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Why Pricing to Win is making you Lose

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Webinar - Link Sent Upon Payment

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Are you constantly being asked to adjust your pricing? Pricing is by far the Number 1 reason companies lose at the table. Come learn how to avoid this pitfall. Also find out if you are pricing to win,why are you LOSING.

Note: While this course is designed for government contracts this exercise will help all sectors. This is a full-day, HIGHLY interactive session, so you should be prepared to be in an environment where you can concentrate and participate. Attendance is limited to 15 participants. This session WILL be recorded so you will be able to refer back to it for reference.

What you will need:

  1. Previous Proposal that you have written, or be prepared to start from scratch.

  2. Proposal/RFP that you want to respond to

  3. Marketing Materials

  4. Review of Course Material

Deliverable( what you walk away with): Performance Work Statement and Pricing Narrative

Who should attend:

  1. Consultants

  2. Service Providers

  3. Start up Businesses

  4. Service Businesses

  5. Anyone that is consistently asked to adjust pricing


How much should you charge? Is your current pricing strategy going to drive you out of business? Have you developed a performance work statement?

Believe it or not, price is an issue that trips up even well-established businesses. What many organizations don’t realize is the government doesn’t buy the way your average customer buys. So, the pricing strategy you use for commercial contracts may actually end up LOSING MONEY when you try to use it to do business with the government.


This training will walk you through steps you need to take in order to develop and incorporate a solid pricing strategy in your proposal. It will help you identify the direct and indirect costs associated with selling your product or service.

You will also learn how apply a methodology that will allow you to develop your Cost Narrative, which details how to account for spending on:

  • Personnel
  • Fringe benefits
  • Travel
  • Contracts
  • Equipment
  • Materials/Supplies
  • Capital Expenses
Course: Cost Loading

Learn how to set your cost of production per unit (task level) to deliver products and services to the government without losing money in the end.



Do you know how quantify your cost of delivery? When you think about six steps it takes you to create a single unit of you goods or services, how much does it cost you to perform step four?

That’s the core principle of cost loading – understanding the cost of each stage of production in your business.


When you understand how costing and cost loading work, you can build a price strategy that allows you to make adjustments to price and product delivery as needed. That way, when you’re at the negotiation table and the contract officer asks if you can adjust your price by 30%, you can offer a resounding “Yes!” then proceed to tell her which services you will reduce in response to the overall price reduction.

It is during negotiations that these split second decisions can make or break your business.


This course will teach you

  • How to develop a Performance Work Statement (PWS)
  • How to determine your true cost of production at every stage of your production process
  • How to conduct cost price analysis for government contracts
  • How to come up with a pricing strategy that will enable you to incrementally less or more of your product or service without losing money or wasting product

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Webinar - Link Sent Upon Payment

Webinar - Link Sent Upon Payment

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