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"And the Lord hath smitten him and delivered him into a woman's hands."


Mischievous & Troublesome Productions presents:

VENUS IN FUR by David Ives

October 27th: 7:30pm, Cafe at the Armory, Somerville, MA, to be followed by a discussion on gender and control led by Marzell Barker, Lesley Graduate student of Counseling Psychology with a focus on sexuality, and with 5 years experience in mental health crisis work.
October 28th: 7:30pm, Cafe at the Armory, Somerville, MA
October 29th: 3:00pm, Cafe at the Armory, Somervile, MA

November 24th: 7:30pm, Unity Somerville, Somerville, MA
November 25th: 3:00pm, Unity Somerville, Somerville, MA
November 25th: 7:30pm, Unity Somerville, Somerville, MA


Thomas Novachek (Tim Hoover/Casey Preston), a beleaguered playwright/director, is desperate to find an actress to play Vanda, the female lead in his adaptation of the classic sadomasochistic tale Venus in Fur. Into his empty audition room walks a vulgar and equally desperate actress—oddly enough, named Vanda (Kimberly Waller). Though utterly wrong for the sophisticated part, Vanda exhibits a strange command of the material, piquing Thomas' interest with her seductive talents and secretive manner. As the two work through the script, they blur the line between play and reality, entering into an increasingly serious game of submission and domination that only one of them can win. A mysterious, funny, erotic drama that represents yet another departure for the multifaceted David Ives.


Thomas Novachek: Tim Hoover (10/27-10/29) / Casey Preston (11/24-11/25)
Vanda Jordan: Kimberly Waller
Director: Tatiana Zaharova
Producer: Jacquelyn Weatherbee
Executive Producer: Patrick Cheever
Poster Design: Fem Bones

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