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Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach/Hawthorne

14400 Hindry Avenue

Hawthorne, CA 90250

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Let's face it. The New work culture is more complex, demanding and fast pace than ever. The way we think about stress compromises our well-being. We know about the benefits of exercising, rest and recreation. Yet, our guilt puts our need at the bottom of the To Do list. Over time, the build up of stress can take a toll on our mental, physical and emotional selves.

The result effects our lives and work performance.

Are you experiencing:

  • insomnia

  • migranes

  • bodily aches and pains

  • immune system dysfuncition

  • panic attacks

  • anxiety

  • depression

This was my experience as a teacher for twenty-eight years who struggled with stress to the point of burnout. Learning how I wore stress and what particular tools I needed to find balance has brought me longevity in my career and achievement. The training that has helped me control the workplace is at the heart of this event.

Take back your life. This wellness seminar is designed to multiply the tools in your your tool kit as you combat, emotional, physcial and mental stress.

Dr. Shakir Emel, emergency doctor for Kaiser Permanente, renown stress expert and TED speaker, Dr. Geri Puleo and certified leadership trainer Rosalind Henderson will speak about different types of stress, the effects it can have on the quality of your life and research based tools that can help you mitigate toxic stress. Yes, excellent work and balance can go together.

Below is the link to Dr. Puleo's TED talk:


These easy to use tools are intended to be part of your lifestyle as you mange toxic stress in your fast paced and demanding work environment.

By working with one goal at a time until you've mastered it, you can substantially increase your energy, brighten your mood, and improve your personal and work performance.

Wellness @Work 360 is leading the way in helping corporations and professions equip individuals with little known tools to reduce stress, produce more energy and committ to wellness.

Wellness @Work 360 is aware that change can be difficult and provides programs which empahsises the benefits of community which encourages, strategizes, challenge and strengthens you on the path towards wellness.

The Venue

The luxurious Ayres by Manhattan Beach is the perfect hotel to restore your peace and sanity. The warm ambiance coupled with personalized service will energize you. To view pictures of the hotel check out the link below.


Additionally, we'll celebrate you (hardworking professional) by combining knowlege, fun, good food, entertainment (comedian and music) and networking with powerful professionals such as yourself!


"What impacted me most about the Wellness@Work was the impressive group of panalists. They were all experts in their fields and the information they gave was very empowering. Also, this event was not only for teachers. As a registered nurse working in a hospital setting, I am able to use many of the techniques given to reduce stress and burnout."

Marilyn Simon, Registered nurse

"I feel the event shed light anew on some healthier interventions that go beyond the limiting constructs of just talking about stress, by actually identifying ways to combat its most aggressive symptoms.

The various ways one might consider addressing the stresses in life can be as unique as an individual hand print, but identifying more accessible options for people to explore who are apprehensive about seeking help could go wide and far with helping those who are on the fence or even squeamish/presumptuous about seeking help through only one particular modality. "

Rome DeVase, School Psychologist

Take action today!

Understand how to better corral energy, reduce stress, reignite your passion, and adroitly control your workplace!

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Date and Time


Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach/Hawthorne

14400 Hindry Avenue

Hawthorne, CA 90250

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