WEBINAR Payroll 101: How do I pay my crew?

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PAYROLL 101: How do I pay my crew?

Join us for this awesomely informative session about all the boring stuff you never wanted to think about when you decided to open a production house! We promise to try to keep it fun as we delve into such exciting topics as:

1099 Problems but an IC Ain't One

Learn about the dangerous world of paying your crew as independent contractors, and why the IRS is about to become your new BFF.

What the Fringe?

Union and non-union fringes add an extra 30% or more to your payroll budget. We'll tell you about the "or more" part.

Overtime, Shmovertime

Man up to wage & hour laws.

The Exempt, the Nonexempt, and the Verklempt

Don't let job classification get you down. It's pretty easy with our handy handout.

Does Your P.A. Have a House in the Hamptons?

We know you would never call your P.A. a Producer to avoid paying overtime. But just in case you ever wondered about it...

The Only Guarantee in Life, and Production

Paying flats or guaranteeing hours: why it's totally illegal.

What Is a Signator and Can It Be Tamed?

For union shoots, you'll need one of these. We'll show you how to cage the beast.

Slipping and Falling for Fun and Profit

Workers' comp is a ginormous concern on every production. Don't put yourself on the hook for it!


Steve Bizenov

Vice President of Sales and Software Development

Steve Bizenov has more than 25 years' experience in the software industry with a strong background in entertainment production and operations management, payroll and accounting. He joined Media Services in 1994 as vice president of sales and software development, where he is responsible for sales and customer support of the company’s payroll services as well as the software line throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to Media Services, Mr. Bizenov worked for EUE Screen Gems in production and operations management. He has also served in executive positions at various entertainment accounting, payroll, and software companies including FilmPro and Bon Bon Entertainment. A graduate of State University of New York, Mr. Bizenov also holds certifications from New York University’s School of Continuing Education in network administration, programming, and data processing concepts.

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