Wisdom Healings Circle : Group Energy Healing

Wisdom Healings Circle : Group Energy Healing

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Welcome to Wisdom Healings Circle. A place to energetically connect your heart, body, mind and spirit as one.

About this event

Our monthly events are here to offer you a space to build a deeper connection within yourself and your intuition. Take time out to balance, harmonize and increase your health and wellness and feel more energized and grounded.

Through a light guided meditation and energy healing with a sacred intention, gain deeper access to your spirit guides, angels and ancestors.

Find a bridge between relaxation into clarity from personal guidance and insights with answers to areas of your life you may be wrestling with. Intuitively understand what seemed hidden from your mind, through the sensation of energy healing. And leave each event feeling free to move through the moments of your life with a sense of calm, ease and carefreeness.

Enjoy this gentle healing experience to slow down and connect within. 

Here are a few ways to prepare;

• Find a quiet space all to yourself where you can relax.

• Bring intentions for the experience and leave expectations behind.

• Give yourself this moment in time to access peace.

• Connect to the audio and the energy by being present (no need for video).

• Be held in a sacred space for your highest good.

• Feel a sense of connection with community.

• Share in whatever way feels comfortable, afterwards. No pressure.

• Have a journal ready to write down thoughts and feelings afterwards.

** About the practitioner **

Dena is a Southern California based Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Medicine Woman and Artist. She also holds a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from CSULB. She has had an extensive career, over 20+ years, in guiding designers, studios and business owners through intuitive branding & design solutions into successful business applications and ventures.

After years of consulting and advising in the business world, Dena heard a soul deep calling to pursue her mystical intuitive gifts on a professional level and offer them to her community. It was through that soul calling that this practice was born and to help individuals transform into their true self and feel empowered and free to create a path of the soul’s desires.

Dena has also been trained as a Meditation Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and an Intuitive Bio-Field Practitioner. She is honored to hold sacred space during these events.

Learn more https://www.wisdomhealings.com/aboutdena

IG: @wisdom_healings

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