U.S. Army Network Capability Set 23 Technical Exchange Meeting

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JW Marriott Austin

110 East 2nd Street

Austin, TX 78701

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The U.S. Army Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) will discuss Capability Set 23 experimentation and design goals.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration for the Technical Exchange Meeting has ended. The event is at capacity, and we cannot accept any additional registrants. Slides will be shared on FBO upon the conclusion of the event. Thank you for your understanding.


The Army’s Network-Cross Functional Team, in collaboration with Program Executive Office C3T, Program Executive Office Soldier, and the Army’s Combat Capability Development Command C5ISR Center will host a network-related technical exchange meeting (TEM) to discuss Capability Set 23 experimentation and design goals. The TEM will share detailed information on the Army's strategy and challenges for fielding the next tactical network capability set, Capability Set 23 and consist of both general sessions and detailed technical panel discussions focused on specific need sets.

This TEM will take place on November 20-21, 2019 in Austin, Texas, at the JW Marriott downtown hotel. All persons who wish to attend this forum must register no later than 5:00p.m. (EST) November 5, 2019. Registration is available at this link:


The goal of the event is to assist industry partners and interested government organizations in identifying and aligning their efforts with Army tactical network modernization, specifically Capability Set 23 which is the Army’s next integrated kit of tactical network transport, application and command post enhancements. This event is meant for a technical audience to include, systems engineers, architecture experts, data analytical experts and integrators. Each session will offer an opportunity for technical exchange between audience members, Army network program managers, developers, requirements and user community representatives. This will enable vendors, in an open session, to ask questions for clarification, operational understanding (uniformed operators will be present) and technical understanding. Each topical session will have a moderated panel and will field questions from attendees regarding that topic.

The two day TEM will begin the afternoon of November 20, 2019 with Capability Set 23 technical topical focus breakout sessions across the network lines of effort to include network transport, common operating environment and command post modernization (running concurrently so attendees can rotate to cover all topics). November 21, 2019 will be a full day activity. Specific breakout topics will be released within the next several weeks on the FBO site as an amendment to this notice. General breakout topics could include discussion of network management goals, integration of commercial cellular and satellite transport, Stryker and Armor formation networking, waveform development and integration, mounted mission command modernization, command post integration.

The morning of November 21, 2019 will begin with keynote presentations, a user community panel that will discuss network needs across Infantry, Stryker and Armored formations, and a detailed outline of Capability Set development timeline and network design objectives across all lines of effort. The afternoon will consist of panels discussing major Capability Set 23 technological focus areas such as data fabric/data management, commercial network transport integration and CFT horizontal integration priorities.

Capability Set 23 will build upon Capability Set 21 with advancements in integration of:

Unified Network Transport:

• Initial at-the-halt high capacity communications w/commercial LEO/MEO

• Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) fielded to Stryker and Armored BCTs

• Optimized capabilities to meet operational distance and pace of mounted SBCT/ABCT

• Improved aerial tier (high altitude/unmanned platforms)

• Expanded network operations between tactical (all echelons) and enterprise networks

• Hardened radio (LOS and BLOS) capabilities (Mesh Network; Anti-jam/resilient waveforms and protocols)

• Integrated Mounted and Dismounted Assured Position, Navigation, and Timing

• Hardened network transport mesh providing additional data throughput for new capabilities while reducing SWaP-C

Common Operating Environment:

• Develop a common data fabric for aggregation, extraction, transformation, and loading (bi-directional)

• Continued convergence of mission command applications

• Integrated technical solution to seamlessly and efficiently migrate warfighting applications from a Home Station/host environment to a tactical hosted environment

• Initial mission command data layer to enable machine learning, cyber readiness and kill chain

• Data fabric backbone to enable data movement through the analytics and establish specific data representations based on user needs

• Innovative data and networking solutions that enable rapid dissemination of data to disparate Multi Domain Operations (MDO) systems optimized for efficient use of a limited tactical network

Command Post Modernization:

• Enhanced integration and designs for the Division CP, Mobile Command Group and BCT

• Quick Erecting Support Structures for Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS)

• Cyber Hardened and Data secure wireless network capabilities to enable extended CP functionality beyond the mobile platform Towable Expeditionary Shelter System (TESS)

• Technologies to increase CP survivability Modular Command Posts --Integrated HW/SW, integrated network solution, improved power solutions

FINAL AGENDA as of 15 Nov:

Dress: Military: Duty Uniform; Civilian: Business Casual

20 November 2019: Technical Breakout Sessions

1100 – 1630 Registration

1300 – 1700 Break Out Sessions

Sessions will cover each of the four network modernization lines of effort. Two sessions will run simultaneously from 1300-1430, and again from 1440-1610. A third session will run from 1615-1700.


1300-1430/1440-1610 LOE 1: Unified Network

Commercial LEO/MEO at-the-halt integration for Brigades, Divisions, and Corps and implications to Regional Hub Node architecture and DODIN.

• Integrated Tactical Network fielding and integration into ABCT/SBCT formations with optimized radio and hardware solutions to meet operational distance and pace requirements.

• Unified Network Operations between tactical and enterprise networks via an automated open framework to reduce cognitive burden and facilitate contextual decision making of network changes.

• Hardened network transport options for horizontal CFT efforts (MUM-T, M-SHORAD, LRPF, etc) using Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), advances in antenna technology, and minimizing EMS signature.

1300-1430/1440-1610 LOE 2: Common Operating Environment/LOE 3: Interoperability

• Overview of data strategy work and data architecture work by I2WD to illuminate, flatten, synchronize, and make available data across multiple disparate Mission Command systems and set the stage for horizontal AI/ML efforts.

• Implications of rearchitecting current tactical server infrastructure (TSI) into a containerized cloud computing environment to include cloud edge nodes.

