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Welcoming All of You: Presence, Play & Ritual in Community

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The Heartbeat Collective

3630 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA 94609

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A solid and sweet container to drop below your mind, explore the range of your authenticity, and receive community support to be fully you!

About this Event

Your unloveable parts are invited! Your shine can be bright!


Saturday, December 28, 2019

10 AM - 5 PM

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/420664765314922/

Let's strengthen our heart and relational intelligences to reverse the widespread epidemics of isolation, ignorance, and illness for more purposeful and human connected living.

The future now of our species is at stake!!

All of you is welcome here. Your flaws, your wild emotions, your incoherent thought streams, your unconscious denial and insecurities. Your pleasure, your joy, your passion. Everything.

What would change tomorrow if you allowed ALL of your raw, authentic, YOU-ness to be seen? If you knew how to truly love it all, yourself?!

Join us for an EXPLORATION at the edges of your AUTHENTIC HUMAN experience! Grow with PLAY, PRESENCE, and RITUAL!


  • learn how to express yourself with more courage and calm
  • love a fuller spectrum of emotion in yourself and others
  • unplug your inner critic and fuel your compassionate mind
  • navigate newness with more security and self-care
  • mature your mental and emotional responses
  • share fully and transparently in a group
  • connect with your heart as a resource for calm
  • walk your path and purpose with greater confidence
  • explore prayer and ritual for spiritual hygiene
  • grow trust by friending your inner child and caregiver
  • redesign autopilot patterns of pain with your intuition

When we share and feel received in the STRUGGLES and SUCCESSES of our inner world, with curious conscious compassionate attention, we are reminded of the basic sanity and GOODNESS in humanity.


Have you ever had an experience of openness and realness that led to a RELAXED or EXPANDED heart, mind, or body? Now multiply that by ten! That is the kind of experience are inviting you into!


  • are innovative, spiritual, sensitive, overwhelmed, wild, willing
  • struggle to be with challenging emotions, or triggers
  • suffer from cycles of anxiety, depression or suicidal thought
  • have strong beliefs of unworthiness, not belonging, or failure
  • feel disconnected from their spiritual human journey
  • want to befriend their shadows and shine more of the time
  • commit to unwinding to disempowered beliefs and behaviors
  • want to update the cultural expectations they carry
  • desire community space for responsible collective healing
  • recognize the value of learning from suffering and surrender

Scientific studies validate the negative and fatal consequences of stress, repressed emotions, and aloneness. Researchers have found that "loneliness is just as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day"! Connection is the ultimate salve to mend our isolated patterns of pain.

How we relate to our vulnerability, our past and our life challenges has been learned, and it includes certain socialized ways of being a man or a women; it shapes how you see and express your masculine and feminine energy.

Together we will find joy in the mystery of our unknowns, and RECEIVE THE GIFT of seeing ourselves in remarkably new ways!

We must practice how we seek to be!

We must live what we dream to see!


9:30 - 10 AM ..... Arrival

10 AM - 1 PM ..... Morning Session: Ground & Open

❤️ Unwind Your Body & Mind With Somatic Meditation

❤️ Interconnection With Intuitive Play, Sound & Movement

1 - 2 PM ............. Lunch Break

2 PM - 5 PM ....... Afternoon Session: Give & Receive

❤️ Express Your Truth With Receptive Care

❤️ Integration As Social Activism


  • The Heartbeat Collective is 7 min walk from MacArthur BART
  • this center supports holistic wellness and deeper connections
  • there are two volunteer tickets to help us set up / break down (Email: michael@drmichaelbrabant.com)
  • tickets are non-refundable. Transfer yours to a friend in need
  • this is a trauma-informed space with trained professionals


😻 LEYNA ROGET BRABANT 🐯 is an Inner Child Activist and Emotional & Relational IQ Consultant who helps innovators and leaders to courageously enter the rabbit hole of their pain to free their play and power! In a playground of presence and permission, Leyna guides expressive, somatic, and energy medicine based counseling sessions, to help you transform emotional thunderstorms and patterns of distress, into compassion, intuitive creativity and sustainable impact. Leyna weaves her immersive trainings in Transparent Communication®, somatic meditation, sound healing, Dagara ancestral divination, childhood development and attachment theory, Intuition Medicine®, psychedelic integration, NeuroAffective Touch®, and 24 years personal experience transforming through a Crohn’s disease diagnosis and bionic body.

You can learn more about Leyna's work by becoming a member of her free online community in Evolutionary Relating: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EvolutionaryRelating/

🧙‍♂️ MICHAEL BRABANT, PhD. ❤️ Dr. Brabant is a powerful catalyzer of presence and transformation in individuals and groups looking to align their "inner game" with their "external impact" or leadership in the world. His deepest purpose is to make wisdom, healing and spirituality available to everyone who seeks it. Michael primarily works with business leaders as part of a company he co-owns called Abundant, offering transformational education online, immersive training experiences, corporate engagements and year-long leadership training programs, Abundant is stewarding a new brand of leadership called Abundant Leadership.

You can learn more about his work and his company at www.drmichaelbrabant.com and www.abundant.is

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Date and Time


The Heartbeat Collective

3630 Telegraph Avenue

Oakland, CA 94609

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