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Submissions have closed but be sure to reserve your spot at the awards dinner,

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Submissions have closed but be sure to reserve your spot at the awards dinner,
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Honoring the craft. Celebrating the impact.
The Utah Marketing Awards strives to do two things: honor the craft of marketing and celebrate the impact we can make in the world as marketers.

When you buy a ticket that is how you pay your submission fee. During the payment process you will be prompted to fill out a submission form with info about you and your submission. You will also be asked to provide links to related information, images, videos, etc. A person may make additional submissions in the same category or other categories by logging in again prior to the nomination deadline. You may submit the same campaign for multiple categories.


General Requirements
AMA Utah members and non-members may submit for an award. The work must have been primarily completed and or orchestrated by a marketer based in Utah. The beneficiary does not have to be Utah based. The marketing effort must have been take place within the last 24 months. Work may not have been submitted previously for any UMA award. You attest that you have the authority and permission from the copyright holder to submit the work for this award.

Info Needed
When submitting a nomination, you will be asked to provide your name, company name and contact information. No anonymous nominations will be accepted. You will be asked to provide the name, email and telephone number of the nominated company's contact. You will then be required to answer six short questions:

1. What organization or brand is this marketing effort for?
2. What challenges or opportunities did the marketing effort address?
3. What strategies and tactics did you undertake as part of this marketing effort?
4. Describe the impact of these efforts (both quantitative and qualitative).
5. Submit a link to 5-7 downloadable images that illustrate the marketing effort, the process, the impact and its merits. For example a rebrand campaign submission may show a before and after image or photos of the different applications of the brand.
6. Write a 100-300 word summary of the marketing effort.

1. Rising Star
Marketing favors the hungry, the go getters. Some recognize this early on in their careers. This UMA honors these young movers and shakers. Nominee must have 5 years or less full-time experience within the Marketing field.

2. Marketer Of The Year
Exceptional marketers are constantly learning and staying up on trends. They are bold and innovative. They get things done. And most importantly they build the communities in which they work. This UMA honors these marketing examples.

3. Internal Campaign
These campaigns are about building brands and culture within an organization. Employee buy in is crucial for brands and the culture that supports them. This UMA honors culture building campaigns.

4. Market Research
Market research is all about understanding humans and how they think. Then using that understanding to make strategic decisions. This UMA honors this well thought out digestible and actionable data.

5. Rebranding / Branding
Rebranding/Branding is an extensive process with many parts. This UMA honors this cohesive, authentic, and ownable personality.

6. Trade Show / Experiential Campaign
This award is given to the top marketing campaign that utilizes in-person marketing approaches to directly engage customers. This includes trade show, event, and experiential marketing campaigns that invite the audience to participate in a branded experience.

7. Digital / Social Media Campaign
These campaigns are all about the power of connecting with customers and their behaviors digitally or via social media. This UMA honors this humanized metric driven campaigns.

8. Content Marketing Campaign
These campaigns engage audiences with content that allows them to dig deeper. This UMA honors intriguing and measurable campaigns.

9. Integrated Marketing Campaign
These campaigns stretch across channels and media types. These are multi faceted campaigns with multi pronged approaches. This UMA honors measurable well organized campaigns.

10. Broadcast Campaign (TV / Radio)
This UMA recognizes the best in leveraging the medium of broadcast TV or Radio.

11. Health Care
This UMA recognizes the best in marketing for health care companies.

12. Outdoor Retail
This UMA recognizes the best in marketing for companies that sell outdoor related products.

13. Consumer Products / Retail
Recognizing the best in marketing for retail / consumer product companies.

14. Start Up (3 Years or Less)
Recognizing the best in marketing for new venture / start-up companies (under 3 years in business).

15. Tech
Recognizing the best in marketing for technology companies. Regardless of the marketing method or medium, this is about celebrating the best in marketing (developed in Utah) for technology companies (which may or may not be located in Utah).

16. Travel / Tourism
Recognizing the best in marketing for travel / tourism. This would include resorts, convention and visitor bureaus, destinations, hotel and travel related venues and services.

17. Sports and Entertainment
Recognizing the best in marketing for sports teams, theater, museum, aquariums, and other entertainment attractions.

18. Impact Award
This award goes to the marketer that has made the most meaningful impact on people, business, and community through their marketing craft.


At its discretion, AMA Utah may divide, consolidate or change categories, or assign or move a nominee to a category it deems most appropriate.

A panel of marketing professionals and educators reviews and scores information submitted about each nominated firm based upon its completeness, difficulty of challenge, specificity of objectives, effectiveness of marketing strategy/tactics and measurable evidence of results. The top scores in each category become the winner. A winner will not be awarded in the event that a category does not receive enough submissions or where no submission receives above a minimum score from the judges.

AMA Utah reserves the right to edit the description for length, accuracy or grammatical purposes.

AMA Utah will remove a nomination if the description provided is deemed to be false or intentionally misleading.

Any failure to meet the stated criteria or any violation of the rules will subject the nominee to disqualification.

Final Decisions
Decisions of AMA Utah are final.

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