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Developing and Growing
Webinar 1: Basic concepts of human development and simple ideas of making improvement

  • Basic ideas about human competencies and behaviours
  • Introducing competency frameworks
  • Basic ideas about what enables people to learn
  • Re-visiting the link between personal characteristics and performance

This webinar is one of a series of six combined with a workshop. The programme covers all that a manager needs in order to understand how to develop and grow people - however big or small their organisation or team.

Markets change. Businesses must change to keep competitive advantage. Most businesses rely on their people to drive competitive advantage and deliver profit. The argument in favour of developing people to continuously sustain competitive advantage is obvious. But how? These webinars and workshop explain.

The business case for growing your people is persuasive. It’s mostly cheaper than recruiting new staff with new skills and there is the ancillary benefit of heightened commitment from all.

This programme aims to hit all the main points of people-development science. You will be able to identify, areas where you are already proficient and others where you need further development and support.

All webinars and the closing workshop are provided COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

For information on all the webinars in this Level 7 Manager Development Programme visit our website

General FAQs

  1. How do I connect to the webinars and workshops?
    It's really easy. The webinars and workshops are delivered via GoToMeeting. You follow a Web link that we'll give you. You'll connect to that link at the set time. You will then see the slides on screen and you can listen wither by dialling a telephone number or by using your computer's loudspeakers and microphone. There will be further instructions given but we do advise you do some tests before joining, just to make sure all will be well.

  2. Is there a certificate?
    Yes. We will issue a participation certificate for 100% participation in any of the three modules - but the main aim is learning.

  3. Will there be assignments and assessments?
    No. The aim is to give you learning without testing.

  4. Is there a reading list?
    Each module has a list of references where you can find more information.

  5. What materials do managers get?
    There is a workbook for each module. This shows the key slides and encourages the manager to complete additional tasks.

  6. Do I have to attend every webinar or workshop?
    No. You can consume any or all of the programme. The programme will be repeated in 2019.

  7. Will the webinar be repeated at another time?
    Yes. This webinar will be repeated again in about one year's time.

  8. What IT equipment do I need to participate?
    You'll need a PC, tablet or smartphone to view the slides and PC, tablet or smartphone for audio - and of course an Internet connection. A headset is useful.

  9. What if I have problems with audio?
    If you have problems with PC, tablet or smartphone audio, you can dial in to a local telephone number for the audio. You'll still need the PC, tablet or smartphone to view the slides.

  10. Do I need a good quality/high bandwidth Internet connection?
    No, GoToMeeting works well on modest connections. It's difficult to put figures on it but all should be well over a 2Mb/S download connection. It will work fine over a 3G or 4G mobile data connection.

  11. Where can I find more information about connecting to the webinar?
    Once you've signed up, the confirmatory emails will give you links and allow you to test your connection and audio.

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