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Women of Law Enforcement 4th Annual Conference

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Bob Bolen Public Safety Training Complex

505 West Felix Street

Fort Worth, TX 76115

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Practical, Intense Training for:

Street Officers, Telecommunicators, Detention Officers & All Women of Law Enforcement

This three day intense training provides an opportunity for women in law enforcement to learn from top women leaders in law enforcement. The purpose of the conference is to empower females in all areas of law enforcement whether they are on the street, in the jail, or in the communications center.

Historically, police training has not targeted women in law enforcement; however, it has become more prevalent in today’s police training environment. This conference will provide a unique opportunity for women to improve their knowledge and skill set.

This year we are honored to have Chief Cynthia Renaud from Folsom, CA. as our Key Note speaker. In addition to Cheif Renaud, we will also have Officer Ann Carrizales and Officer Robin Hopkins guest speaking on Saturday and Sunday. The following break out sessions will be offered during the 3 day conference:

Pistol Skill Set

This integrated course is designed to train officers to react quickly and effectively to an armed assault. It is designed to give female officers the skills to engage lethal threatening situations with confidence.

  • Enhance shooters basic firearms techniques with accuracy
  • Develop advanced gun-fighting skills CQC
  • Shooting on the move, multiple suspects
  • Tactical Deployment

** Each student must be a sworn law-enforcement or federal agent

Patrol Rifle

This fast paced course will be a refresher course for the student to the carbine where the methods of fundamental marksmanship and tactics will combine to allow quick and effective deployment in a tactical situation.

  • Site In
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Multiple Skills drills
  • Tactical/Speed Reloads
  • Position Dexterity
  • Distance shooting

** Each student must be a sworn law-enforcement or federal agent

Force on Force - Scenario Training

This training provides officers the ability to respond to high stress, short duration critical incidents where they are faced with an unanticipated, deadly threat at close range. Officers will face multiple high stress scenarios while applying skills they brought with them from the square range using FOF. Officers will be facing suspects and apply their training in both shoot and no shoot situations. All students will be required to follow all rules and safety protocol of the Fort Worth Police Department Tactical Village SOP.

** Each student must be a sworn law-enforcement or federal agent

Narcotics Investigation for Patrol

Officers will learn the ability to recognize heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and other illegal narcotics that are discovered commonly on calls for service and traffic stops. The officer will learn what actions to take when these narcotics are located and how to make a successful case. The officers will learn to identify businesses and residences that demonstrate activity that is consistent with illegal narcotic sales. They will learn how to take enforcement action on these locations and how to cultivate a confidential informant.

Preparing for Promotion

This course is designed to develop strategies for promotion and selection. Discussion will include types of assessment center processes and parameters evaluated and practical exercises for interview skills development.

The Power and Peril of the Queen Bee

Many of us learned in Earth Science classes that bee hives were ruled by queen bees who assured their power by killing off other female bees. Researchers years ago used this trait to describe the female boss – a woman who holds onto her position of power by eliminating the competition. What these researchers did not consider were the talents queen bees brought to the hive. Queen Bees are selected by workers; they help maintain the unity of the hive and are responsible for it. As the hive leader, queen bees are followed and protected by those whom they serve.

There is power and peril in assuming the position of Queen Bee. While many observers eschew the positive traits in favor of the negative, women in law enforcement should understand both the power and peril associated with holding positions of power (titled or not) within their agencies. Embracing leadership and cultivating subordinates is power – degrading and ignoring subordinates is peril Focusing on the positive traits of the Queen Bee life cycle, while avoiding the negative, will help current and future women leaders realize their best careers, best successes, and best legacies.

Servant Leadership

Tactical Emergency Medical Training

Defensive Tactics

Human Trafficking

Homicide Investigation

Tactical Response for Patrol


FBI Debrief

Durg and Alcohol Trends

Work/Life Balance

Host Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott - Historic Fort Worth Stockyards

2537 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76164

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Date and Time


Bob Bolen Public Safety Training Complex

505 West Felix Street

Fort Worth, TX 76115

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