"Visioning" Your Best 2016 - Tele-Class Recording

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"Visioning" is a spiritual practice that taps into your intuition, like tuning into a streaming broadcast of your highest and best life that's calling you forward.

If you've been feeling stuck or unclear with how to move forward in an area of your life... If you're feeling the desire to make 2016 spectacular... If you've been looking for tools to help better access your intuition... then Visioning may be your answer.

In this 75 minute teleclass, Joselito Laudencia (spiritual life coach at www.abundantgood.com) teaches and leads you in a guided Visioning session for your highest and best 2016. You will:

  • Gain a clear and directed sense of inspiration for your life in the new year

  • Feel into your inner wisdom that is calling you to a greater expression of who you are

  • Learn how "Visioning" can be used for any area of your life, including relationships, business, finances, and health, and can be used for groups and communities

During this teleclass, you will learn and experience the spiritual practice of Visioning. This is a tool that is used in many different kinds of settings, from spiritual centers to corporate boardrooms.

The particular spiritual practice of Visioning taught in this class was crafted by Rev Michael Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

Visioning is different from visualization.

  • Visualization tends to be an "outside-in" process, asking the question "What can I visualize that I want to get or achieve?" Many new year's planning tools use visualization as a way to map out specific goals and desires.

  • Visioning is an "inside-out" process, asking the question "What is the highest and best seeking to express itself more fully in my life?" Visioning sets aside pre-conceived notions of what the new year looks like, and opens you to envision other possibilities you might not have considered.

In the words of Rev Michael Beckwith, in visualization "we mentally conceive of something we want." On the other hand, in visioning "we align in consciousness with our divine purpose, which is to love and to express a greater degree of life. Then we open ourselves to catch a sense of how that expression is supposed to occur through us."

Are you ready to "catch" and tune into the inner streaming broadcast calling for your highest and best life? If yes, then register today.

This is a teleclass where you access the class through your phone. There will be time for live Q & A at the end, and the session will be recorded. Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recording. The recorded visioning session may be a helpful tool for you to re-listen to gain deeper insights and wisdom.

"Whenever I work with Joselito, I feel held in a space of love and wisdom, feeling safe to open up and share whatever's on my heart." Bettyanne Green

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