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Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge, 8421 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22031

8421 Arlington Boulevard

Fairfax,, VA 22031

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Psychic Fair for both those who are serious and for those who are just curious. Event can be a life changing experience or just a fun time

About this Event

Many of the best psychics, mediums, healers, and readers of all types, along with related arts and crafts vendors from Virginia and the surrounding areas. 75% of tables offer some type of readings, 25% of tables offer related arts, crafts, books, oils, crystals, sage, herbs. information, jewelry etc.

44 vendors, All under one roof , all in one room, indoor event, free parking.

All tables accept cash, some of the tables will accept credit cards, pay pal etc .

Many of the vendors will be giving Fair Specials and Discounts.

Snacks and soft drinks will be available all day.

Pre-pay via Eventbrite -Ticket Cost = $5.00 + service charge = $6.04

Pay day of the event, at the door- Ticket = $10.00 (Cash Only)

Listed below are some of vendors that will be at this Psychic Fair

DR. ANU: Anu received her Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics from CEB House of Metaphysics in 2007 and has been a Board-Certified Metaphysician with The Board of Metaphysics since 2012. She is a bestselling author & a worldwide Intuitive Life Coach. She received her Life Coach Certification through International Certification Federation. She has also received her certification from the John Maxwell University as a leader, coach and speaker. Dr. Anu is here to bring a healing back to the people, to restore their memory. She causes each of her clients to go inside themselves and find heaven. GOD is everything and that everything lives inside each of us. Luke 17:21 the kingdom of heaven is within you. She helps others remember how to listen to that still inner voice and give it permission to be heard. For full Bio https://theanupractice.com/dr-anu-bio

BECKY BENNETT: Beyond with Becky- is an Empathic Intuitive and Medium. In addition to a Certified Rieki Master and Kuruna Reiki 1 practitioner. I will explore with you, in a Tarot and Oracle Readings for your healing, guidance and life’s path for you. I have worked with international teachers and mentors for years. I never know where spirit will take us until we open the avenue for your journey.

CHERYL GIANNELLI : Peace & Laughter, Cheryl is a Crystal Intuitive, Spirit Messenger, and Energy Healer. She uses her connection with Spirit and knowledge to craft intention based Crystal Energy Wands. The wands are sealed in glass vials and designed to insert into your drinking vessel, held for insight, gazed upon for visual therapy, placed in your surroundings, or laid on the body to infuse and aspire with the energy and vibration of the crystals. Cheryl has been making the Crystal Energy Wands since 2016. She will also have with her other crystal specialty items, gemstone bracelets, and more. Cheryl's services include: Spirit Messaging - Crystal Readings, Mediumship, or Angelic guidance. Energy Healing - Reiki, home blessings or clearings, and Crystal Sessions for recommended crystals for your day to day life. www.peaceandlaughter.com

CHERYL & NORMAN HOWDYSHELL - The Grove of Brite Blessings: Cheryl & Norman are the owners of this new age / metaphysical / curiosity shop @ 914 Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, VA. http://www.TheGroveofBriteBlessings.com. Cheryl is a psychic medium/oracle card reader, who has been doing readings for 20+ years. She has been gifted since age 4. She does energy field readings & clearings & connects people with the crystals they need. In addition, she also does past life regression sessions and house cleansings. http://Www.BriteBlessings.com. Norman is a psychic intuitive/ Oracle card reader, receiving messages from spirit through visions and pictures. He does energy channeling work and is a certified spiritual life coach.

CLAUDETTE KNOX: Claudette is a gifted intuitive and a Huna Kupua (shaman of Hawaiian Tradition) and has been teaching Hawaiian Shamanism based on “Huna” since 2003. She is also an Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master Teacher (teaching all levels of Reiki since 1997), Claudette graduated from the Edgar Cayce School of Massage and Holistic Healing in 1990 where she was on the TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” while attending school there’. She has been practicing and teaching Metaphysical studies such as Palmistry, Astrology, Psychometry, Tarot, and many types of Energy Healing since 1967. She currently gives psychic readings combining Palmistry with Hawaiian Aumakua (Higher Self) Cards. alohablessings@verizon.net

