Waffle workshop in Brussels

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Prepare, bake & enjoy your own delicious Belgian waffles in 90'

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The Waffle Workshop starts with a short introduction to the delicious world of Waffles. Then serious stuff starts when we split in teams and start cooking. After making the batter, some demonstration and a tasting session, the participants are invited to bake their own waffles and decorate them with a wide range of toppings: fresh fruits, chocolate, whipped cream, speculoos, nutella etc... The Waffle Workshop is a perfect activity to take a rest from Brussels / Bruges busy cobblestone streets while enjoying your very own delicious Belgian Waffles!

You don't need any previous cooking experience to attend the workshop and kids are welcome too. We provide everything you need: ingredients, toppings, instructions, cooking gear, cookware, assistance, demonstration, a drink and you can bake as many waffles as you can eat!

More info about our waffle workshop in Brussels here

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