Webinar: Educators Toolkit for Teacher and Student Privacy

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Outraged teachers in West Virginia went on strike in the spring of 2018 because, among other reasons, they were being forced to download Go365, a wellness and rewards app which would track their steps and other health data. Failure to use the app or meet fitness goals would result in increases in their health insurance premiums and deductibles. Teachers were required to upload a variety of personal health information into the app and saw the program as an invasion of personal privacy. They fought back and won. The app was tossed out.

Since January 2016, more than 350 cybersecurity incidents, which include data breaches and hacks, have been publicly documented by U.S. K-12 schools. In one extreme case, over 360,000 Pennsylvania teachers and retirees learned that their Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and home addresses stored on a state education department database had been accessible to unauthorized users.

In 2018 the FBI issued a warning about student data and privacy. "The FBI is encouraging public awareness of cyber threat concerns related to K-12 students. The US school systems’ rapid growth of education technologies (EdTech) and widespread collection of student data could have privacy and safety implications if compromised or exploited."

In 2018, the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy and The Badass Teachers Association launched their Educator Toolkit for Teacher and Student Privacy: A Practical Guide for Protecting Personal Data. Join educators Melissa Tomlinson, Executive Director of The Badass Teachers Association and Marla Kilfoyle, NPE Grassroots Education Network Liaison and former Executive Director of The Badass Teachers Association as they give updated information on the struggle to protect data privacy in our schools and classrooms.

The webinar is free but you must have a reserved ticket. Webinar log in will be sent via email a day prior to the event. Certificates of participation will be emailed to participants upon completion of the webinar.

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