COLLEEN MCCARTNEY: Platinum doTERRA Advocate - Whether you are seeking solutions for day to day physical or emotional wellness needs, looking to create an additional revenue stream while helping others, or just curious about how oils could benefit you, Colleen is here to guide you on your wellness adventure! To help guide you she has been trained in an array of healing modalities, holistic health coaching practices, & business coaching methodologies. She specializes in empowering others to live their best life with the help of essential oils & wellness supplements. Stop by and get a bio feedback scan to see what oils your body is craving, experience doTERRA, and lift up your mood :) www.totallycolleen.com

COURTNEY MACHEN WALTON: Courtney has been making Crystal Ball Snowglobes since 1989 they’re all handmade and made with pure love and good intentions there for healing good health & positive vibrations you can meditate with them clear negative energy and no two are alike all the gems are real every birthstone for each month. She makes the gloves according to the alignment of planets, balance good health joy focus and does custom orders. Courtney has made over 50,000 Snowglobes since 1989 She has copyrights on these gloves. This idea came from a vision her mom had a 1989 . They were beautiful Crystal Ball Snowglobes with gold litter seen up in the heavens and made with stones.

DEB CARTER: Owner of Elevated Wisdom is an Akashic Records Practitioner who is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Oracle Card Reader & multi frequency Energy Worker. She was recently featured on Eram Saeed’s From Heartache To Joy Telesummit promoting her new Deep Destiny Tuning Program. Deb and her daughter Kerrie also have a full service Metaphysical store featuring crystals, crystal carvings, grids, jewelry, pendulums, smudge supplies, beauty products & much more. Stop by to see some of our offerings and learn about our classes, courses, retreats, and travel packages to the sacred sites around the world or check us out at www.ElevatedWisdom.com.

DEBORAH MUELLER of Trinity Gifts & Fairy Wings and Finer Things: Deb is an Angel Messenger, ordained minister, Energy Healer, a Master Teacher in Reiki and IET with a strong connection to Fairies, Merpeople & Unicorns, Deb has been using this connection to inspire and craft for over 10 years. Home decor, jewelry, dot Mandal’s and wearable art have been infused with the energies that inspired the creation. Mandal’s and Dreamcatchers are intuitively created with angelic and fairy realm assistance the colors specific to the angel or fairy inspiring the piece. All this and more will be available, all infused with Love, Trust & Fairy Dust. Other services are available and commissioned work upon request. www.fairywingsandfinerthings.com.

DEB SCHAFFER: Deb Schaffer is a spiritual herbalist and the owner and creative heart behind Enchanted Botanicals. Every product she creates blends the beauty of organic herbs & flowers with their spiritual purpose. Her offerings include meditation & ritual candles, loose botanical incense, hand-blended resin incense & organic skin care that blends a practical purpose with a bit of magic. Each product is carefully formulated to be true to its intention. They are spiritual tools that help you do your “work.” Because sometimes magic needs a place to start. www.DebraSchaffer.com www.Enchanted-Botanicals.com

DENISE MULLINS: Since ancient times, runes have been used for writing, divination and magic. They are an oracle from which one seeks advice. The runes provide a means of analyzing the path one is on and a likely outcome. The word "rune" actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Denise has worked with the Elder Futhark Runes for over 15 years. The Elder Futhark runes are based on Norse mythology. Come prepared with your questions or simply let the runes tell you what you need to be made aware of.

DONNA JOY: Donna is a gifted psychic/medium, psychic detective and medical intuitive who has successfully worked with police to solve unsolved crimes. She is minister of spiritual science and author. Her specialties are soul and past-life readings. She is available for ceremonies, parties, workshops and private readings.

EILEEN STRANGE: Eileen has a lifetime of experience in holistic wellness. She is founder of The Soul Shepherd, LLC providing international spiritual and holistic wellness. She is an Intuitive Empath "feeling " her world and is able to do Psychic, Mediumship & Medical Intuitive work through clients' eyes in person or remotely - alive or passed including group readings. She offers Crystal Bed sessions helping clients align, balance and open Chakras for holistic healing. Opening shadowed areas within clients, Eileen is able to facilitate illuminating areas that have restricted clients for years. She offers at shows 15 & 30 minute psychic readings & 30 minute mediumship readings. Mediumship readings - must provide photo or cellphone picture where eyes are visible. Website: www.thesoulshepherd.com

