Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Individual and Organizational Growth with Natalie Garramone

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Using Conflict as a Catalyst for Individual and Organizational Growth with Natalie Garramone

By VA Council of CEOs

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020 · 11am - 12:30pm EDT


Zoom Videoconference


About Natalie's Webinar
Conflict can help or hinder a team, depending on whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. Healthy conflict creates personal and professional growth; it allows teams to challenge each other in a way that promotes greater good, creativity, and broader organizational growth. Unhealthy conflict, on the other hand, often results from harbored or suppressed resentment towards team members, leadership, or the organization itself. The latter has the ability to disintegrate trust in individuals and the company, especially if the root of the issue is not addressed swiftly and tactfully.

Conflict as a Catalyst will increase participants' awareness of conflict and its effect on themselves and their teams. It will provide participants with tools to better understand and address the root behaviors that create tension in relationships. Participants will leave with an understanding of how their own behaviors contribute to and perpetuate conflict as well as how they can work towards resolving conflict in productive, healthy ways.

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