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WOMB.sessions Creative Incubator ~ begins Jan 6th

WOMB.sessions Creative Incubator ~ begins Jan 6th

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WOMB.sessions Creative Incubator ~ begins Jan 6th

Event Description

the WOMB.sessions

a seasonal incubator for creative collaboration + your body of work

*prices listed include eventbrite service fees*

If you are a Female Professional or Small Business Owner and have an idea, project, book or original work ready to be conceived, our incubator will help you craft it into fruition. The Winter Season is the perfect time for creative incubation. So we invite you to gather in our collaborative space as we cultivate our craft in the "fertile underground."

As women with Great Vision, it's extremely important we don't get caught in the flurry of the holidays. And that we are Envisioning the goals we want to achieve in 2016, today. By having a dedicated gathering space, it will ensure we make the most out of the Creative Opportunity this Season holds.

Plus women who are immersed in Creative Process and in regular collaboration with others, produce the most remarkable work. Which ultimately leads to long-term growth and lasting success. 

In our incubator you will learn WOMB's Creative Feminine Process and how to apply it so you are creating your best work at the best time in the Design Cycle.

And if you immerse yourself in our Creative Incubator this Winter, you will be more productive, feel more creative and produce your best work by Spring.

Welcome to the winter WOMB sessions. This is the space for luminary ladies to gather together and craft their Body of Work.

WOMB was born to help women just like us. Who have conceived something *profound* and are seeking the creative time, space and community so we are immersed in the right environment to produce the best work of our lives. Work that we will be admired for. And work that will have a legacy impact where ever our creative contribution is offered.

This incubator will give you the structure and process to move you from Concept to Inspiring Insight to Execution. The WOMBcreative.process is grounded in many years of independent research in Natural Corresponding Cycles between the Seasons, Moon and Female Body + Harvard Med research on the Creative Brain.

Why does this matter for you?

Because science now supports that the Creative Brain in the Female Body follows a cyclical creative rhythm.

Why is this super-duper-profoundly muy importante?

Knowing how to identify this rhythm, being "cycle mindful" through Practice, trains the Creative Thinking skills necessary to produce your best work, at the best times in the Creative Process.

This is what I will teach you during the WOMB.sessions. In our Seasonal Incubator you will:

  • Align your creative productivity with the Nature's Universal Rhythm. Using the Winter Season to plan now for future growth and focus on the projects you are most passionate about to produce next year.

  • Learn a creative process that is Feminine by Design, so that the time and energy you dedicate to Creative Focus is sustainable and results in extraordinary work 

  • Get instant feedback from other women doing interesting things and cross-pollinate ideas that will fuel your own Creative Thinking.

  • Set your Body of Work with deep roots in order to grow your business, community and influence.

With the WOMB sessions women have:

  • met lifelong friends and creative partners

  • gotten crystal clear on their "Why" so they can move forward on their Big Ideas

  • launched new projects imbued with remarkable imagination

  • learned how to tune in to their natural creative flow and enter into more frequent states of peak productivity 

  • got out of the habit of stress-enduced busyness and into the abundant energy of strategic vision and creative execution (acting less like an employee and more like a CEO)

  • generated regularly recurring income from their creative productions


The WOMB.sessions are designed so that with each cycle you experience more moments of Flow. EUERKAs, Aha's! Those seemingly elusive times when the work starts streaming "direct from the Muse." Like a Super charged Cosmic-like wisdom and inspiration radio station you can hear clearly inside of your head.

Because through practice this level of Creativity is possible. And my lifework is dedicated to demystifying the experience of it. Because YES, our world needs more of this kind of cultivated Female Genius from all the grand-ma-sister-daughters. Not just Leonardo.

And my promise for this experience together is that you will have a direct, embodied, observable and felt experience of your creative energy. Which will give you a pattern around which you can masterfully cultivate your Body Of Work and imbue it with your Genius

So here is where our work together begins. I am inviting a small group of female professionals to become Lifetime Founding Members of WOMB. I will teach you the Creative Feminine Process and you will craft your most remarkable Body of Work. And as a token of our thanks for participating in this pilot program, as a Founding Lifetime Member you will receive prototypes of our productivity planning, cycle tracking, creative-management Product Suite so that you can begin planning Your Most Creative Year, starting now!

There are 3 levels of participation depending on your focus:

  • If you don't live in Portland and/or feel more called to hibernate this winter, but still want a Creative Process to guide you through the "fertile underground" so you are ready with your best work in time for Spring, then the ONLINE IMMERSION option is best for you. This is also a great option if you don't have an idea for a body of work yet, but might want to craft one someday. You will learn a Creative Process that unlocks the full potential of your creativity. Which will help you achieve higher levels of creative expression as you explore all that you are meant to conceive.

  • If you live in the area, have a Body of Work and need a dedicated time, place and space to focus on getting it to the next phase so it gets produced, then the local IN STUDIO creative circle + online option is best for you.

