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July Topic: Finding common ground to make sustainability conversations relatable w/ Jessi Burg ~ Outgrow Your Garage

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About the Webinar:

WIS Members share their expertise with the community in this special virtual series every 4th Wednesday of the month! Join us online from 12:30pm - 1:30pm MT to hear from our members! These topics were submitted by members and selected by their peers!

July Topic: Finding common ground to make sustainability conversations relatable w/ Jessi Burg


We all know someone who chooses to change the subject or shut down when the topic of sustainability comes up. This could be because it’s easier to avoid problematic topics or because they aren’t educated on the matter. Whatever the reason, avoiding these conversations makes it hard to advance sustainable choices and options on a broader scale. To make any positive changes, we need buy-in from diverse sectors of our communities and incorporating empathy into touchy conversations is a great place to start.

In this session, Jessi will present ways to meet people where they’re at, so we can have these hard conversations without the other party totally shutting down. Practicing these conversations with empathy makes it easier for us to implement solutions in our day to day lives. Nobody wants to feel attacked, so starting with questions gives us space to create common ground. We’ll discuss questions like how can we reskill the people who work in the industries that do contribute to climate change? What are the options for the ones who live paycheck to paycheck and believe that sustainability is only for those who can afford it? Our common ground is that Earth is our home, our community, and we want it to thrive. Let’s meet people where they are at, and find solutions that are feasible for those wherever they are at in life.

About the Presenter:

Jessi Burg started her journey as an entrepreneur after a series of toxic work environments. She thought "surely, there has to be a way to value employees, pay a living wage, and still be able to work outside." As she built her landscaping company, Pears to Perennials, she discovered being a business owner amplified her voice and began advocating for the trades, and seasonal and gig economy works. Now launching her second business, Outgrow Your Garage, she is building that advocacy work and teaching other trades, services and mobile companies how to grow sustainably and equitably.

As a values-driven business owner, Jessi absolutely adores proving that you can make a profit while breaking down class barriers. Through Outgrow Your Garage, Jessi is also able to support organizations that reduce recidivism through entrepreneurship. In the future, she plans to have multi-lingual programming, broadening access for recent immigrants.

Women in Sustainability:

Women in Sustainability (WIS) is an inclusive social and environmental justice nonprofit dedicated to caring for the people that CARE for the planet through Community, Advocacy, Resources and Education to create a sustainable and equitable future through the feminist viewpoint and leadership. WIS strives to create a safe space for like-minded and diverse individuals to create purposeful connections and conversations. All are welcome in this community.

We encourage our members to challenge the status quo and each other's views, however, we focus on this with civil discourse and positivity. WIS has a no tolerance policy and any individual that makes negative or ill-will comments towards other attendees will be immediately asked to leave the event. Please engage in conversation that "challenges ideas, not the person."


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The views, data, information and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Women in Sustainability, any other agency, member, organization, employer or company associated with Women in Sustainability. Women in Sustainability encourages attendees and members to challenge the status quo and each other's views, however, we focus on this with civil discourse and positive action. WIS believes in engaging in conversation that "challenges ideas, not people". The content provided by WIS educational programming is meant to educate and inform critical - thinking on sustainability topics and subject to individual interpretation. Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes and it is important to do your own additional research and analysis on the subject to form your own beliefs and opinions. In addition, the data and views represented are subject to change, revision and rethinking at any time due to additional data and research. Furthermore, WIS does not verify for accuracy any of the information contained in this presentation and is not responsible for any errors. Presenters are considered to be experts in their particular fields and WIS relies on their expertise to present the information in an accurate and professional manner. Any questions or comments on the content provided during the presentation should be directed to the presenter(s).

All rights reserved. Any content in this presentation cannot be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of Women in Sustainability and the participating presenters.

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