VIRTUAL CLASS - Becoming A True Agile Leader(TM) - First Steps

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VIRTUAL CLASS (2-DAY) - Becoming A True Leader™ - First Steps (Chock full of participation, interaction...and transformation!!)

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Who This Class Is For:

Anyone who desires to lead others in order to accomplish more with a team than they can alone. You will identify with Agile Leadership if you: trust and care for those you lead, want to inspire with a dream and a common purpose, and believe that motivation comes from within.


Traditional leadership practices are outdated and ineffective in today’s workplace. With the introduction of the internet, email, and smart phones, business has changed; but the principles and practices taught in business schools across the country have remained the same. As a result, leaders and organizations who refuse to evolve are finding themselves trying to ineffectively engage a disengaged workforce. Since the early 2000s, Agile methods have transformed how the world develops software; now those same values and principles can make you a better leader! Packed with practical approaches and techniques to become inclusive, democratic, and more open to ideas and innovations, you'll leave this class with a completely changed perspective on your role as a leader.

Learning Objectives:

As a student of True Agile Leadership, I want to...

  • List the foundational tenets of Agile, so that I can understand how the Agile movement has influenced leadership.
  • Define what Agile leadership is, so that I can implement it with consistency and confidence.
  • List the differences between power and influence, so that I can identify which one to use when.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate effectively, so that I can be heard and understood by my team.
  • Examine the differences of working with introverts and extroverts on my team, so that I can correctly assess my team members and understand them on a deeply personal level.
  • List how to develop my team members and myself, so that we can continue to grow.
  • Describe how to develop self-organizing and self-managing teams, so that I can free up my time to focus on more long-term and big-picture goals.
  • Identify how to motivate team members, so that I can get the most out of my team.
  • Understand what true emotional intelligence looks like, so that my team and I can acknowledge each other as fellow human beings, with more freedom to express ourselves honestly, humanely and respectfully.
  • Experience a leadership challenge, so that I can apply what I just learned.


  • A clear understanding of the values and principles of Agile and how to apply them to everyday leadership challenges
  • The knowledge necessary to establish an Agile team that is self-organizing and self-managing
  • A view towards focusing on strengths and developing yourself and individuals in a healthy, agile way


  • Open your team up to being more engaged, innovative and joyful by shifting their motivation from external to internal sources
  • Free yourself from the need to micromanage your team’s work, so you can have more time to focus on more long-term and strategic goals
  • Learn the secrets to shifting from the daily work that drains you to the work that brings you the most energy and happiness


  • Digital copies of all class materials
  • Detailed report on your top 5 strengths (Utilizing the CliftonStrengths - formerly StrengthsFinder – Assessment Tool)
  • Free bi-monthly webinars; deliver new content, IDS issues, and review Leadership books
  • Membership to the private “True Agile Leader™” LinkedIn Group
  • Access to the “Becoming A True Agile Leader™” Podcast
  • Access to the entire Center For Agile Leadership video library

Class Cancellation/Transfers:

We value your business and recognize that extenuating circumstances can impact your plans to attend class. Once you register, you become part of our family, and we will treat you as such. If a major life event occurs (birth, death in the family, serious illness) we will do whatever we can to reschedule your training for you. Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer a full refund If you request to cancel or transfer at the last minute. Please note that the closer we get to the class date the more of your class tuition we have spent on your behalf, hence the inability to offer full refunds. Please contact info@centerforagileleadership.com for all issues relating to attendance.

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