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What are you watching on television? What images and information are you
ingesting on an hourly basis, every day about yourself that negatively
impact how you view not only the world around you, but also the people who
look like you -- and in some cases, how you view yourself?

I am Dr. Shantella Sherman, and along with The Acumen Group and House of Khepera, we are
introducing the Pop-Eu (Popular Eugenics in Television and Film) Series, We will begin watching films to teach
you how to analyze films for coded and racialized language that support many of the stereotypes.

We will analyze both the historical and social platform of the film, as well as place various scenes into current context. This is an open and very informal dialogue that will allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and share your own related experiences.

Join us to tool up and turn out! Forwarned is forearmed!

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