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SouthGate Church

2020 East Baseline Road

Phoenix, AZ 85042

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Whooptopia 2021

About this Event

It's that time of the year again for WHOOPTOPIA!!!!


Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th

Whooptopia returns to beautiful Phoenix AZ for a 3rd year in a row hosted by The Rekin Crew and this time it's even bigger and better! More pilots, more prizes, more money, bigger venue, and an all new SAFE race format to accommodate with Covid-19! Whooptopia is a two(2) day event both Saturday and Sunday where pilots will be battling it out all weekend for some of the most intense prop-to-prop racing in Whoop history!

Who is going to be able to dethrone AyyyKayyy?! He has now won both the first and second year of Whooptopia! With the 3rd year approaching quickly will he be able to 3 peat the competition or will there be crowned a new Champion of the BIGGEST and BEST Whoop event of the year?!

Tickets Available SOON: (Venue Pending 10-15-20 should be the day we know 100%)

$60 Pilot Ticket Cost

80 max pilots

0/80 tickets sold (Updated Daily)

Let's start things off with the basics! What kind of whoop do I need to be able to compete in Whooptopia 2021?

Whoop Requirements:

65mm Frame Size

Full Ducted frame ie: Cockroach / Meteor65 frame.

31mm Propeller Size

Brushed or Brushless Motors of any size

1s Lipo battery only

25mW VTX output only

And that's it! Not bad right?! So get to building those whoops and be ready for the madness!


As always a tradition at Whooptopia is EVERY pilot is given a pilot goodie bag at the time of tech inspection and registration. This goodie bag will contain various AWESOME little FPV related knick knacks like awesome stickers, lanyards, propellers, etc.

Top 3 pilots of each class are awarded prizes including CASH, Prizes, and Trophies. (Tons more info to come)

SPONSORS: please contact Anthony Knight directly to discuss sponsorship packages.

Where is Whooptopia 2021 going to be held at?! Great questions and we want to have that answer for you just as bad as you want to know! We are still finalizing the location and as soon as that happens the ticket link will be up and live! We do not want to sell tickets prior to confirming a venue. Thanks for understanding.

Let's talk about the race format…. Because i know what you're thinking right about now….. Ummm… There are 80 pilots and Covid….. Ughhhh…… how? EASY PEASY lemon Squeezy!

Saturday February _____ is the day ALL pilots will be getting their 2 practice rounds and 5 qualifying rounds in. How we will be doing this is in groups. Group A-E with 16 pilots in each group.

Saturday’s 2-6-21 Schedule:

7:45am-10:00am - Group A flies

10:00am-12:15pm - Group B flies

12:15pm-2:30pm - Group C flies

2:30pm-4:45pm - Group D flies

4:45pm-7:00pm - Group E flies

PLEASE NOTE: The first 15 minutes of each group is for tech inspection, pilot check in, and track walk through. DO NOT BE LATE!!! I REPEAT DO NOT BE LATE(More info below on tech inspection). You will know which group you are in from the email that gets sent out 1 week prior to Whooptopia event weekend!

Each group contains 16 pilots which not only will allow us to keep minimal people at the venue during each group but also allow the pilots MUCH LESS TIME between heats, in return, better on the sticks for better qualifying times! If all goes to plan you will be waiting a MAXIMUM of 12 minutes between your heats for both practice and qualifying. This will be 7 batteries total for each group again 2 practice runs then 5 qualifying runs right there after so have lipos ready! After you are done with qualifying Group A is good to leave the venue and go on with their day. Or, if they would like to, they are welcome to hang out as i'm sure many pilots will be doing the same! We want this to be a GREAT time and COVID FREE! We all should know what to do by now…...

Now, Qualifying is DONE for the day! What now?! Anthony Knight will be making a post in the event page after the event Saturday night with all 1-80 placements based on your BEST 3 CONSECUTIVE lap times from qualifying earlier in the day. This will break down into 5 separate classes with 16 pilots in each class heading into Sunday!

