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What Is The Risk Involved In Bank

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What are the risks to banks' financial products?

Nowaday banks have launched a lot of financial products. As ordinary people, if there is a part of the deposit, you can choose to buy some financial products. But at the time of purchase, will certainly consider the risk of financial products.

Is the bank's financial product at risk?

1) the knowledge of financial management

Remember, in the purchase of financial products, do not follow suit, do not blindly listen to others, whether you are buying a bank financial products, or its Internet company financial products. Personal advice, or to learn some basic financial management knowledge.

2) theoretically, the time deposit is no risk

Financial products must be investment behavior, there is a natural risk of investment. Banks will introduce some time deposits of financial products, and stock, fund-related financial products, of course, there are gold and other transactions, there are some monetary treasury bonds and so on. In theory, the time deposit deposits of financial products is not risky. Unless the bank goes bankrupt, the current situation is rare.

3) bonds, currency funds risk is very small

Treasury bonds, the risk of monetary funds is very small, it is also recognized. But does not mean no risk. Under normal circumstances, the risk and income is proportional to the money funds, bonds and other benefits is not very high. But it is certain that it is definitely much higher than the bank's current deposits.

4) and stocks, funds (excluding currency) related to financial products to be more risky

Of course, all know the stock, the fund's income is high, but while enjoying high returns, naturally there are high-risk situation. Although the bank dealing with a lot of customers, the banks naturally can not arbitrarily to sell this kind of high-risk financial products, but do not rule out not to sell, so when buying, we must consider clearly.

5) timely attention to official dynamics, to avoid risks

It is necessary to talk about the central bank here, after all, the status of the central bank, and so I do not have to talk too much. For the purchase of the bank's financial products, we must learn to pay close attention to the central bank and the bank some of the relevant developments and instructions. Of course, some official government news is also important. In short, to do to avoid risks, earn the greatest gains.

Put the money in the bank, devaluation!
There is no stable and stable, substantial income, capital preservation of the financial way?


We put money in the bank, the current one-year deposit interest rate is only 3.5%! While the July CPI growth was 3.9%, higher than the interest rate of 0.4% percentage points, if the M2 minus GDP growth in the numerical calculation, the current real inflation level of Malaysia reached about 6%

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Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 50450


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