We Are Well-Meaning White Folks: A Monthly Conversation

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We Are Well-Meaning White Folks: A Monthly Conversation

White folks, let's talk among ourselves about making good on our intention to help our communities become more equitable.

By Martha Hurwitz

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January 15 · 5pm - June 15 · 7pm PST



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About this event

Many of us white folks have been raised to do good and to not be racist. Many have consciously chosen a humane and socially conscious lifestyle. We prioritize treating all people with dignity; we support important causes; we teach our children well.

Yet racism persists and disparities deepen. How do we make sense of our ability—or responsibility—to take effective action?

This monthly conversation is an opportunity to explore whiteness: what it is and what it isn't, who benefits from it and how, and how systemic racism seeps into all of us in brilliant and devastating ways. Each month we’ll open a different doorway into understanding how white dominant culture works and how it lives in each of us.

The conversation happens in a humane, relational environment in which to experience feelings of unsafeness and discomfort that frequently accompany conversations about whiteness, race and racism. The tone is welcoming and honest, lighthearted and exploratory, revealing and nonjudgemental.

The circle occurs on the 15th of each month. Drop-ins and committed regulars are all welcome. The fee is kept deliberately low to minimize barriers to participation.

What You Can Expect

We will...

  • Conversation based on your questions, experiences, concerns, ideas and successes.
  • Use a non-hierarchical, inclusive format that incorporates and reflects concrete antiracist principles
  • Gently and thoroughly explore what is meant by 'whiteness'
  • Experience creative questions and engaging activities designed to elicit truths , vulnerability, and humor

We might...

  • Identify some personal steps to explore or challenge racism in your self or your life
  • Make connections with people that may inspire keeping the conversation after the workshop
  • Experience some strong emotions

We won't...

  • Be burdening Black, Indigenous & People of Color with the task of educating us
  • Present a ready-made checklist of anti-racist actions you can choose from
  • Focus on perspectives that uphold the supremacy of anyone over anyone else
  • Reach closure, success or completion around this topic

Martha Hurwitz is a racial equity coach, consultant and facilitator focusing on racial equity. She is the granddaughter of Eastern European immigrants fleeing anti-Semitism who arrived in the U.S. as Jews became seen as whites. Awakened to how she benefits as a white person while others are systematically disadvantaged, Martha made an antiracist/pro-equity shift in her parenting, business concept, day-to-day priorities. She has an M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a wide-ranging career centered around alternative education, democracy and liberation. She has co-founded a democratic/non-agist school, taught qigong to people with cancer, managed child welfare improvement efforts, and led Outward Bound courses.

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The minimum number of participants for these conversations is 3. If 24 hours prior to the workshop there are fewer participants, I will reach out to offer you a refund or slot at an upcoming date.

Up to 24 hours before to a workshop, you can request a refund. Eventbrite fees are nonrefundable. You also can transfer to a different date or workshop.

Within 24 hours of the workshop start time, no refunds are given.

Can't Make It?

I offer other workshops through Eventbrite with my colleague james boutin. Check out our collection here.

I'm also available for one-on-one or small group racial equity coaching, caucus facilitation, and organizational consultations.

About the organizer

Organized by
Martha Hurwitz

White folks have a lot of work to do to reconcile with their position and role in white dominant culture. Many of us are scared our actions will make things worse, or we're paralyzed with guilt, or confused about how this all works.

Martha's events offer guidance, honesty and good company for those committed to explore what being white means to them—and what they can do to help unravel systemic racism.

When not facilitating circles, workshops or events, Martha works a coach and consultant focusing on self-employment and racial equity.