JASON KNEPPER & CHRIS GATES: About Jason Knepper– He has been walking on the metaphysical path for almost 25 years, his specialties are astrology, divination, personal symbol creation & use, energywork, healing, creating artwork & helping others to cultivate their own abilities and gifts. Look for the bald guy with a funny hat and be entertained and perchance enlightened! http://bit.ly/LotusLight4 About Chris Gates: He is an Army veteran & security expert, Chris read his first Carlos Castaneda book at 16 and has been on a search to understand how the Universe works and his place in it ever since. He approaches spirituality & metaphysics like he does his security work – study, experiment, document, and share with others. http://bit.ly/LotusLight4

JIM & SAND YOUNG of “Angel Talk They are the D.C. Metro Area’s Premier Radio & TV Psychics with over 10,000 professional readings since 1994. Together they have predicted in copyrighted TV/Radio shows many local, national & international events some to within one month of their occurrence. Sandy is an internationally acclaimed Angelic Channel & Communicator, a Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Remote Viewer, Clairaudient & Clairvoyant. She before the age of 5 communicated with family members who lived hours away. Jim is an Ordained Minister, Psychic Intuitive, Archeo-Mythologist, Reiki, Karuna Reiki & Seichim Master. He was a child evangelist and over the years he has added metaphysical teachings & truths from many of the world religions, ancient texts, symbols and secrets to his continuing ministry. www.angeltalkinfo.com www.angeltalkradio.com

JO: jo is a New York -born artist whose work centers primarily on topics of spiritual, psychological & gender identity both individual and collective, with themes of Power, Vulnerability, Sexuality & the sway between them. Jo has practiced spirituality & divination since a young age & has created five different Tarot & Oracle decks. Raised & born in a Caribbean family, not only does Jo sale here own self- created decks, but gives readings tailored on what the client’s expectations & inquiry are, with a non-judgmental & free spirited style. Jo has worked as a freelancer since 1999. You can view all of Jo’s Tarot & Oracle decks at: http://foxx7122.wixsite.com/jo-offduty/the-fools-journey-tarot-deck

JOANNE AMOROSI : Mary Magdalene Medicine :Joanne is a mystic who has been working with the angels for over 20 years to share their guidance and messages of love. Her Mary Magdalene Medicine focuses on providing heart-centered healing that enables individuals to forgive and forget so they can further their life’s mission, discover their own spiritual gifts, and make better decisions. At this table In addition to doing angel card & past life readings and healings, she will be selling her 3 books: Come Walk with Me: The Remembrances of Mary Magdalene, Heart-Centered Healing: Help for Healers and Healing Seekers, and Unsent Letters of the Famous & Infamous.

Rev. JOHN MARANI- Hierophant Tarot & Astrology : John has been studying the tarot & astrology for 28 years. His professional practice began in 2005. He is the former Head High Priest and High Priest of Tarot of the Tradition of the Witches Circle, where he taught astrology, tarot, Wicca/Witchcraft and many other metaphysical topics. John graduated from the Midwest School of Astrology in June 2018 and is a certified astrologer with NCGR (level 1). John will be offering tarot readings and astrology mini-readings. John’s wife Jennifer of Dragonfly Design will also be selling gemstone jewelry.

KEITH MILLER of Turtles and Crows: Keith is a psychic and traditionally trained Tibetan astrologer. From a young age he has been called to help others to develop their own intuitive and psychic abilities. He treats psychic development as a skill that anyone can learn, using a mindset based approach emphasizing practical exercises. In addition to teaching intuition, psychic ability, and energy work, Keith has studied a number of divination systems from around the world and offers divinatory services to resolve your questions. In particular he specializes in using Tibetan elemental astrology to calculate the obstacles individuals may face each year. He offers obstacle consultations, brief lessons, and short divinations. www.turtlesandcrows.com

KIM GORDON of Sweet Mama’s Enchanted Kitchen LLC which is owned and operated by Kim. Natural Holistic Remedies Certification. She started custom blending perfumes from flowers as a child. Kim now offers custom blended herbs for meditation, psychic & intuitive enhancement and setting of intentions, New Moon ritual kits, crafts, reiki charged soaps & jewelry. Sweet Mama’s Enchanted Kitchen intuitively custom blends all her herbal blends by hand. Herbs have properties related to healing, empowerment, love to name a few. Using herbs to set your intentions, adds that extra power of the earth to your manifesting the life you want.