  • If you live in the area, have a Body of Work, need dedicated time + want to work 1x1 with Shara serving as your "Creative Director on retainer" to really super charge your creative process, then the IN STUDIO + ONE-ON-ONE option is best for you. As a team of 2, we will take your ideas from great to extraordinary (because creative synergy happens in pairs!)  And as a bonus, you'll get a RESTORE session to amplify your Creative Energy (provided by Danielle Cornelius, DC, WOMB co-founder and Women's Health Educator) 

the WOMB.sessions will be the best investment and creative use of your time this Winter. All our programs are sourced from a proprietary productivity and creative planning methodology, based on Harvard Research and Inspired by Mother Nature. At minimum you will learn a leadership skill in Creativity and Innovation that will serve you for life. At maximum you will conceive a Body of Work that is so remarkable, your career/business will naturally blossom exponentially and sustainably for many Creative Years to come. 


Where are the WOMB.sessions?

All group sessions will be at our private home co-working studio space in NW Portland. Directions sent with paid registration.

When are the WOMB.sessions?

Begin Wed Jan 6th // End Sat March 5th

How do the WOMB.sessions work?

ONLINE ONLY: we gather in a Virtual Collaborative meeting room (via video/phone conference) for 7 consecutive Weds + connect in our Private Online Group throughout the Incubator. All ONLINE WOMB.sessions are designed as inspiring and actionable Lessons where you will learn how to apply the 8 phases of the Creative Feminine Process to cultivate a remarkable Body of Work. These are not "just talks" but insightful teachings, that will train you in the skills of Creative Feminine Thinking.  All Creative Lessons will be recorded so everyone can participate at their most ideal time, as well as add to their own reference library to refer back to month after month as your Body of Work evolves. Additionally, I will be providing real-time group collaboration and feedback in our Private Online Group where I will be actively answering your questions and participating in group discussions. 


3 live in-person, collaborative group sessions at our NW creative studio from 10a - 3p:

Sat Jan 16th // Sat Feb 13th // Sat March 5th

This is where you will experience Quantum Creative Leaps and Lazer-Like Focus on your Body of Work. Moving collaboratively through the 3 grand cycles of the Creative Feminine Process.

ONExONE // ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: you have direct access to WOMB's co-founder and CEO, Shara Raqs. She will serve as your "Creative Director on retainer" for the entire duration of the winter WOMB.sessions. This includes direct access to her private business phone + email, and open office hours every Wed in addition to the 3 creative 1x1 meetings. Plus a bonus SHEbodycare Restore session with co-founder, Danielle Cornelius, DC to work through any Body-Brain creative blocks and unleash the full capacity of your Feminine Energy Potential.

What if I have an idea but I haven't started my business yet? Can I participate in the WOMB sessions if I'm just starting out?

YES! If you are a female professional, and are gestating an original work based on your career experience, then this incubator is the perfect opportunity to lay the foundations of Design Thinking and Creative Innovation that is required by any Creative Leader to move an idea from concept to execution. The WOMB sessions are recommended for Female Professionals with career experience and/or women who have been running a business for at least 3+years and are ready to focus on their Body of Work. This incubator is focused on CEO level Creativity and Innovation training. Moving a Body of Work through 3 cycles of the WOMBcreative.process

What if I can't make all the dates/times?

The weekly Wednesday Creative Lessons will be recorded so you will have all 8 teachings on the Creative Feminine Process, for your Women's Reference Library to refer back to again and again as you master the principles of working in tune with seasons and cycles. If you sign up for the IN STUDIO option or 1x1, mark your calendar now. It's a small commitment (just 3 Saturday immersions) that could possibly change the entire outcome of your Creative Success. Plus the time you commit to invest in your creativity and meet other women doing amazing things, will return to you 10-fold through the Creative Year. 

How are you able to make the WOMB sessions so affordable!!?

This price is a ***1-time offer*** for the lucky 13-33 luminary ladies who take advantage of our generosity! The WOMB.sessions are offered at a pilot pricing rate for Founding Members because it's our business model to seed a strong, connected community *first* and then grow from there. Women who see what an awesome opportunity it is to get in on our innovative company at the ground level will get rewarded well beyond the length of the program. Your insights and contribution will be weaved into the heart and soul of future iterations of our own offerings. And for that reason, the small group of women who believe in our vision and support us in our early stages of growth become Lifetime members of WOMB. Which means, as we grow, you grow with us and get first advantage, first previews, lowest pricing offers, invitations to be featured speakers and presenters at our parties and events and other VIP bonus gold-star treatment. Because we love our Founding Members that much :)

I have PayPal Buyer Credit. 0% interest for 6mos. So can you invoice me, pretty please?

ABSOLUTELY!  If you contact us directly with your PayPal email, we will send you an invoice for your purchase so you can buy now, and pay later. With no interest! YEAH smart cookie ;)


Please note: this is a live, event based offering. To honor the limited circle space and the group experience we are cultivating, there are no refunds after Dec 21st. Your commitment to the Creative Feminine Process is essential to all our success.



all Creative Lessons will be recorded so everyone can participate at their most ideal time and add to their own reference library to refer to month after month as your Body of Work evolves

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