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What are the biggest risks facing business today?

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Accepting the status quo and failing to anticipate change

2008 and the years that followed put paid to the thinking that jobs or business was assured, that our futures and saving pots were secure and that life and business is predictable. The mistake however, is not circumstances or events but a lack of grasp around Strategy, Leadership and Strategic Thinking.

But why are these so important now? Because the years leading up to 2030 will see significant changes in society, technology, business and jobs. How we go about our lives, things we use and possess will be much different.

Life, business and opportunities will become fast paced and the stakes could not be higher.Added to this the world is becoming more global meaning it will not just be about local competition.

There has never been a more critical time to know, understand and execute


5 Key Elements that will take the guessing out of your future

So in a world of uncertainty compounded by information overload why turn to the philosophies found in a 2,500 year old document.....Sun Tzu’s Art of War? You develop the understanding of the internal and external circumstances creating your situation, rationalise information, understand processes, positioning and future based thinking. You will be prepared, in control of your future and a much sort after Leader.

I am Doug Howard and for many years I have worked with companies to turnaround, change and enter new highly profitable markets securing significant long term business.

With a lifelong study in what I call "The Strategies" specific thinking and leadership principles, I have developed new markets, major positioning, uplifted business and increased sales, developed product lines and technical catalogues, created branding messages and sales literature, rescued and recovered businesses and for my current assignment positioned them as a leader in high tech sectors, secured long term sustainable projects, massive growth and a record year of £ 240 million...and it continues.

Companies don't shift products and services people do, so imagine your team working together to be the best they can be. Help them achieve this with the understanding of Strategic Thinking and grasp personal responsibility.

Most companies ignore the crucial point that 80% of business is Mindset so what would it mean to your bottom line if everybody on your team from director level, management, sales and operations were thinking with a Warrior Mindset?

I am proud to been acknowledged for the skills, knowledge and application of strategic thinking and leadership by my late friend Chin-Ning Chu who often said " some people will learn these things and life will be better while others will make them part of who they are.....and FLY " !!!

Chin-Ning Chu was a decendant of the first Ming Emperor of China and accomplised author, speaker, business and political consultant and was also one of the foremost speakers of Sun Tzu's Art of War, promoting strategic thinking as the core competence in Leaders ---- be it coporate of Government and acknowledged me as her representative in the UK.

Her book Thick Face Black Heart outsold many of the top business gurus and I look forward to helping you understand this Warrior Code.

Your investment of £ 397.00 will give you access to my up and coming on line course where you can go at your own pace from the comfort home or office. www.the-key-is-5.thinkific.com

More focued one on one packages are available where we can discover the challenges facing your business, develop and implement strategies for transformation and growth.

The Science of Strategy...The Science of Winning.

For sharing your time my gift to you will be a copy of Ms Chu's powerful book Think Face Black Heart.

It's time to ACT and ACT Fast to become a KEY IS 5 BUSINESS ALCHEMIST AND WARRIOR as the future is coming and it is coming fast.

THINK BIG WIN BIG and make powerful TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGES with the Science of Stratgey

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United Kingdom

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