Rocsana Ferren, Fort Worth PD (48 spots) , Defensive Tactics course with Physical Fitness Aspects. 

Tactical Med Class- Brandy Kamper, Fort Worth PD,(participants of this course will receive a tourniquet) 

Breakout Sessions to include: 

Narcotic Investigations for Patrol Officers- Carolyn Gilmore, The officer will learn the ability to recognize heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal narcotics that are discovered commonly on calls for service and traffic stops.  The officer will learn what actions to take when these narcotics are located and how to make a successful case.  The officers will learn to identify businesses and residences that demonstrate activity that is consistent with illegal narcotic sales.  They will learn how to take enforcement action on these locations and how to cultivate a confidential informant. 

Procedural Justice- Amy Ladd, Fort Worth PD

Operational Intellect- Lt. Pam Starr, Dallas PD, During the course of their daily shifts, officers are increasingly required to operate outside a command-and-control framework and interact with the public to resolve issues that affect their communities.  While tactical skill is necessary for officer survival, operational intellect is necessary for career survival.  The ability to read and interpret the statements and actions of others and to interact with them in a context of mutual understanding enhances an officer's disturbance-resolution success- both in the field and in the station house.  This seminar will explore how an officer's energy and attitude affects the energy and attitude of those with whom she comes into contact. 

Breaking Gender-Based Stereotypes in Negotiation-Power Tools for Women Negotiators- Dr. Galia Cohen, The University of Texas at Dallas, This workshop is 3-4 hours long and includes two parts: a lecture and an interactive workshop.  Part 1: Gender-Based Stereotypes in Negotiation: What Women Say Without Saying.  In This lecture we will explore the ways gender based stereotypes and stereotypical beliefs and feminine behavior influence the interaction between men and women in negotiation and the negotiation outcomes. Part 2: Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiation: Power Tools for Women Negotiators.  In This Interactive Workshop participants will: Explore their own conflict management style, Learn approaches for managing conflict, Discover the importance of breaking gender-role stereotypes and becoming assertive speakers, Learn collaborative negotiation techniques. 

Gender Matters- Dr. Shauna Fitzjarrell, Research supports the theory that gender matters in criminal justice professions, particularly in law enforcement.  Acknowledging that women are different from men, women can offer a perspective and set of skills that are unique as well as beneficial to all areas of criminal justice.  While a suggest that the role women play in law enforcement is continually evolving, it is still necessary to know how we got to this point, and how we can continue to encourage other women to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

Preparing for Promotion-Study Techniques-Patt Hollingsworth, TCOLE Commissioner, This course is designed to develop strategies for promotion and selection.  Discussion will include types of assessment center processes and parameters evaluated and practical exercises for interview skills development. 

Basic Social Media use in LE today- Daphne Levenson, 3-4 hour course that includes the following objectives: 

  • How Social Media is affecting Public Safety Agencies and Officer Safety today
  • Why Public Agencies cannot afford to ignore social media
  • Expanded social media in modern police departments
  • How Social Media is being used to facilitate crime in your community
  • How Social Media is being used to solve problems: community policing
  • apps you need to know
  • changes in 2016- Video, Messaging apps, Big data and how it affects LE
  • Implementation & Policy Musts 

Sexting and Sextortion: Not the Crime you think it is - Daphne Levenson, 3-4 hour course that includes the following objectives:

  • Stakeholders: Authorities, Kids, Internet Predators
  • How Internet Porn is placed to stalk children to desensitize kids to sexting, sextortion and victimization
  • Prevention, Education & Monitoring Elementary Through High School
  • Bullying, Suicide, Peer Pressure & Social Media
  • Types of Applications and Devices Kids Use for Social Media and to hide files
  • Preventing Predators in 2016
  • Federal & State Laws
  • A Teamwork approach 

Homicide- Cheryl Johnson

Sex Crimes- Cheryl Johnson

Persuasion/Building Rapport and how those tools helped in the case study kidnapping- Brenda McAdoo

Closing Speaker- Pam Starr "Empowerment" 

Conference Hotel:

Courtyard Fort Worth Downtown/Blackstone

 601 Main Street  Fort Worth  TX  76102 


Registration Questions please contact:  

Gina Pastre, North Richland Hills Police Department


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Date and Time

Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex

505 W. Felix

Fort Worth, TX

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