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Webinar training for Trauma Tapping Technique TTT - day 2/2

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Training day 2 of 2 to learn TTT

Learn how to self-regulate symptoms of stress & trauma, and how to administer First Aid to others in two webinars. All webinars during 2018 are free to those who have donated a 2018 Peace Package (30USD, if you haven't yet, click here).

After the two webinars you will
  • Understand stress & trauma so you can handle it
  • Know how to self-regulate with TTT in less than 10 minutes
  • Know how to give First Aid for stress & trauma
  • Know the manifest of a trauma tapper
  • Align with our ethics code so you have guidelines
  • Proceed for certification so you can verify your skills

Peaceful Heart Network has been teaching TTT in over 20 countries since 2007 in a model that allows it to spread efficiently, at the lowest cost possible, with a minimum of spoken interventions. The Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) was developed by Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström, the founders of PHN.

TTT is derived from TFT and EFT, constructed as a simplified, language and content free tapping modality.

TTT is designed as a First Aid intervention and is estimated to have reached over 100.000 people in challenged areas around the world through trainings by them and their colleagues in the Peaceful Heart Network. They received the ACEP Humanitarian Award 2017.

The aim of PHN is to contribute to a more peaceful world, with less suffering for everyone, especially for those in areas where little help is available.

When people have Peace in their Heart, they also have peace with others. By demanding everyone who learn TTT tp pass it on – Pay it forward – a Network is woven around the world. You can be part of it. Start here. Now.

Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandström

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