Women of Color Healing Retreats March 4- March 13, 2018

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Cahuita Costa Rica

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Women of Color Healing Retreats is a space dedicated to connecting black women to nature while building community. Its goal is to assist in healing and inner peace . It is a place to bring women of color together to experience wellness, adventure and fun in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica.

Mission Statement

Women of Color Healing Retreats was created out of the desire to connect women with nature and seeks to provide a space of learning, healing, and nurturing that so often alludes black women. In order to build sustainable communities that value the intersections of cultural identity, women of color must first rediscover who they are outside of a society that wishes to stunt organic spiritual growth and self-love. Women of Color Healing Retreats is a space for all black women, as they fully honor the diversity of black identity. It is a space for all bodies, all sexual orientations, all socioeconomic statuses, all political ideologies, and all levels of traditional or radical thought.


Airport Pick Up & Drop Off Service: Round trip, airport pick up and drop off service to Women of Color Healing Retreats.

​Lodging: 6 days/ 7 nights shared accommodation at a beautiful eco-friendly lodge located in the rain forest. Each day of the retreat will also focus on navigating through the 7 chakras, moving from the root to the crown, focusing on body, journaling, yoga and meditation to heal and nourish each of the chakras. If you are not familiar with the chakras this is also a good way to learn.

Daily Breakfast: Vegan Breakfast. This is for anyone who is currently a vegan and for those interested in exploring a vegan lifestyle. Healing vegan meals made with local Caribbean fruits and vegetables will be provided. We provide the opportunity to explore alkaline , plant based and vegan life styles. Also offered: pure coconut juice, herbal teas, juices, superfoods and smoothies to nourish, balance and heal.

Daily Lunch: Delicious healing vegan lunch, on some days we will have lunch on the beach!

Daily Dinner : Fill your belly with delicious vegan and holistic meals to nurture the mind, body, and spirit with our delicious group dinners.

Massage or Reiki: Each woman will receive a relaxing massage or reiki healing session.


Decolonizing Yoga: Every morning the group will take a guided outdoor yoga class at the lodge surrounded by the jungle. Yoga is a practice that connects our mind, body and spirit, its an ancient practice and a form of healing.

​Meditation: Morning Meditations (Some are guided meditations).There's no level, so just come with an open heart.

Medicinal Plant Walk:The medicinal plant walk through the surrounding Costa Rican rainforest will allow the women the opportunity to learn about ancient plant medicine, with cures concocted by the ancestors of the local tribes as well as our own knowledgeable guides and bloodlines. By returning to nature, we rediscover the practical tools that our ancestors used to take care of themselves and each other, in addition to their associated metaphysical uses and aspects.

Surf or Snorkel : Take a two-hour surf class for beginners with an expert surf teacher here in Costa Rica or you can choose to go snorkeling in the beautiful Caribbean sea with an expert or you can choose to take swimming lessons. Experience in swimming is not required for snorkeling or swim lessons. There are many people who don't know how to swim or afraid of water simply because they have never been taught. This will be a space where women of color can be free in water collectively without fear of judgement. *check to see if swimming lessons are available*

Cacao Bathing at the Waterfall: The women will also have sacred cacao bathing by the waterfall where the women will bathe in cacao (cacao is chocolate before chocolate is processed). Cacao is healing , but because it's processed in the west it's used for the complete opposite of its purpose. This healing and meditative experience brings us back to ourselves and to nature.

Hike and Beach: We will venture off on a beautiful hike surrounding the jungle and beach. Women circles and meditation will also take place on the beach.

Herbalism: You will learn how to grow herbs, when to grow herbs, and how to select them. You will also learn how to design a little garden, as well as learn how to make teas and healing medicinal recipes. As women of color, it is our birthright to use tools from the earth to sustain and heal our every day lives.

​Women's Circle: The women will journal, hold discussions and cultivate a safe space to heal and grow.

*We recommend bringing $350 or more for spending , this excludes additional activities *

Womens Workshops and Circles

Women's workshops/ Women's Circle: There will be women’s workshops and circles throughout the retreat. The following list is a sample of some of those workshops/circles:

Self Love Workshop:​Healing through self love and self care.

Exploring Colorism: The women of color will form a circle of support as we explore the different dynamics of colorism. Healing different shades of brown.

Tap Into the Ancient Power of Crystals: Gems have been around since the beginning of time, so by connecting to these stones we connect to our ancestors. In this workshop, you'll learn the ancient practice of tapping into the energy of gemstones, crystals, rocks, and minerals. We will discuss the importance of crystals in ancient Egypt and their continued usage in modern times. We'll provide an overview of common stones and their special properties. More specifically, we'll discuss the role of crystals in raising spiritual and emotional well being through explanation of the chakra energy system. Finally, we'll discuss how to use and care for crystals in your home and everyday life.

Race Gender & Politics: In this workshop,the women will examine the roles of Black women in the United States: our history, our stories of resistance, and how we have come to today’s toxic political climate. The women will look at how the history of the United States has shaped the intersections of race and gender, and how it impacts the lived experiences of Black women today. Participants will also discuss the ways that our past affects the present, and how we can become more conscious of this cycle. As with all of our workshops, this workshop is also open to women who do not reside in the states.

Healing Brown Bodies: In this workshop the women discuss the way they view their bodies and the way society has affected the way they view themselves.

Sankofa Workshop:
Sankofa is an important symbolic bird in West Africa. It translates as “go back and get it” (san-to return; ko-to go; fa-to fetch, to seek and take) It represents the need to reflect on our past to build a successful future.

In this workshop we will learn about our African legacies, our histories of resistance, and how we use this knowledge to envision a future for ourselves as black women. We will learn about resilient spiritual traditions and Orisha practice in the diaspora. We will also learn how black artists and activists today are creating works of Afrofuturism, envisioning black futures that stem from the experience of the African Diaspora.

We will each build our own Sankofa bird and share our reflections with each other.

WOCHR is a vegan retreat, all meals are cooked with quality ingredients. Animal by products are not allowed within the retreat space , no exceptions. As we abstain from animal by products in the WOCHR kitchen, we also abstain from alcohol throughout the retreat. This abstinence will be in effect whether guests are in the retreat lodge, or are enjoying some well needed personal time. Our goal for the alcohol cleanse, is to keep the vibrations high. This is a space dedicated to assisting black women on their spiritual/healing journey. We are each responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for showing up each day. In personal responsibility it is your duty to make sure you use this space to go within while building community with your sistars. This is a time to disconnect so that we may reconnect with our highest selves. We are responsible for our own wellness and healing, WOCHR provides tools that can be used to assist in self love and healing but ultimately, A healer does not heal you, a healer holds space for you to awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself. We are elated to have you join us in the replenishing jungles of Costa Rica.

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Cahuita Costa Rica

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