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The NLP Magick Webinar September 17th 2019

The core of NLP consists of finding people who excel at something and copy what they do internally and externally so you can apply it to yourself and pass it on to others. Yet, NLP practitioners have done so for almost fifty years. So for almost everything NLP practitioners have already figured out what the best strategy is. But not for everything.

Magick is one of the areas where NLP practitioners have elicited very few strategies. First of all there are two kinds of magic. There are magic shows to entertain people. And then there is magick with a “k” to distinguish itself from the magic shows. Magick is a form of self development that is based on the magickal rituals that have taken place in Western esoteric circles for the past 1000 years. Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Joost van der Leij is initiated in four different mystery schools where they still practice magickal rituals and he has transformed these magickal rituals to NLP strategies.

After strategy elicitation comes strategy optimization. Joost has done the same with these magickal rituals by combining them with deep trance and hypnosis. As it turns out, it is much easier to have profound spiritual experiences when you are in a deep hypnotic trance.

At the same time Joost teaches the NLP Practitioner at the VU-university of Amsterdam. So everything he does has to be scientifically respectable, including NLP Magick. Fortunately, nowadays is a lot of neuroscientific research into spiritual experiences including the magickal rituals used in NLP Magick.

So in the NLP Magick webinar we are going to do both things. In the first hour we start with the scientific foundations of spiritual experiences. In the second hour we practice a real NLP Magick ritual, called the Middle Pillar ritual. It is a ritual to energize the five main parts in your body:

  1. The top of your head so you become more of who you are.
  2. Your throat to better be able to communicate with yourself and others.
  3. Your solar plexus to better be able to give and receive love, including loving yourself.
  4. Your sacrum to give you more creative power.
  5. Your feet so you remain down to earth.

The NLP Magick webinar will take place on September 17th from 18.00 till 19.30. The webinar is held in english.

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