• Provide a conceptual overview of the software DEVOPS architecture framework to enable rapid deployment of code to enable convergence of Mission Command systems and increase velocity of iterative software capabilities.

• Design challenge of employment of multiple classification networks on a single tactical hardware box using software defined security boundaries.

1615-1700 LOE 4: Command Post Mobility/Survivability

Command Post signature management utilizing an integrated CEMA COP for planning purposes with the ability to remote RF antenna fields using fiber or mmWave capability that is difficult to DF or jam.

• Integrated hardware/software capabilities that enable a dispersed Division or Brigade CP that is built upon a cloud edge node solution with LOE 2.

• RF decoys that provide Division and Brigade CPs the ability to manage their EMS signature without inducing friendly force jamming fratricide

1800 Social at Corner Bar and Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel

21 November 2019: General Session

0730-0900 Registration and Breakfast

0900-0910 Welcome Remarks

0910-0935 Opening Remarks

MG Peter Gallagher, Director, Network Cross-Functional Team

0935-1000 Using Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

Mr. Michael Monteleone, Director, Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate (S&TCD)

Mr. Brian Bosmans, Contracting Officer, Army Contracting Command - APG

1000-1030 Operational Perspective

COL Mike Schoenfeldt, Brigade Commander, 1st BCT, 1st CAV DIV

1030-1045 BREAK

1045-1115 Capability Set 23 Overview

MG Peter Gallagher, Director, Network Cross-Functional Team

COL Garth Winterle, Project Manager Tactical Radios

1115-1230 Unified Network Transport

Description: Operational overview of modernization priorities and experimentation opportunities at multiple echelons above brigade, initial ABCT/SBCT ITN fielding, NETOPS requirements, and hardened options for contested environments

1230-1315 LUNCH

1315-1430 Common Operating Environment/Interoperability

Description: Operational overview of modernization priorities and experimentation opportunities at the Division and Brigade HQs to enable an initial converged and unified data environment.

1430-1530 Command Post Modernization

Description: Operational overview of modernization priorities and experimentation opportunities at the Division and Brigade Command Posts to increase survivability and mobility in contested environments.

1530-1545 BREAK

1545-1645 Horizontal Integration Panel

Description: Overview of current CS23 horizontal CFT network modernization efforts focused on the top three priorities (LRPF, NGCV, FVL) while highlighting major efforts underway with IVAS and implications to ITN architecture design.

1645-1700 “Now What” Overview and Closing Remarks

MG Peter Gallagher, Director, Network Cross Functional Team

1730 – 1900 Social: AUSA Austin Chapter* (Capital Factory, Omni Hotel downtown Austin)

*There is no cost to attend the AUSA Austin Chapter Social, but kindly RSVP at the link to ensure an accurate headcount: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ausa-texas-capital-chapter-social-supporting-our-army-futures-command-tickets-73433109407


The Network Cross Functional Team and the U.S. Army Program Executive Office C3T with Army partners will host regularly scheduled technical exchange meetings and industry forums as a means of exploring the art of the possible to meet Army network needs. The intent of the sessions will be to enhance Government-and-industry communication and enable industry to respond quicker to critical emerging requirements with innovative technology solutions and partnerships. Questions will be permitted during the meeting; however, questions in regards to any portfolio system in current source selection will not be allowed. Informational slides will be posted to FBO site prior to the technical forum.




Vendors will be welcome to submit whitepapers (up to 5 pages in length) for targeted capability following the TEM. Instructions for submission of the whitepapers will be provided during the TEM and posted to this website. These whitepapers are intended for informational purposes only and this notice shall not be considered as an invitation for bid, request for quotation, Request for Proposal or as an obligation on the part of the Government to acquire any products or services. The response will be treated as information only. Responses may be used to develop Government documentation and may result in a follow on opportunity for demonstration of capability. No entitlement to payment of direct or indirect costs or charges by the Government will arise as a result of industry submission of responses to this announcement or the Government use of such information.


Registration and registration fee must be processed through this website (this applies to all industry attendees): https://armytechnicalexchangemeeting4.eventbrite.com

Base registration fee is $240.00. NO REFUNDS!!!

Registration fee covers: attendance plus beverage service for both November 20 and November 21. Catered breakfast, lunch and beverages for November 21.

You must complete the registration process no later than 5:00 p.m. November 5, 2019. Once registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent. Please bring this confirmation email with you at time of registration. Photo ID is required for entry into the event.

It is not required to have participated in a previous Industry Day/Forum/TEM, or be a current PEO C3T or Army vendor in order to register for this meeting.


A special industry rate block of hotel rooms at the JW Marriott downtown Austin has been reserved for this event. All rooms MUST be booked by November 5, 2019.

REGULAR GROUP RATE ($240.00 for industry):


In the event that you are unable to make a reservation at the JW Marriott, the Hyatt Place Austin Downtown is a nearby alternative:



The U.S. Army will make every effort to hold the Capability Set 23 Technical Exchange Meeting at the times, dates and locations specified. The U.S. Army holds the right to cancel and/or change session event times, dates and locations under certain conditions. These conditions usually include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, event venue cancellation or rescheduling, speaker cancellation or rescheduling, and insufficient number of participants for the event. The U.S. Army holds the right to cancel the event for any reason up to and including the day of the event. In the event that the U.S. Army must cancel the event, the U.S. Army will not be responsible for costs incurred in preparation for the TEM. In the event of predicted inclement weather, a decision will be made by 5pm on the prior day. If the event is cancelled, the notice will be posted on this website and an email will be sent to all registered participants.

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Date and Time


JW Marriott Austin

110 East 2nd Street

Austin, TX 78701

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