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San Francisco, CA

What would you expect from MagLev?

Event Information

What would you expect from MagLev?

Pivotal Labs, San Francisco, CA

Event Description

Martin McClure from GemStone will be at Pivotal HQ to survey the crowd about our expectations and ideas for MagLev, their Ruby interpreter/VM.

Martin will give a quick summary of MagLev but in order to satisfy the principle of least surprise, the focus will be on determining what would and would not be surprising to the Ruby community.

Buffet lunch will be provided.

In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, we request that you sign and bring with you the Pivotal Visitor NDA. The NDA does not cover the contents of the talk in any way, it is to protect our clients' IP which you may inadvertently see while visiting our offices. If you already have an NDA on file with us that will suffice.


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--Sean Beckett
Pivotal Labs Project Manager

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