ELITE CLASS (1st thru 16th)

PRO CLASS (17th thru 32nd)

ADVANCED CLASS (33rd thru 48th)

ROOKIE CLASS (49th thru 64th)

ENTHUSIASTS CLASS (65th thru 80th)

RISE AND SHINE PILOTS! It's SUNDAY!!! Now that we have 16 pilots seeded into 5 separate groups it is time to run a double loss elimination bracket for each of these classes to determine our overall placements! Final 4 pilots will run Chase the Ace format and IRONMAN is in effect for ALL classes!!!

Sunday’s 2-7-21 Schedule:

7:45am-10:00am - Enthusiasts Class Bracket

10:00am-12:15am - Rookie Class Bracket

12:15pm-2:30pm - Advanced Class Bracket

2:30pm-4:45pm - Pro Class Bracket

4:45pm-7:00pm - Elite Class Bracket

7:00pm-8:00pm - Award Ceremony for ALL classes. Please be sure if you placed in one of the earlier classes to return to the venue at 7:00pm for the award ceremony!

How does tech inspection work?!

Its pretty simple, all we need you to do is when your group is up to start the first 15 minutes of your group's time is used for tech inspection, registration, and track walk throughs. You will simply walk up to the tech inspection table(Won't be hard to miss) and bring all your whoops with you that you plan to fly as well as a battery! We will be wanding your antenna to ensure you are putting out NO MORE then 25mW. We also will be making sure your whoop is on its designated channel. We will also ensure your whoop meets the requirements listed above. Once that is complete we will register you in, mark your whoops as pass for tech inspection, then provide you with your pilot goodie bag! Now, go learn the track and be ready to race! Please show up to tech inspection on your channels!


Whooptopia now allows TURTLE MODE! Yes, you heard me right Turtle Mode is now ALLOWED to be used at Whooptopia for all practice, qualifying, and elimination rounds. However, there WILL NOT be track marshalls at all. No one is allowed on the track at all during racing. Meaning you nor anyone else is allowed to go flip your whoop over if you crash upside down. You MUST use Turtle Mode in order for it to be okay to continue flying. So if you are a brushed pilot you may want to strongly consider getting yourself a brushless for Whooptopia 2021. Most pilots by now do fly brushless as well therefore we have decided to make this change!


Question: So if im in group A and it says im to be there at 7:45am on Saturday can i show up at like 7:55am?

Answer: NO! Please do not be late, these 15 minutes before your group is very crucial for us event organizers to get you all tech inspected, registered, and learning the track during this short period! If anything please show up early.

Question: So what do you mean when you say 3 consecutive lap times for qualifying?

Answer: During qualifying rounds there will be 2 minutes on the timing system which means you may fly as many laps as you possibly can, once the 2 minute timer goes off, each pilot is to continue flying until they finish the lap they are on. We will take your fastest 3 consecutive laps to determine your best 3 lap time of the day. Consecutive meaning they must be 3 laps all together. If you got 6 laps we cannot use lap 1, 4, and 6. It must be laps 1,2,and 3 or laps 4,5, and 6 or laps 2,3, and 4. Etc.

Question: What if my whoop breaks and I have to swap whoops but need time to change channels. Can I just change right now?

Answer: No, please make sure if and when you do need to change your channel it is at the start of a heat that YOU ARE IN. That’ll keep things moving as smoothly as possible.

Question: If I bought a ticket and I can no longer attend, am I eligible for a refund?

Answer: Yes you sure are. Please just contact Anthony Knight directly and he can process the refund. However, refunds are available up until 48 hours before the event. So please make sure to do so as soon as possible.

Again, keep in mind this event info will be edited and added to often as more info rolls in so always check here first before asking questions as most of them should be answered within the event info!

If you can't find your answer please feel free to contact Anthony Knight directly

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Date and Time


SouthGate Church

2020 East Baseline Road

Phoenix, AZ 85042

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Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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