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WOMB YOGA workshop

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11 Meerhuizenplein

1078 TB Amsterdam


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Dear Woman,

I am happy to invite you to a WOMB YOGA workshop in Karunika Spiritual center.


The womb is the center of true feminine powerhouse.
The womb is a sacred symbol of feminine nature.
The womb is an energy collider that gives access to the infinite wisdom.

However, nowadays women rarely feel their wombs.
It can be because the womb is also a place where much emotional pain and past patterning is being held. As a result, a woman even do not experience connection with her magnetic center of infinite energy, joy and wisdom.

What is WOMB YOGA?

It´s a nourishing, deeply healing, energizing and empowering practice, which includes exercises from Daoist yoga, crystal and aroma therapy.

During the classes you will be able to:

connect to your feminine essence and sacred center by awakening the energies of the womb

discover deeper intuitive wisdom & to reconnect us with energies of creativity, fluidity, nurture and fertility

assists us in shifting our awareness & mastering focus and attention for the flow of energy in our body

honors feminine nature, its natural cycles & changes

enhances us to live a fully embodied, joyful & juicy life

The practice of WOMB YOGA enables us to establish deeper connection to our body, to our source of power and inner wisdom so that we may more fully experience the beauty and grace of the womanhood. It is a practice for all women of all ages, including women who no longer have a womb.

What can you expect during WOMB YOGA classes?

๑ Gentle flows to unlock the body (this exercise will help to open the most blocked parts in women’s body - womb, hips, lower back and kidney area)
๑ The Womb Massage
๑ Exercice to improve fluidity of the body (Element of Water)
๑ Meditation 12 Celestial Wombs

Where: Karunika Spiritual Center

When: 10.30 - 13.30 10th February 2018

Investement: 50 Euro

Early bird registration (before 1st February) - 37 Euro

Questions: leona(at)perfect.one or +31 64084 0396

With Love,

Anna Leona

Anna Leona
Anna’s journey of self-development began more than 10 years ago when she asked herself — what such concepts as “feminine nature”, “feminine power” concepts are truly mean?
”Search for answers has gradually led me to examine and interact with my inner space. Deep inside, in my core, I discovered that my body works according to the principles of fulfillment, assimilation, and preservation of energy.

The basis of her philosophy of the feminine nature became an understanding: that a woman is a Sacred Vessel and her body is a Temple, which needs to be nourished and honored with love, attention and joy.
Anna believes that a woman needs to learn how to nourish herself with the help of a variety of sources. Few areas of discovery for her are high-vibrational nutrition and aromas.

For the past 5 years, she has expanded her practice study into other forms of expression that provide her also a sense of deep fulfillment and great joy. Anna is developing herself in Daoist Yoga and Alchemy, dance, singing, clothing and jewelry design.

Watch an interview with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHR_MkuQI1

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Date and Time



11 Meerhuizenplein

1078 TB Amsterdam


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