Whiteside Cove Cabins Daily Parking

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Whiteside Cove Cabins Daily Parking

Daily Parking for the Whiteside Cove Cabins Parking Access

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May 16, 2020 · 7am - September 21 · 7pm EDT


Whiteside Cove Cabins Parking 5078 Whiteside Cove rd Highlands, NC 28741

About this event

The Carolina Climbers Coalition would like to express our gratitude for the partnership and cooperation to the owner of the Whiteside Cove Cabins for generously providing this parking access. This eventbrite event is only for Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) daily parking. Please visit the website below for Whiteside Cove Cabin rental information. http://whitesidecovecabins.com/

Anyone parking on the Whiteside Cove Cottage property must be a CCC member or a guest of Whiteside Cove Cottages.

Join the Carolina Climbers Coalition here: https://carolinaclimbers.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=21

Check your current CCC membership here: http://carolinaclimbers.org/members Your CCC membership expiration date is required information for the parking pass and can be found on the membership page.

Anyone parking on the property must display an EventBrite parking pass in the windshield of their car, dated for that day. Only 4 parking passes will be allotted per day. CCC will set up and monitor the eventbrite parking permit system (free of cost to those getting the permit). Only one vehicle per eventbrite pass is permitted.

Rules of the property are listed below. If any of the following rules are disobeyed, violators will be considered trespassing and forced to leave the property.

  • Eventbrite reservation is required. Display on your windshield.
  • You must be an annual CCC member OR a client of Whiteside Cove Cottages to access the property and to park here.
  • You may not park on Whiteside Cove Rd and enter the Whiteside Cove Cottage property on foot. If this parking lot is full, you must leave the property.
  • No camping or overnight parking, unless you are a client of the Whiteside Cove Cottages.
  • Please remain quiet while on the Whiteside Cove Cottage property and respect cabin residents. No access will be given to the structures owned by Whiteside Cove Cabins unless previously communicated with the Whiteside Cove Cabins owner.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Users of this area will not trespass on nearby private property or otherwise negatively affect the relationships with neighbors.
  • No usage of fires, stoves, grills.
  • Dogs must be on a leash

Contact ajohnson@carolinaclimbers.org with any questions or issues.

The map above shows the Whiteside Cove Cabins property. Enter the property via the turn off at 5078 Whiteside Cove rd. Drive along the gravel driveway for approximately 0.25 miles until you see the CCC parking sign on the left side of the road. There are two parking spots on the left at the lower parking area, and two parking spots 0.1 miles higher up the hill on the left. Do not park in front of any of the Cabins on the right side of the driveway or the Barn at the end of the driveway. Use 4x4 wheel drive if you drive up the gravel hill to ensure we do not damage the road.

Above is a zoomed in map of the parking options.

There are a variety of climbing resources located on National Forest Service property, north west of the Whiteside Cove Cottages Property. The map above shows Whiteside Cove Cottages property and National Forest land in green. Private Property is shown in red, do not trespass. The approach is roughly 1-2 miles to various cliffs and boulders and trails do not exist. There are no plans for a trail, and foot travel is cross country. Per National Forest regulations, do not cut vegetation or dig a trail on National Forest land and practice Leave No Trace ethics. Leave shovels, saws, or any other trail tools at home. Before coming to the area, research a path that will keep you on Forest Service land if you plan to enter with the hopes of accessing climbing resources. Flagging from the parking area will lead you through Whiteside Cove property into National Forest property and you will need to find your own way from there while staying on National Forest property. Do not walk north east of the Whiteside Cove Cottage property, as this area is largely private property. It is important to note that the CCC or Whiteside Cove Cottages are only providing a feasible parking resource. CCC or Whiteside Cove Cottages do not manage, own, or hold any additional rights to accessing the nearby National Forest land.

For overnight accommodations, visit the website below for Whiteside Cove Cabin rental information. http://whitesidecovecabins.com/

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