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Vive La Reine!

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The people of France may be starving, the people of France may be angry, but the King and Queen of France? They're doing just fine. In fact, they're downright peachy! Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI are living their best lives in the opulent Palace of Versailles, a safe distance from the fury of the capital. They indulge in the sweetest of treats and the sweetest of spirits; they engage in the silliest of antics and silliest of banter. But their world begins to crumble when a crowd of angry Parisian woman marches on Versailles. With their palace surrounded and their hopes dwindling, what are the king and queen to do?

In Vive La Reine!, A historical comedy written by Tristan Raak and directed by Georgia Cohen, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI cleaned desperately to their illusions, their privileges, and their monarchy in the glaring face of the Women's March on Versailles


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