KRISTIN GILBERT: Kristin is a Certified Psychic Medium recognized and featured with an exclusive listing on Afterlifeconnect.com. Kristin is also a Certified Angel Messenger, Merkaba Reiki Master and Rainbow Code Energy Facilitator. Kristin offers her services at the Healing Crystals Showroom and Wellness Center, Sterling, Va and via phone and zoom conferencing. You can learn more about Kristin by visiting WaveofLights.com

LARRY LAMBERT, SONDRA LAMBERT, & TAMMY STEPHENS : of Tranquil Souls :We are a group of highly skilled individuals who offer several different healing modalities along with services. We offer services from Aura Photography, Hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, Past Life Regressions, Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing, Energy Healing along with many other classes and workshops to assist you in your day to day life. Our New Website- https://www.auraphoto.us

LINDA HORN of Pawsitive Angels. Linda uses her intuitive gifts and ability to communicate with the animal kingdom to bring forth messages from your pets for your highest healing. At my booth you will find reiki infused handmade crystal jewelry & bio-magnetic EMF shielding jewelry for both people and pets. With offices in both Ashburn & Manassas VA Linda offers: Animal Communication; handmade crystal creations, essential oil blends, and energy shielding Magnetude jewelry. Linda is a certified Holistic Life/Pet Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki teacher, certified canine obedience instructor, angel messenger, crystal & essential oil practitioner. www.PawsitiveAngels.com

LYNN RENE MacDONALD: Lynn is a (Christ Consciousness) Love Energy Channel. She works with People & Animals, to help, ALL live their Best Lives. Lynn does her work in person & over the phone. You can find Lynn at Various Holistic & Spiritual Events around the country, doing Inspirational Speaking & Teaching, as well as at her Center Shoppe in Virginia Beach or her New Mall Space at LynnHaven Mall in Virginia Beach. Lynn's Metaphysical Gifts Include, but are not limited to, Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, Teacher, Dream Analysis, Master Soul Clearing/Exploration-Life Purpose Discovery-Learn about Your Spirit Guides/Animals/Angels, Astrology, Numerology, Name Analysis, Law of Universe(Love Energy), answers to all things love energy and metaphysical. Lynn also has an Amazing Collection of Higher Vibrational Love Infused Products & Gifts.

MARA BERMAN: Mara also conducts light based lectures. As a result of this meditation, activities involves, aura cleaning, angel connections, spiritual cleansing, star seed connections, and meeting guides. The meditation uses twelve dimensional rings as steps to a higher power and source of light. Through this meditation process Mara has met her own guides, angels, and worked through dysfunctional family systems, and has grown through karmic ties in this lifetime. During the reading Mara tunes in using light based guides and reads your aura, colors, and symbols, then she uses tarot cards to put together the timing of events in your life.

MARIBETH DECKER: Maribeth Decker, an intuitive animal communicator, is the founder of SacredGrove.com — Where People and Pets Heal and Connect. She works with folks who love their animals as much as – or more than – the people in their lives. Maribeth uses her intuitive and energetic healing abilities to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues as well as communicating with those who have passed on. Maribeth is the Teacher-Trainer Coordinator at international animal communicator Joan Ranquet’s “Communicating with All Life University.” She and her husband, Charlie live with their dogs, Stella and Tibor, and cats, Mac, Bunnie and Shadow. Be sure to bring a picture of your animal for a reading!

MICHELE BUCKLEY - Alpha Trinity Health Ministry: Michele has offered her services for the past 18 years in the Mid-Atlantic region. She’s a holistic practitioner, energy healer, gifted intuitive reader, spiritual counselor& spiritual teacher who offers a variety of holistic heart-centered healing & intuitive services. She is also known as the Crystal Whisperer for her ability to hear messages & interpret glyphs on crystals. Michele is also the founder of a new energy healing modality called Infinite Divine Illumination Healing. At her table she will be offering all the types of readings and energy healing. Please see her website for the types of readings she offers and testimonials: www.alphatrinity.com

NANCY SAUNDERS CROSS: She is a long time Energy Worker, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Reiki Master Teacher & Ordained Minister. Nancy is a Clear Channel & Natural Psychic. Nancy works with and Gives the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki. She offers Angelic & Shamanic Healing as well as Dream Interpretation. Her Powerful Card and Intuitive Readings can bring in Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Guardian Angels, Guides, Angels, Ascended Beings & Masters, The Ancestors, Those passed on, Wind Spirits, Earth Elementals, & Animal Totems. Nancy is a Lifelong Animal Lover, Trainer, Empath & Communicator. These offerings facilitate deep healing for your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul.” When Heaven and Earth Come Together Healing Happens.” nancysaunderscross@gmail.com

