WHITE BURN - the WILD WHITE WEST... A Western Themed New Year's Eve White Party
$30 – $77
WHITE BURN - the WILD WHITE WEST... A Western Themed New Year's Eve White Party

WHITE BURN - the WILD WHITE WEST... A Western Themed New Year's Eve White P...

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FABZ Village

Miami, FL

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THE GOOD NEWS: This New Year's Eve, WHITE BURN is having another spectacular NYE party that will have you reveling in a lush greenery setting in the company of beautiful, fun, and conscious minded party people...

THE NOT-SO GOOD NEWS: This year, we are allowed spaces for only 250 people. Last year, we had 300 spots which were filled within 2 weeks. Therefore, we would strongly STRONGLY advise everyone who would like to attend this event to make their reservations now (today) and the same goes to all other friends that you would like to be there with you. Please understand that once all the spots have been reserved, we will not be able to make any exceptions (even for close friends and family).


You are invited to FABZville to participate in our Hoedown Throwdown, dressed in your Favorite Wild West Personae; the theme for the WHITE BURN event this year is "The Wild White West"... Per the request of our Mayor and the Town Council, not only that you are required to wear All-White Attire in order to take part of the festivities, you must do so in Character as well (more details in the "Dresscode" section).

NYE SHOULD BE A CELEBRATION, NOT A HEADACHE: Who wants to fight congested traffic; pay an arm/leg for parking; wait in line to get in bars or nightclubs; or pay an exhorbitant and ridiculous amount of money to get in a party that's like flipping a coin??? We've taken the guessing game out of New Year's Eve party and create WHITE BURN to offer an alternative to all the headaches, and a solution to a fantastic NYE experience!!!


We are taking a chapter out of the Wild Wild West and rewriting it to include you in it as one of the main characters; meaning that we are looking forward to your participation more so than just your presence:

--- You will get to act out a favorite character in the Wild West days... Choose Wisely!

--- A Mini Native Indian Teepee Village for Chilling Out or sharing your Peace Pipe

--- The "OUTLAWS & GUNSLINGERS SALOON" where your next drink can easily be your last!

--- Bouncy Lounge; Human Rodeo; Oversized Trampoline... Take your pick!!!)

--- A Lookout Post (Treehouse) to keep watch over the Village for Party Animals... Bring Your Own Guns!

--- Enjoy great music all night long with the amazing selection of 4 of Miami's Best Deejays

--- Great Visuals and Lighting Effects

--- Various Talents and Performers

--- Midnight's"WATER ON FIRE" Ceremony bidding farewell to 2016 and welcoming the New Year with much fanfare... It will be a display of all the elements of life converging into a moment of truth... Definitely not to be missed!!!

--- BRING YOUR BATHING SUIT (or NOT)... In either case, you are welcome to go dipping in our pool with a suit or skinny!

--- The HOT TUB MACHINE... Again, bring your bathing suit or not!

--- A Massage Parlor to get all the neck, back, thighs, legs, and calves muscles all relaxed and ready for action...

--- Play Black Jack / Poker Tables and Roulettes in our Mini Outdoor Casino

--- A Functional Cat House (Brothel) Art Installation

--- Avoid Traffic and expensive parking fees

--- And you will get to enjoy ENDLESS POSITIVE VIBES!!!


#1... ADVANCE RSVP REQUIRED FOR WHITE BURN - If you would like to attend this New Year's Eve party, you must purchase your tickets in advance online... No Exceptions!

#2… DRESSCODE: YOU MUST WEAR ALL-WHITE (MANDATORY!) - The Theme is "The Wild White West... It's not just about Cowboys vs Indians. There is a long list of Western Characters to choose from (i.e. Sheriff / Marshal; Outlaws; Bandits; Gunslingers; Saloon Girls; Bartenders; Barons; Town Doctor; The Drunk; The Banker; The Priest; Rancher; etc...) Again, whatever character you step into, make sure that he/she is wearing an All-white Outfit...

#3… LOCATION (UNDISCLOSED) - The address for this event is undisclosed... We will have 3 security check points this year. So, even if you think you know where the event will take place, you will have to follow check-in and registration procedures to avoid wasting time and embarassment... The event will take place in North Miami, however you will be required to park your car in a safe and supervised lot (provided by us), and take a shuttle (also, provided by us) to the venue… You will receive the address of the parking lot after you’ve successfully registered to attend… Online Reservation (www.whiteburn2017.eventbrite.com) will be closed at 5pm on Dec. 30th, if spaces are still available (Most likely not!)... If you are coming from out of town and want to know where to stay, you can book one of the motels on Biscayne Blvd (between 50 - 80th Street), or a hotel just North of downtown Miami or Midtown neighborhoods; the same goes for Airbnb. You will still need transportation to the location for the shuttle, which can be secured with a Shared Ride on Uber for about $10 (That's all the information that we are able to share with you in regards to the Location of this event... Please do not probe for more!!!)

#4… BYOB and BYOC (BRING YOUR OWN CUP) - This is a BYOB (As in Bring Your Own Booze, which means at least one bottle of liquor plus mixers); Please don't be THAT PERSON who did not bring anything and mooching off others people's supplies... We ask for a fair donation to make sure that you don't break the bank, but also for your contribution in making the party sustainable for longevity… Also, it is BYOC (So please, don't forget to bring your personal cup for consumption with minimum footprint (No glass please... There is a pool!).

#5… DON'T WAIT - Space is very limited!!! As previously mentioned, we can accommodate only 250 people. Therefore, we highly recommend that you reserve your spot asap!


Online Reservation is a MUST, and (once again) you cannot attend without making one… No exceptions!!!

$55 Donation (Early Registration - Before December 1st)
$77 Donation (Second Tier - Starting December 1st)
$99 Donation (Third Tier - Last 50 Available Spots)
Free Admission (For the first 5 Volunteer Sign-ups... $30 Deposit Required)

TO RSVP: www.whiteburn2017.eventbrite.com

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Date and Time


Undisclosed Location

FABZ Village

Miami, FL

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