Webinar: Change your mind, change your life: Negotiation is Influence.

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We cordially invite you to join us for a transformational workshop hosted online by Dr. Nancy Li.

Have you ever looked around your workplace and asked yourself: Why I am always a worker bee? Why are others getting promoted to manager? Why do they receive a bigger raises?

I was just like you after my first performance review. But I didn’t accept this as my destiny, I decided to learn from others and developed a strategy to ask for a raise. The next year, I received a 15% raise and the second-highest bonus in my company.

Negotiation is not what most people thought. In this workshop, Dr. Nancy will talk about the mindset changes in negotiation. The earlier you change the mindset, the faster you accelerate your life.

What you will walk away with:

- Mindset Change

- Negotiation Tactics

- Case Studies

- Homework


11:55 Dial In

12:00-12:45 Workshop Webinar

12:45-1:00 FAQ

Who is this for?

Anybody interested in transforming their career through the power of negotiation.

Perfect for career changers and those of your interested in growing your careers.

Bio of our host:

Dr. Nancy Li is a technology leader, a negotiation expert, and a YouTuber. She moved to the US with $800 in her pocket 10 years ago and without any final support from her family. A few years later, she became one of the youngest engineering PhDs. in Boston University’s history. Now she manages a team of product managers at a fortune 20 technology company. She is also an alumnus of MIT Sloan School of Management.

She is the only female manager in a 100-person product management organization. She successfully turned her disadvantages into strengths. She developed public speaking, leadership, and negotiation skills to get fast promotions and raises. Nancy has taught Negotiation Bootcamp to 100+ engineers and scientists to help them to get the compensation they deserve, change their career path into business/management, and reduce stress in life. Some of her clients received a 40% raise and negotiated a partner title!

Nancy has a YouTube Channel: Dr. Nancy Li. On her channel, she interviews industry leaders and teaches professional skills to inspire people to invest in themselves and pursue their dreams.

In her free time, she likes ballroom dancing, scuba diving, and traveling. Hang out with Nancy at YouTube and Instagram @Dr. Nancy Li


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