NEVILLE JOHNSTON & MARY PHELAN: Host of Telepathic TV Airing over 1200 episodes since 1998! Neville - After being shot to death, Neville returned to life with the ability to lead people into Past Lives. He is a Master Palmist w/50 years experience. His books, The Language Codes & Hidden Language Codes have been embraced worldwide. Other books include 11 Self Empowerment Protocols, The Dreamist & Metaphysical Short Stories. Designer of various Copper/Crystal Devices. Mary - Intuitive Reader, EFT Practitioner/Trainer, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Tarot, Seichim Master Teacher, Creator of the Mapping your Dreams Series guide to Dreamwork and her Psychic Development Series. She is author/illustrator of the Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Chakra Affirmation Cards & Mary’s Magical Message Cards. www.telepathictv.com

NIKKI of “Be Well with Nikki” She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a passion for teaching clients how to make themselves and their healing a priority by incorporating it into their daily routine in such a way that it's not a chore to make time for. She uses a holistic approach through her coaching services, workshops, and the products she offers. Stop by to discover new ways of ensuring you are your highest priority. She has natural and organic bath and body products, oils, soaps, gemstone jewelry, teas, etc.

PATRICIA GRIFFITHS: Patricia brings healing messages from your loved ones in spirit, including pets, or spiritual/life path messages from your spirit guides and angels. She is an evidential medium who channels evidence from those in spirit to bring you absolute knowing they are communicating through her. She begins each reading with the intention to deliver the messages that you most need to hear, for your greatest healing and highest joy. Patricia is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Psychic Medium and is certified in Reiki for Animals.

PETER COE of “Peter Michael Practical Tarot.” I bring many years of concrete & independent study along with experience reading Tarot & Oracle cards. I teach classes & mentor those interested in studying The Tarot. What started off as a hobby turned into something much more meaningful when I began to explore the potential of helping people through readings. I channel my readings using the cards and my intuition along with the client’s own energy. My readings are practical in nature, compassionate, and proactive. For me, the true value of a reading is not only in its predictive ability, but in how it can empower us to wisely use our free will to create our future. I am also a Certified Reiki Master & Healing Medium

RANDOLPH PETERS : of Dirtflower Crystals & Strange Things Galore...Well practiced in the ways of nature and the art of crystal energy... I have been outdoors most of my life. As a child I loved walking the plowed Earth. Finding crystals & arrowheads became part of me. I grew into the arena of Horticulture & Entomology quite naturally. My goal is to be kind and share these crystals at affordable prices. They are from all over the world. I have actually worked with these crystals and know their vibrations well...

REBECCA THOMPSON of Baubles of Light:: Symbolic & Resonant Jewelry. Created with mantras, blessings, music & healing energy. "Adorn ourselves with the Energy of our desires...What we wear, we ARE. Manifest Healing. Alignment. Peace. Own it...Wear Harmony"

ROBYN WOLF: Robyn is an internationally certified Evidential Medium & Psychic, works with top practitioners around the world. Robyn connects with your Loved Ones in Spirit & shares guidance with your life path. Robyn serves at spiritual centers as speaker, platform Medium, and Evidential Psychic/Mediumship development instructor. Your Loved Ones in Spirit are here, ready to communicate! www.robynwolf.com

ROZ KINCAID: Roz is the owner of Soul Healing with Roz located in Manassas, VA. As a Healer and Intuitive, Roz is dedicated to working with her clients to unpack their baggage, help them put it in check and support them as they navigate their healing process in this faith walk, we call life. Roz is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher & Psychic Medium. She is a mentor to those who want to understand and develop their own spiritual gifts. Roz is an Intuitive Counselor helping clients evaluate their inner narratives and work to discover their truest selves. Roz will be offering Reiki and Intuitive Readings at the Virginia Psychic Fair. Connect with Roz at rozkincaid.com on Facebook and Instagram.

