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Allegheny Sports Complex at Cool Springs

1530 Hamilton Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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The valet consignor form & paperwork is all in one easy online registration process. :) Please read through ALL details of this event and waiver before registering. No need to print this off once registered. Once you've completed your regsitration, we will be in touch with further details, including how to prepare items for drop off & assigning you a valet tagger.

Spring 2018 Pittsburgh South Valet Consigning Info

Have children’s and/or maternity items to sell but not a lot of time? Then Valet Consigning may be for you!

1. Valet Consigning is available only to a limited number of consignors for each sale.

2. Valet Consigning opens for sign ups for our Spring 2018 sale on February 14th and closes for drop-off on April 4th. *****The program may close sooner than these deadlines if all spaces are filled.*****

3. Valet Consignors can have any items valet tagged that are accepted at the JBF Sales. This includes but is not limited to: clothing, shoes, baby gear & equipment, toys, outdoor toys, puzzles, games, books, maternity clothing & items, and more! Click here for complete details on what is acceptable. We recommend to be a successful consignor that no more than 50% of your items are clothes and the other 50% are toys, baby gear/equipment, etc. This is not a requirement but a suggestion. Valet Consignors are limited to 500 items. If you have more than 500 items you may consign them for an additional fee & you may be assigned a second tagger to tag the additional items.

4. Valet Consignors drop off their items to the Valet Tagger assigned by JBF. Drop off of items takes place once Valet Consignor has signed up, completed the necessary registration for the Valet Consigning program and has been assigned a valet tagger.

  • Drop Off of your items to Valet Tagger must take place within 7 days of being contacted by your tagger or your registration will be forfeited and you will need to re-register when you are ready and this does not guarantee you will have a spot as spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.

  • Items must be free of stains and toys must have all working parts and batteries. JBF requests that clothing items be hung on hangers per JBF requirements. Click here for a short video that demonstrates this.

  • Clothing is REQUIRED to be sorted into outfits where appropriate and also sorted by GENDER & SIZE. I. e. all size 2T boys clothing must be sorted together. If items are not properly sorted, your Valet Tagger will contact you to pick up your items, take them home to sort them properly and then return them to the tagger to be tagged.

  • Toys, Games, Books, etc. must also be sorted as necessary. I.e. all infant toys together, all girls toys, together, all games together, all books together, etc.

  • If Valet Consignor does not provide batteries or hangers, JBF will charge consignor for them. Hangers cost $.12/each. Batteries $.50/each. These fees will be taken out of the Valet Consignor’s check.

5. The Valet Tagger preps and prices the items. All items are required to go ½ price at the JBF ½ price sale. Pricing is set by the Valet Tagger per JBF guidelines. Valet Consignors are not to adjust pricing once the valet tagger has set the prices and printed tags.

6. Once Valet Consignor’s items are entered in the tagging system, the Tagger will notify Valet Consignor of any items that were found to be unacceptable & unable to be tagged due to stains, etc. If Valet Consignor has any rejected items, Valet Consignor has 5 days from notification that they are not acceptable to pick up those items or Valet Consignor can choose to have them donated.

7. Once items are entered, the Valet Tagger will prepare Valet Consignor items and drop them off at the sale for Valet Consignor.

8. Valet Consignors have the option of picking up unsold items or donating them at the end of the sale. *If Valet Consignor chooses to pick up unsold items & then decides to participate in another sale, they may drop those items, as well as any additional items to be tagged, off to their valet tagger. If you choose to take previously valet tagged items on your own to another sale, the valet consignor will still be paid for the items they previously tagged for you & you will be paid at the valet consignor %. If you wish to retag any items you pick up, they should be tagged under another consignor # & you will register as a regular consignor for any additional sales. You will be paid at the regular consignor % for any items you retag.

9. Valet Consignors earn 45-55% on their sold items less a $20 consignor fee.

  • Valet Consignors earn 45% if they do not put ALL of their clothing items on hangers. 50% if they do put ALL of their clothing items on hangers or consign only non clothing items.

  • Valet Consignors are eligible to earn an additional 5% for volunteering at the sales for a 4 hour shift. So you have the opportunity to earn 50-55% depending on if you put your clothing items on hangers or not as outlined above.

10. Valet Consignors receive their check via email at the same time as other consignors. For Spring 2018 sales, checks will be emailed within 2 weeks after the sale.

To take advantage of our Valet Consigning program, please continue to the next section to complete the registration process selecting your "ticket(s)" and completing the form. Valet Consignor Spaces are limited and filled on a first come first serve basis. Completing this form does not guarantee your spot. In addition to completing this registrion, you must also register as a consignor for the Pittsburgh South sale on the JBF website:

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING FORM: Before you submit this form, please make sure you will be able to have your items ready to drop off to your valet tagger within one week of submission. Valet consigning spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. If you are not ready to drop off within 7 days of your valet tagger contacting you, you will have to re-register and we cannot guarantee you will have a spot as valet consignor spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Have questions? Email us at or text us at 412-407-4671.

If You wish to sign up as a Valet Consignor for Pittsburgh East, click HERE.

If You wish to sign up as a Valet Consignor for Greater Pittsburgh, click HERE.

Date and Time


Allegheny Sports Complex at Cool Springs

1530 Hamilton Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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