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Refund Policy

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We are a team of 3 fashion photography professionals

doing some weedings for the season after noticing a need for better produced content

and fast delivery and for that reason to eliminate the non delivery on time issues happening

lately in this industry.

So yes we do the photos with one official photographer, one second photographer, a third assistant

takes care of the fast video and social media content and your final product get delivered to you rigth on

before you go to your honey moon.

Same day, so you can share your photos inmediatly.

Of course this all comes with a cost.

We can do only one event at a time and we only book weedings JUNE, JULY and AUGUST

so secure your wedding photography with us and get this class act team taking care of the business for you.







On top of yhe photography work

We work as a team.

[PHOTOGRAPHER] will supply me with the following:

[PHOTOGRAPHER] as my wedding photographers on [DATE] etween the hours of [T!"E] and [T!"E]# pro$iding me with unlimited photography# su%e&t to e'ternal $ariales eyond their &ontrol (e)g)# weather# lo&ation*$enue restri&tions# light a$ailaility# s&heduling&ompli&ations due to lateness*willingness of indi$iduals+)

,asi& editing (&ontrast# toning# &ropping# e'posure+ and deli$ery of high resolution digital -les# no smaller than .#/// pi'els long edge# in 0PEG format# within ./ days of the wedding day# on 12, storage)
!# [34!E5T 6144 5A"E]# agree to pay a total of [A"O15T] to [PHOTOGRAPHER] for their professional ser$i&es) ! understand that [A"O15T] of the alan&e represents a retainer fee that gi$es me e'&lusi$ity to their ser$i&es on [DATE])1pon a&&eptan&e of this agreement# ! will pay Angus Porter Photographer [A"O15T] to se&ure their ser$i&es and [A"O15T] upon &olle&tion of my wedding photos)! agree to pay for any additional photography &o$erage re7uired on [8EDD!5G DATE] and a&9nowledge that a fee of [RATE] will e &harged for any o$ertime re7uirements) ! agree to settle the alan&e upon &olle&tion of my wedding photos)
! agree to notify [PHOTOGRAPHER] y phone*email at my earliest &on$enien&e should a &hange of date and*or $enue o&&ur) !n situations where the new $enue re7uires sustantial tra$el# ! agree to pay for reasonale logisti&al e'penses)6urthermore# ! understand that [PHOTOGRAPHER] may e una$ailale on an alternate date) !n su&h &ir&umstan&es# ! agree to liaise with [PHOTOGRAPHER] to -nd a mutually agreeale solution) !a&&ept that ! may forfeit some*all of monies paid)
1pon a&&eptan&e of this agreement and initial down payment# a &oolingo; period of two (<+ usiness days is allowed for any &hangeofmind) After this period# ! a&&ept that no refunds for &hangeofmind will apply)

2hould the e$ent e &an&elled# ! agree to notify [PHOTOGRAPHER] at my earliest &on$enien&e) !n &ertain situations# [PHOTOGRAPHER] may return any and*or all monies paid# su%e&t to [PHOTOGRAPHER]=s dis&retion)
2hould the e$ent e &an&elled within three (.+ months of the wedding day# ! understand that [PHOTOGRAPHER] may 9eep any monies paid as a result of de&lining other paid assignments)!n the unli9ely e$ent that [PHOTOGRAPHER] &an&els on me# all monies paid will e fully refunded to my nominated an9 a&&ount within three (.+ usiness days# a&&ompanied with a list of re&ommended sustitutes)
1nder Australian 3opyright 4aw# ! understand that ! hold the 3opyright to my wedding photos as the &ommissioning &lient for the resultant &reati$e wor9) Howe$er# ! agree to transfer 3opyright ownership o$er to [PHOTOGRAPHER] in e'&hange for ownership of the digital -les and a none'piring personal li&ense to print# dupli&ate# and share our wedding photos)
! gi$e permission to [PHOTOGRAPHER] to use images from my wedding in the pri$ate domain (i)e)# as samples of wor9 during inperson &onsultations# sample alums# for instru&tional purposes et&+[PHOTOGRAPHER] will re7uire my written &onsent efore pulishing any images from my weddingin puli& domain (e)g)# wesite# logs# ridal maga>ines# so&ial media et&+)At any time# ! may re7uest [PHOTOGRAPHER] to ta9e down any images from my wedding that had pre$iously een allowed to e displayed in puli& and*or pri$ate domain)Therefore# ! a&9nowledge that [PHOTOGRAPHER] has one of the ni&est pri$a&y poli&ies 9nown to the wedding industry)
! understand that for safety reasons# [PHOTOGRAPHER] (and &ontra&tors+ will not remo$e their en&losed footwear)! agree to feed [PHOTOGRAPHER] a deli&ious dinner meal &omplete with dessert) ! will do my est to re7uest that the meal will e ser$ed at the same time as my guests and maye snea9 in a sli&e of &a9e)

! understand that [PHOTOGRAPHER] (and &ontra&tors+ are humans who may re7uire rea9s from time to time) Therefore# ! agree to allow them to# from time to time# ga>e >omieli9e into their smartphones whilst leaning &asually against a eam*wall)2imilarly# ! agree to instru&t my re&eption $enue to pro$ide them with seating where [PHOTOGRAPHER] (and &ontra&tors+ may store their e7uipment safely)
!n the unli9ely e$ent that [PHOTOGRAPHER] falls gra$ely ill and*or is in&apa&itated prior to and*or on [8EDD!5G DATE]# ! understand that all reasonale e;orts will e made to -nd a suitale repla&ement photographer) ! agree to terminate this agreement upon re%e&tion of the sustitute photographer and a&9nowledge that a full refund of all monies paid will e pro&essed within ten (?/+ usiness days)
! understand that in the e$ent that [PHOTOGRAPHER] (and &ontra&tors+ e'perien&e any inappropriate# threatening# hostile or o;ensi$e eha$iour from any guest or person at the wedding (in&luding# ut not limited to# unwel&ome se'ual ad$an&es and $eral or physi&al &ondu&t of a se'ual nature+ that [PHOTOGRAPHER] (and &ontra&tors+ may re7uest the o;ending person(s+ to e remo$ed from the premises immediately or lea$e the e$ent &ompletely)
I )*+ ,+)- n-+,0too- )n- ),++ to t+ t+,0 )n- on-ton0 o5 t0 A,+++nt.

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New York

New York, NY

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