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International Key Supply, LLC

32 Gazza Boulevard

Farmingdale, NY 11735

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Feb 1st - 1PM-5PM
Feb 2nd - 8AM-5PM

Who: Jeremy Phillips of WH Software

Where: IKS Offices - Long Island, NY

Cost: This is a FREE event although we ask that you RSVP as seating is limited.

Extras: there will be snacks provided Friday and lunch provided Saturday. There will be specials on WH software. There will be additional specials on IKS products for those who attend these classes. K2G, Durashell and much more just for attending!

Schedule of Classes:

Friday February 1st:

1-2PM – Introduction to Transponders - Avoiding the Money Pit
2PM-3PM - Making the most of InstaCode LIVE!
3PM-5PM - Advanced Transponder Theory - The Secret Life of Keys

Saturday February 2nd:

8AM-12PM - Masterkeying: Ghosts and Phantoms
12PM-1PM – Pizza lunch and buy stuff!
1PM-3PM – Promaster Key Manager and Promaster 7 Master Keying
3PM-4PM - Masterkeying: Rotating Constants
4PM-5PM - Masterkeying: Selective Keying

PLEASE REGISTER FOR EACH CLASS YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND. If more than 1 person attending from the same company, please register each person's name if possible.

Please Note: Masterkeying classes on Saturday will have limited number of seats available.


Introduction to Transponders - Avoiding the Money Pit!
In this class we will look at HOW transponders work, with a very detailed look at some of the most common examples in use today. Understanding these mechanics is an essential part of troubleshooting issues around cloning, precoding, diagnostic programming and eeprom work. It will also give you an insight into BIN file mapping and Decryption techniques. This class is ideally suited to Intermediate and Advanced experience levels.

We will step through the exact way transponders work. Not just “they transmit a code and the car authenticates it”, I mean, “the ‘7E’ tells the car that the serial number is about to be transmitted, until it hears another ‘7E’ – that’s why we never see these bytes in the BIN file.

You will leave this class with intimate knowledge on the workings of transponder keys and professional-level alternatives for those tough spots we all find ourselves in.

Making the most of InstaCode LIVE!
InstaCode code software has been serving the industry for over 20 years now, and now this powerful software is available on your phone! InstaCode LIVE has some cool features, and learning how to use these will give you the most bang for your buck. Your code software should not COST you money, it should MAKE you money! Come learn how to do this with InstaCode and InstaCode LIVE!

Advanced Transponder Theory - The secret life of Keys:
Understanding HOW transponders work is the key to troubleshooting when vehicle programming, or even Key Cloning, doesn't work the way it's supposed to. In this class we'll take a very detailed look at the way these keys work at a binary level. This will help you understand issues around precoding, cloning and diagnostic programming, as well as gaining a greater understanding of Eeprom work. If it sounds nerdy, it's because it is - come and get your geek on!

Masterkeying: Ghosts and Phantoms:
Ghosts and Phantoms are Codes and Keys which operate locks they are not supposed to. Left unchecked or unnoticed, these will destroy your systems.
This interactive course will finally show you what they are, how they happen, and how to use them and how to get rid of them. This course is ideally suited to ANYONE who does Masterkeying, especially if you rely on a computer or your brain to check your coding! It will be ideally suited to locksmiths who already understand the basics of Masterkeying on paper. Essentially they’re the same thing, except a Ghost is a Phantom that simply hasn’t been cut yet. So Ghosts can be good OR bad, Phantoms are always bad. Although most Masterkeying software can tell you when there are PHANTOMS in your systems, I’ve not yet found one that can tell you when there are GHOSTS, and it’s the ghosts that actually end up killing them.

This class will start with some terminology so that we are all talking the same language. I’ll then teach them some techniques for QUICKLY recognizing and identifying Ghosts and Phantoms. Finally we will look at the basic principles of how to select codes so that we get the exact number of keys operating a lock that we want to. (which can be more complicated than it sounds)

ProMaster Key Manager and ProMaster 7 Master Keying:
By popular request, this session will go over ProMaster Key Manager. This software allows end users to take control and ownership of their Master key systems and track who holds keys and what access they have. This simple yet powerful program can be sold to your customers as an upsell item, or even given away when they purchase a large system from you. Feedback is that using Key Manager generates more work from your customer as they are better able to maintain their system.

ProMaster 7 MasterKeying is the world’s most comprehensive Master Keying software. It is used and recommended by almost every major lock manufacturer.

This session will step through the software and highlight all the coolest features of both programs. Come and see why this software is the number one product for serious Masterkeying!

Masterkeying: Rotating Constants:
Rotated Constants is a basic Masterkeying principle which uses LESS shearlines to generate MORE codes! It’s the best way to expand an existing system to generate more codes. It’s a crime that more locksmiths don’t know how it’s done. Come and see for yourself how easy it is.

Masterkeying: Selective Keying:
Selective keying is a Masterkeying technique which allows you to put whatever configuration of codes you like into any given lock, and there will be NO Phantoms or Ghosts… EVER. Like every Masterkeying technique there are limitations, but if you Master Schools, Hospitals or Councils, and this is the first you’re hearing of this – you NEED to see this in action. It is an absolutely essential tool in the Locksmithing arsenal and most locksmiths have no clue how it’s done. This course will show you how it works and then teach you to do it yourself.
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Date and Time


International Key Supply, LLC

32 Gazza Boulevard

Farmingdale, NY 11735

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