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Winter Ruin GT Preview Event hosted by AG

Please join us for a practice and preview event for the upcoming Winter Ruin Grand Tournament, run by Gamers of the Eastern Fringe!

When and where

Date and time


Adventure Games 851 Main Street Dickson City, PA 18519

Map and directions

How to get there

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

About this event

  • 10 hours
  • Mobile eTicket

Points: 2000

Entry: $15.00

Forge World: Yes

Legends: No

Detachments: Limit of 3

Round Length: 2.75 hours

AoO Missions: 11, 12, 13

** ARKS OF OMEN: GRAND TOURNAMENT will be required for this event. All missions and secondaries used in this event will come from this supplement. Please make sure you have access to the AoO: GT rules (physical copy preferred). **

Please let us know as early as possible if you plan on attending so we can have appropriate table space reserved for the event. Ticket sales are available in advance via Eventbrite or at the door.

Model Requirements:

1. WYSIWYG is enforced.

2. All models must be at least 50% Citadel.

3. All proxies and conversions MUST be pre-approved by the TO prior to the event. Unapproved models are subject to disqualification.

4. If you're unsure about your model, please ask and don't run the risk of having it disqualified!

Scoring: The scoring methods detailed in the AoO: GT book will be used.

Primary Max: 45

Secondary Max: 45

Battle Ready paint score: 10 (soft score)

"Battle Ready" for our events is defined as follows:

1. 3 color minimum with no bare primer showing (unless dry brushed, shaded, or a "colored" primer - not plain white or black)

2. Bases detailed, textured, or one solid color (flying bases and stems may be left clear).

3. All models in an army must be finished to this standard to qualify for the Battle Ready bonus.

Conversions are acceptable as long as it correctly represents the unit in question. If you aren't certain if your conversion is legal, please reach out to us. All conversions must be at least 50% Citadel models.

All players will have the option to chess clock their game. If a player requests a clock from a judge, then that game will be clocked, even if the opposing player does not agree to it. Please read the ITC chess clock rules:

Additional info on the ITC can be found here:


For tournament management, we use the Best Coast Pairings (BCP) app. Please make sure you have the BCP Player app downloaded for the event.

Android users can download it here:

iPhone users can download it via the Apple App Store.

ITC Battles is highly recommended for score tracking. Android users can download the app via the Google Play Store, and iPhone users can download it via the App Store.