SALLY T: Intuitive, Activator, Quantum Healer, Engineer. Empowering you to live your unique design with ease, speed& joy. Sovereignty Through Heart-Felt Presence: Experientially let go of what no longer serves you. Entrain your Heart-Brain. Shift perceptions using sensations in the present moment to revive body's natural ability to heal, retrieve/integrate soul fragments & multi-dimensional selves to restore wholeness, remember who you are & why you are here, access your own wisdom, manifest what you truly want. . Compassionate "tough-love" if needed. Bioenergetic Assessments & Human Design Sessions. Literate in Lyme Dis-Ease (co-infections, heavy metal, chemical toxicity, mold, electro-hypersensitivity, etc.) https://www.meetup.com/Sovereignty-through-Heart-felt-Presence-Life-Engrg

SHELLY NORRIS of Shelly’s Rock Shop LLC: I come to you from Virginia Beach, VA. I sell some of the most beautiful tumbled stones you will ever see! I work with a master geologist who hand selects rough rock from around the world. He hand breaks it for the best color, shape, and size, and then tumbles and polishes them himself. These stones will blow your mind!

STEFFANY HUBBELL of Moonbeams and Fairy Dust which is a family owned metaphysical book and gift store where our goal is to raise your vibration, and the vibration of the planet. We focus on providing hand made, fair trade items when possible. Providing items to help you along your spiritual journey, whatever that path looks like for you, we are here to help! Crystals, tarot cards, books, oracle cards, handblown glass, energy clearing items, pendulums, wellness items, and more.

SONIA SUBARAN: Sonia is a gifted spiritual intuitive tarot reader. She has 30 years of experience in this field. She is a member of the Washington tarot society and a certified tarot reader for the Edgar Cayce Institute. She has a large international and national clientele. She was born in Jamaica of east Indian parents, and has tapped into both cultures for intuitive wisdom. She considers herself to be an avid student, always learning.

SONI WEISS: The Tarot is like a map. Showing topography; the hills, the rivers, the freeways & towns you must go through to get from point A to point B. What vehicle you use and what roads you choose is your free will & choice. With 40 yrs experience in tarot reading & spiritual consulting Soni will help you understand the terrain you are going through; some areas you can avoid; like a mountain range or river, you simply have to cross, and in that case which route would be the easiest & safest. Like using a map it is up to you to choose which roads to take to get to your destination, and like any trip if you prepare for it, it will go more smoothly.

TRACEY RENEE McKEE: As an Intuitive Healer, Tracey is committed to helping others harness their innate healing powers to create a relaxed, balanced state of wellbeing. She earned a B.A. in Religious Studies, an M.A. in Education and holds certifications as a: Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Coach, Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotist & Spiritual Instructor. All of her services promote natural, holistic healing of the body, mind & soul! As founder of Mindful Soul Wellness, located in the heart of Old Town Manassas, Tracey is passionate about encouraging and guiding others to live a self-empowered and soul-inspired life. Visit her table and experience the pure bliss of a vibrational sound therapy session using Himalayan bowls from Nepal. www.mindfulsoulwellness.com https://www.facebook.com/traceyreneemckee

VALERIE FRANKENBERRY & WINDY TRAVERS : Valerie is an intuitive Tarot card reader, Reiki practitioner, Reflexologist & offers an intention-based Reiki infused product line of Candles, Soaps, Tub Teas, & Smoke manifestation blends. Valerie works with the Tarot to give insight and guidance, Divination looking at what the future holds, also using Tarot as empowerment tool in order to help you to reach your full potential. Windy is a Reiki healer & Angel card reader uses Reiki as a natural and holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. She is spiritually guided by life force energy sending healing to any imbalances or emotional blocks you are facing. Angel cards to deliver healing messages & guidance. During a session with Windy, Medium messages are delivered

WENDY MATA: Wendy is an Initiated Weather Shaman & Curandera by Lineage. Besides her training in Mexican shamanism she is also a Certified Soul Coach®, Past Life Coach®, Medium, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Pranic Healer, Feng Shui Master, Tarot and Moon Oracle reader. Wendy Mata will be sharing her carefully crafted and curated products for healing the soul, such as auric clearing sprays, cord cutting spiritual baths, third eye opening essential oil blends, prepared candles, and abundance rituals. Wendy will offer Ancestral Healing, Mediumship, & Spiritual Coaching Mini Sessions, to help with the identification of spiritual gifts. To learn more about her work please visit www.WendyMata.com If an ASL interpreter is required please contact her at info@wendymata.com Se Habla Espanol.

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Arlington-Fairfax Elks Lodge, 8421 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22031

8421 Arlington Boulevard

Fairfax,, VA 22031

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