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Women and Water Diplomacy in the Nile Basin: Increasing Women’s Participation in Transboundary Water Cooperation and Peacebuilding in the Nile Basin

Gender equality has been advocated for decades yet women are still underrepresented in decision-making in transboundary water management.

Lack of participation by women in decision making processes could exacerbate existing socioeconomic inequality in the basin and overlooks their potential to contribute to conflict prevention and cooperation.

The Women and Water Diplomacy in the Nile Basin programme is conducted under SIWI’s Flagship Programme, the Shared Waters Partnership (SWP). SWP supports and facilitates cooperation over shared waters in regions affected by conflict and where water can serve as a catalyst for peace and stability. The webinar series contributes to the overall objective of our programme Women and Water Diplomacy in the Nile Basin, which is to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable basin-level decision-making. The webinar specifically aims at strengthening the capacity and knowledge of the women leaders in the Nile Basin.

Our first webinar will focus on the “Art of Speaking” with Ms Kanika Thakar M.Sc. as the speaker. Kanika is responsible for SIWI’s digital outreach and social media management. She has experience in communications and project management for water and sanitation. Kanika holds a Master’s in Integrated Water Resources Management, and has previously worked with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global Water Partnership.

Time: 45 minutes

14:00 - Introduction: Dr. Phillia Restiani, Programme Manager, Women and Water Diplomacy in the Nile Basin Programme, SIWI.
14:05 - Presentation : Ms Kanika Thakar M.Sc., Communications Manager, SIWI.
14:25 - Q&A session
14:40 - Closing remarks

NB: This webinar is aimed towards women working with water related issues in the Nile basin.

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