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Welcome to Yourself (NYC - Saturday, Apr. 21st)

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Drift Studio NYC

508 W 26th St #4a

NY, NY 10001

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***Limited seats. Doors open at 10AM. VIP will be contacted with private details. Free Moleskine notebook, amazing snacks, beverages and the best group of people you can find in this city. All included!***

What do you really want out of your life?

For all my Type A, big thinkers and change-makers living in New York City...

Do you feel you're living up to your fullest potential right now? Do you need a healthier mindset, with practical tools and strategies to be more intentional about the way you're living your life?

Have you always known you're called to "more" but you can't put your finger on why or what it might be? Do you desire greater clarity, purpose, direction or alignment to get what you're looking for?

This is not a career seminar. Don't expect personality tests or horoscope readings. I don't have crystal ball that tells you what to do with your life...

But maybe you've been spending the last few years realizing you just can't continue in this same cycle of going to work, eating amazing food, traveling a little, and hanging out at bars without a good reason other than to drink socially...

Maybe you've now reached the point where you're tired of looking for answers from books, personality tests, informational interviews, co-workers, mentors, or parents and friends who give advice that doesn't help you make much progress...

Been there.

There's a real cost to fulfillment: It's called "the good life". But no matter how much money I made, or where I traveled to, something kept pressing on me, asking if the life I know could really be better? Is there more?

Yes. There is. And you don't necessarily have to leave your job, travel the world, experiment on several business ideas, lose all your money, or hit an emotinoal rock bottom (like I did) to find it.

This event is your opportunity to learn how to think differently about whatever you're trying to achieve, or whatever challenge you're facing

If you've been looking for a renewed sense of focus and clarity about who you are and how you can live with more direction, and clarity of intention...

This event is for driven, high-performing people who know they're made to serve a greater purpose, and want to actually start taking that thought seriously.

If you've been looking to rewire the way you've been taught to think about who you are, why you're here and what you can do about it, this place --- this event --- is for you.

You'll gain a fresh perspective that has the power to change your entire trajectory, no matter where you are on your journey.

People who've attended past events have often described their experience as a massive breakthrough, "ah ha" moments, that lead to things like improved health, more energy, new jobs, greater engagement, and more personal fulfillment in their everyday life.

After this three-hour workshop you’ll have:

1) More confidence in yourself, and a process that allows you to be free from weighty expectations and limiting beliefs that might prevent you from living your life to its fullest

2) More clarity about what really matters to you, and how to hone in on your unique gifts and passions, your purpose, and what truly makes you happy

3) A proven strategy to create a life that's aligned with who you are and what you're made to do...plus so much more...

If you're successful but still wondering how you'll find fulfillment...

If you're looking for practical ways to gain personal freedom, greater alignment, and overall clarity about what makes you happy, how you're made to make a difference and what you can do about it...

Register now, and join a community of like-minded, influential, purpose-driven, passionate people from top industries around the city...

Welcome to Yourself, now an international speaking series, is back in New York City. You can’t miss this intimate, interactive, eye-opening experience...

(FYI: No baggage please! This event is an intimate, positive personal experience for healthy people who are ready to take their life to the next level.)

This event is designed for anyone facing questions like:

“Who am I really and where am I going in life?”

“How do I get back the confidence I once had?”

“What’s my purpose? What am I passionate about?”

“What’s missing? I’m successful, but I still feel like something is off. What is that? And why?”

“How can I feel more clear and have less fear about the future of my life and career?”


All guests must have a ticket before arrival.


Drift Studio NYC is "a new type of creative space." There's plenty of natural light in this photography studio / event space, specifically designed for creatives drifting through the city.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Send me an email: tj@tjloeffler.com

What's the food situation?
Light snacks and drinks will be served.

What should I bring?
An open mind...


“Wow! Speechless! Just had a 4 hour seminar with TJ. He is able to squeeze so much understanding into such a short time: why people feel lost, stuck, confused with “the now”, or confused with their future. He helped me work through major challenges in fear, and lack of confidence. It was a combination of his powerful mind with his positive spirit. And the very simple, yet dynamic frameworks he’s developed, plus his other tools. I’m extremely grateful for the divine encounter! What are you waiting for?” - Juliene, Personal Fitness Business Owner

TJ is one of the most passionate and thoughtful leaders I’ve met. His messages are effective, clear and actionable.” - Mike, Associate at Goldman Sachs

If you’re looking to clarify your purpose, find greater balance in your life, or pause to be more mindful of how you live your life day by day, then I highly recommend speaking with TJ.” - Greg, Program Manager at Right to Play

"That was seriously an amazing experience." - Brennan, Senior Accountant at Uber

"My mind is blown!" - Jared, Former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver

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Date and Time


Drift Studio NYC

508 W 26th St #4a

NY, NY 10001

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