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What is vision? How do you meditate? Why do we need change?

We all want change but sometimes it's just not happening. Through the correct methods of mediation, change is inevitable.

What change do you need in your life? Promotion? Increase in sales/orders?

You are right to want this otherwise we'd all be babes in arms, living at home with no hope.

This seminar is divided primarily into two parts. VISION and THOUGHTS.

It is important to recognize that vision and thoughts are different and we need to bring our thoughts under control so that the vision be fulfilled which is accomplished by meditation.


WHAT IS VISION? "Without vision the people perish"

What are visions? Where do vision come from? How do I receive a vision? What happens when there is no vision?

A vision is something we know is different from a thought. It's as if it was planted in us and it drives us to see it through to completion. We're not usually fully equipped to bring the vision to fruition but know it is possible.


WHAT ARE THOUGHTS? "The battlefield of the mind"

THOUGHTS - Thoughts are separate from meditations and can get in the way. We have a great idea, a fantastic plan, then, like an ugly monster that never was under the bed or in the closet, but in your head, they rise up and the battlefield of the mind is as real as eating and we become tired, exhausted even, at keeping the vision alive.

SPEECH - There is only one fully effective method to overcome the negative thoughts that hold us back from receiving what we know is lined up for us but has been out of reach for so long. In part 2 we discover how to use speech to release correct thoughts that embody meditation and bring about the change we desire.

EFFECTIVE MEDITATION - Now the mind and what we say is cleared up, it's time to meditate, effectively.


A new you? The you, you've been waiting for? The person the world needs?

However you look at it, it's the change that's important to understand how to bring about in order for the vision in your life to be fulfilled.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No ID required

No minimum age requirements but best suited to 13 years or older

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e-mail - bookaservice@yahoo.com

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No refunds

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No. Once your information is registered, you will use it to log in to the live streaming

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No. One ticket per person, per event paid for


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