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Ticket Type Price Fee Quantity
Phone Session   more info $95.00 $3.37
Fashion Makeover   more info $195.00 $5.87
Date Critique   more info $295.00 $8.37
Social Concierge - Bronze Pass   more info $999.00 $9.95
Social Concierge - Gold Pass   more info $1,800.00 $9.95
Social Concierge - Platinum Pass   more info $2,800.00 $9.95
Fashion Makeover-Alumni $146.25 $4.65
Mini Bootcamp (Lecture Only)   more info $499.00 $0.00
Wing Girl Session (4 Hours) $250.00 $7.24

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Event Details

Are you having trouble understanding women?

Are you tired of trying to guess what a woman wants?

Are you sick of them saying one thing and meaning another?

Don’t you ever just wish you could know what they’re thinking when you approach them and talk to them?


Gentlemen, look no further – I have the answers to getting the women you want by telling you what they want.

My name is Katie Pebbles, and I am a wing-girl at the ABCs of Attraction. I’ve been in the dating world and PUA industry for quite a while now and I realize that there are some things that simply need a woman’s touch.

If you want to learn the piano, you study under a piano teacher, right? If you want to fix your computer, you call a computer technician, yes? So when you want to know how a woman thinks, you should ask a woman!

Now, I’m no psychologist, sociologist, therapist or psychic, but I am a woman. Not only am I any old woman, but I am THE woman you need to be listening to when it comes to other women. Do you think your other female friends will give you REAL advice on how to pick up girls?


They love you and want the best for you, but they see you through rose-colored glasses. With this bias, they may sit there and tell you about what a catch you are and how fun you are to be around and what you have to offer women. While I’m not denying any of that, they don’t see what I see on a weekly basis – funny, smart, entertaining men like you failing miserably with women you’re interested in.

It’s a strange phenomenon, really. How is it that so many fantastic men, men like you, seem to strike out with women? Why can’t they see you for who you really are and instantly fall head over heels in love/bed with you? What is it that’s holding you back?

Now, because I love my job and I love helping men like you find love and happiness, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – the one and only thing that is holding you back is YOU!

Surprised? I was too when I worked on my first bootcamp at ABCs of Attraction. I expected ugly, fat, disgusting old men that didn’t have a thing going for them in this world who desperately needed help.

What I found instead were guys like you – guys that had great personality, reasonably attractive and could bring out the best in me with a few words and witty banter…and they were coming to us for help when I was pretty sure they didn’t need it.

After seeing some of them in the club, however, I reflexively isolated their problem areas and I knew what went wrong. Not because I am a pick up artist (I’m not) and not because I’m a mind-reader (also not) but because I’ve been to clubs and been hit on countless times.

I experience every weekend what those girls were facing that night. I know what it’s like to be fed cheesy one-liners and awkward silences, so I knew exactly what they wanted to hear and what they were sick of dealing with.

After I watched one student, who I thought had it all, utterly tank with a girl, I pulled him aside and told him EXACTLY what those women thought of his approach. I told him how he looked to them, how he sounded, what they heard and what they felt. I told him what they said, what they meant and then told him that they were two completely different things. He started to understand but realized he had to change his entire approach, so I gave him a few pointers that I knew had worked on me in the past.

He walked right up to another girl, did what I told him, and, shortly thereafter, got his first kiss of the night.

When I tell success stories like this to people, other women ask me if I enjoy “selling out my gender” and “creating more man-whores” or “promoting date-rape”. To this, I reply with “absolutely not. I promote a holistic approach to dating where confidence is a man’s opener and self-esteem is his peacocking.”

I want to make a world where good men, nice guys, and the average joe can feel like he deserves love and affection from the woman he wants. I want him to believe in himself enough to feel capable of being a better person so he can be the man of her dreams. By bringing out the best man in you, I want you to bring out the best in a lucky, deserving lady.

Katie is obviously an experienced shopper and she drew compliments about her style from sales associates.  I don't shop that much, and was happy to have someone who spoke shopper-ese; it's like a language all their own. haha.  We finished the day on budget, and not only was I happy with the purchases, but I learned about what she was looking for in outfits, and style accessories so I'm better equipped when I go shopping on my own - teaching a man to fish.  I recommend Katie's styling services.

- Tony, ABCs Alumni

Women can be very confusing. We never know what we want, we give plenty of mixed-signals and we say one thing but mean another. I know I don’t need to tell you that.

What I can tell you, however, is how to decipher it all and give you, essentially, the “How-to Guide to Women”. I’ve helped hundreds of men find a way to be more successful with women – I know for a fact I can help you!


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