Wake The Dragon - Ceremony

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Fremantle, WA 6160


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A New & Unique offering of Yoga and Dreaming.

Open to the Possibilities of Who You Truly Are & Connect wth Magic...


Mixing NAAM YOGA - a yoga focussed on Vibration and Emanantion, increasing our ability to feel pleasure, and our ability to manifest in the physical…..

And DREAMING - the essential element of conscious creating, which centres on our vibration and emanation.

A complementary and powerful combination.


Last year Nicola and I were together for the powerful planetary gateway that occurs every year on the 8/8 (August 8) - I was also half way through a 30 Day Law of Attraction Process and things were getting utterly magical... In this energy of excitement and creativity Nicola and I were guided to create a ceremony combining Naam Yoga (Nicola's passion) with Dreaming (Conscious Creating/Visualisation) - both of our passions.

We were blown away with the results.

Magic happened for us both, during the Ceremony and for weeks following. We were strongly effected by the presence of the Dragon energy during this dreaming - hence the name. (Dragon energy is fascinating and I’ll include it in a post here :)

We are very excited to offer this ceremony to a larger group in Perth - and see what magic unfolds as we enter the Naam Wormhole and are drawn deep into THE DREAMING…


* Introduction to Law of Attraction & Dreaming (Tash & Nicola)
* Naam Yoga (with Nicola)
* Dreaming (with Tash)

Part of the magic of Naam Yoga lies in the power and precision of the music. Naam music is created using Universal Kabalah, an ancient science of divine mathematics, vibration and energy. Naam assists the listener to access the higher spiritual realms whilst remaining firmly anchored in the physical realm; a perfect complement to the Dreaming.




Saturday 21st April
7.00 - 9.00

Please come early to say hello.

Bring a cushion if you can for dreaming and meditation. Wear comfortable, loose clothing that you can move easily in, and maybe a sports bra if needed. Naam yoga includes physical movement: no static postures, however some cardio movement in order to increase the heart and breathing rate. It is not necessary to have any prior experience of yoga for this ceremony.



Upwards of 70 000 people have been gathering each year in Mexico to practice Naam together and intentionally raise the vibration of the planet and her people.

Naam works with your nervous system and energetic field in order to affect your vibrational frequency. It increases the resilience of your nervous system, allowing you to experience and handle greater heights of pleasure. It strengthens the purity of your energetic field, increasing your own personal magnetism, and ability to magnetise your desires towards you.

Naam uses sacred mantra and prayer from a range of mystical backgrounds and traditions, combined with healing sound, breath work and physical movement in order to impact and heal the body’s energetic meridian system.

Naam music is an advanced form of sound therapy which weaves the science of divine mathematics (universal Kabalah) into ancient prayers, chants and teachings.

It is revolutionary.

Sacred scripture, set to sacred music - creating a pathway of sound to a clearer vibration….

And in that powerful vibration….



Dreaming is the Key to Conscious Creating. The ability to Visualise - to leave "reality" and play in a limitless field of creation. To dream ourselves into a different state of FEELING & BEING.

Limitless Dreaming helps us enter states unaffected by old beliefs. Dreaming for the Pure, Child-Like JOY of it: Playing in our imagination, where all things are possible; where we can choose only what brings us most joy. Allowing our joyous imagination to lead us can takes us to unknown states of freedom....


(1) When we relax and dream in this way, we let go of the control our linear minds hold over ‘how our reality should be' and instead, we connect with the mystery - with an intelligent 'field' - and we allow our Soul, our Being to come through and communicate with us. Personalised wisdom and teachings come through - subconscious desires - revelations and deep healing.

(2) We experience Higher States of being/vibration - joy, bliss, ecstacy! - which, by Law of Attraction, calls in New Worlds... because what we vibrate, we attract.

Within a few minutes of Dreaming, you can be in bliss, moving through Magical Landscapes - Receiving gifts, messages and teachings from your higher-self - or just resting in the experience/vibration of limitless playfulness/love/joy...

Following these high vibrational states ....people report little (and big) miracles showing up in their worlds:

Things coming in that they'd been dreaming of
The FEELING from the Dreaming becoming more a part of their daily experience...
A teaching from the Dreaming staying with them...
A new sense of joy & connection in life

We are a miraculous mystery and we are way-seers and pioneers of this radically new paradigm.


Playing with this vibration, this Magic, that we are.

Lots of LOVE



I am passionate about testing & living Law of Attraction & exploring the possibilities of Who We Truly Are

Everything I do now is motivated through this desire.

I have experienced inexplicable magic. Lots of it. And it is my passion now to test and live the possibilities of Who We Truly Are.

My main interest is conscious creating (law of attraction). I offer one-on-one sessions, weekly workshops and bigger community events all focused on these profound teachings.

The Dreaming is the base and focus of my work... so much magic is unfolding through it and I am fascinated to watch as we explore these realms. We truly are Way-seers, pioneers, on the leading edge of this radically new paradigm.

Ultimately I am going for the Biggy: I am Dreaming-in A New Earth - A New Eden - unity consciousness, peace, love & harmony for all.

And it's coming...

Keep an ear and eye out for the 20/20 Vision.


I am passionate about exploring and expressing Who I Truly Am and creating spaces where others feel free to explore and express Who They Truly Are.

I am a Yoga teacher, A Fractology Practitioner and a Registered Nurse.

I am trained in krishnamarcharya Yoga and more recently, Naam Yoga. I love the ancient practices of Yoga and the gentle way they return us to ourselves.

Fractology is a fascinating healing modality and way of life that assists each person to heal themselves into wholeness through the recognition and strengthening of their own unique energetic (fractal) pattern.

I am a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, helping others as they make their way through critical periods of their lives.

I am also passionate about embracing Death as a conscious part of our living life most fully and a deeply sacred transition through which we all pass.

I believe we are all God, experiencing being Creator in this physical realm and that our joy in life is to explore this game.

I am truly looking forward to sharing space with you all, lifting our vibrations with the Naam and travelling deep into the Dreaming.....

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Fremantle, WA 6160


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