Winter Maker Camp
$195 – $325
Winter Maker Camp

Winter Maker Camp

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Moonlighter Makerspace

2041 NW 1st Pl

Miami, FL 33127

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Winter Maker Camp at Moonlighter Makerspace is designed to expand your child's critical thinking, enhance creative confidence, and encourage learning by making. Split into two one-week sessions, each week will focus on a specific topic, and each day they will work on various projects that take them step-by-step through the design and making process. Enjoy incredible savings when you purchase both sessions at the same time!

Session 1 | Dec 26-30: Design Thinking for Kids

Kids will learn the design thinking process and apply this method to solve various fun & exciting challenges.

Empathy: Kids learn how to design for others by asking questions, taking notes, and trying to uncover the root of the problem in the project which often challenges them to reframe the question using another kids perspective.

Defining: Your child will learn how to evaluate and distill a clear problem worth designing for - leading them to their next question - What do I need to make to solve this problem?

Ideating: This process removes the fear of failure. Its an activity where they come up with hundreds of different ideas, some wacky and crazy, and others a bit too cautious, and a few that really get to the heart of a vaible solution. Its a fun time where no suggestion is rejected and everything gets put up. Then the solutions are grouped by similar approaches, and some are removed until a few clear ideas remain. This is what they'll work on actually building.

Prototyping: Now that they have a few good ideas, it's time to test them out! They'll begin to prototype their solutions with various craft materials, nothing too finished! You can rip, tape, glue, color and scribble on it, as long as you're able to see your idea come to life.

Testing: Now you test your creations to see if they will actually solve the problem for the person you're designing for. Once you've refined the design a few times with multiple versions of the prototype, you're ready to build the final version! We'll use digital fabrication technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, and littlebits circuits for this! Then present your design to the whole group!

This one of a kind experience equips your young ones with a set of tools to approach the various challenges in their lives! You get to keep their process booklet that shows their thinking unfold, the various prototypes, a picture of their final product, and their final project (not including any littlebits components).

Session 2 | Jan. 02-06: littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets

Kids will learn learn how to create different gadgets using littleBits circuits. They'll learn about the different kinds of bits: Power, input, output, and wires. They'll learn how to combine these individual components to create hundreds of different things! We'll combine this with 3D printing, laser cutting, and other materials to build incredible inventions that do amazing things!

Open Play: A chance to express unrestrictred creativity. Armed with thousands of legos, and the entire library of littleBits, kids get to explore on their own and make anything they dream up. This builds creative confidence and familiarizes them with how the electronic bits work and how components connect by trial and error. It also encourages collaboration, sharing, and team-building.

Project-Based Challenge: A kit is provided with step-by-step instructions on how to build the gadget or gizmo. Then we test to see how well it was assembled.

Open Design Challenge: Various components and parts are provided and a theme is set. Each kid gets to create a unique version that solves the challenge, then we test to see which one works best!

This unique experience gives your kids access to a huge library of circuit blocks and gives them the confidence to build almost anything! With the three different types of making experiences, they'll not only learn how to create a gadget, but how to invent one using their own creativity and imagination!


Do we need to bring anything?

All materials are provided, but they do need to bring their own lunches each day. The only things they can't take home are the littleBits components, but various kits are available for purchase if you want them to build their final projects with their own components to take home!

What ages are able to attend?

Ages 7+ Certain exceptions are possible for kids just a bit younger. Please come in with your child to discuss.

Who will be leading the camp?

Tom Pupo and Daisy Nodal are the Co-Founders of Moonlighter Makerspace. After earning their Masters in Architecture from Florida International University, they taught at the SOA Design Studio for two years before opening Moonlighter. They now create one-of-a-kind STEAM educational experiences via workshops, camps, field trips and events, where they introduce all ages to the latest technologies in Making. As strong advocates of the Maker Movement, they believe that hands-on learning is not only the most effective, but the most inspiring in the development of a child. The making of a thing is the evidence of the lesson learned!

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, simply email any changes to

Do students need pior experience?

No, students will be introduced to all the basic concepts in the camp.

Are camps refundable/transferable?

If you change your mind, you will receive a 50% refund. Alternatively, you can transfer your registration to another childwith no fees incurred by emailing the contact information to

Can I reach you with any more questions?

Yes, you can reach us directly at 305.699.2041 or email us at

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Date and Time


Moonlighter Makerspace

2041 NW 1st Pl

Miami, FL 33127

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