Webinar 4: Healthy Activism and Long-Term Well-Being: What does it take?

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This webinar takes a long-term look at the Undocumented Stress Cycle and what long-term well-being might mean for young people impacted by undocumented status. Dr. Ellis considers the role of activism in the lives of undocumented young persons, as undocumented activists are often treated as models of youth empowerment and resilience. Yet, while activism serves as a valuable means for helping young people develop positive identities, it also poses social risks and personal challenges that frequently go unacknowledged both by professionals and activists themselves. The objectives of this webinar are thus to identify (a) how activism supports the psychosocial development of undocumented young persons; (b) what risks are involved in activism (including what to avoid when inviting young persons to share their stories); and (c) what other (non-activist) trajectories support the long-term well-being of young impacted by undocumented status.

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