WEDESIGN 2016 - 4 hours Design Marathon Challenge
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WEDESIGN 2016 - 4 hours Design Marathon Challenge

WEDESIGN 2016 - 4 hours Design Marathon Challenge

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Singapore (Location to be confirm)


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About WEDESIGN 2016 

In today’s modern and ever-growing society, designers around the world crack their head to design or even invent products in an effort to satisfy one question, ‘What’s next?’

This design competition aims to support and give design students and enthusiasts a great opportunity to participate in a real-world design assignment. Participants are given an opportunity to work with international brands and label, while the winners of WEDESIGN 2016 will undergo a once in a lifetime opportunity to go through the process of watching their designs come to live- from the design & conceptualization stage through to the production & manufacturing stage and finally, launching an actual product collection into the market. 

This year, One-syllable LLP is partnering with Vendermac Distribution Pte Ltd, a local-based regional licensing and distribution company in Singapore, whom currently owns the licensing rights to produce and distribute for brands such as Disney, Marvel, Universal Studios, Hasbro & Mattel among various other international brands, to launch this first ever onsite design marathon.

WEDESIGN 2016 is young person centric, highly competitive and very rewarding. As an entry-level design competition, no submission of design portfolio is required. Participants will be able to show the world that they have got the talent in design, and win attractive prizes while they are at it! 

What is WEDESIGN 2016? 

Facing a time crunch, teams will have to compete neck to neck in this design pressure test for the top prize and an opportunity to design and produce their own product collection for sale in Singapore & Malaysia, co-organized by One Syllable and Vendermac Distribution Pte Ltd.

How will it benefit me? 

Winning teams stand to win attractive prizes and most importantly an opportunity to collaborate with Vendermac Distribution to design and produce a product collection for top brands. They will be working with manufacturing hubs on developing the collection from just a paper design to actual products and finally importing and retailing the products into the market.

For many, this will be a once in a life time opportunity to work with a top licensed IP brand to design a product and see it retail. Participants can include their competition experience in their portfolio to help jumpstart their career.

Also, winners will be granted a 1% commission* on all of their products sold in Singapore for 6 months via online platform or through pop-up stores.

What & How will I be designing? 

Participants will design onsite the graphics for a product collection using a competition design deck that is based on the IP represented by Vendermac Distribution Pte Ltd who currently owns the licensing rights to produce and distribute Disney ‘Tsum Tsum’.

The Design deck compromises of the brand’s style guide and AI product template.

During the competition, all participants are given 4 hours to design the graphics on the product template. Within the 4 hours, it is expected for the participants to execute the following;

Step 1: Design Concept Generation 
Step 2: Designing the Graphics 
Step 3: Incorporating the Graphic Design onto the product template
Step 4: Preparing and Structuring of Overall Design Proposal
Step 5: Final Edits and Ready for Submission

No more than 3 design work submissions in the form JPEG.

Participants are recommended to use Adobe photo shop or illustrator to execute their designs. A short write-up of no more than 250 words describing the idea behind the design, in words or PDF format, is required.

All proceeds from registration will go directly to our main charity organisation.

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Date and Time

Singapore (Location to be confirm)


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