UnplugSF 2016
San Francisco, CA

UnplugSF 2016

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UnplugSF 2016

Broadway Studios, San Francisco, CA

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Unplug SF 2016

Digital DetoxCamp Grounded & Reboot present


An Off-The-Grid Party to Celebrate Reboot's National Day of Unplugging. 

Check your phone at the door and together we’ll redefine what it means to truly be connected. It’s like summer camp for adults, in the city, for one epic night of pure unadulterated fun.

7:00pm-12:30am  //  Friday, March 4th 2015  //  Everyone is invited (21+)

BROADWAY STUDIOS: 435 Broadway, SF (North Beach) ... only a ten minute walk from bart.

Join Digital Detox, Camp Grounded and Reboot for our largest Device-Free Drinks celebration to date. Leave your phone at home or check it at the door for a night of Digital Detox goodness - massage lounge, live music, typewriters, arts and crafts, hand-drawn portraits, board games, dancing... 

Unplug after a busy week and take time off the grid to feel awesome. 

Rules: No Work Talk, No Networking, No Digital Technology, No Cameras or Watches. We’ll all use Nicknames

Analog Activities: The Digital Detox Phone-Check at the Door (you can do it!)   //  LIVE MUSIC // Sing-A-Long // Nicknames  // Facepainting // Tea Lounge // Analog zone with Typewriters // Wellness Lounge with Massage and 1:1 // Arts & Crafts + Bracelet Making // Board Games and Cards // Communal Art // Free Live Hand-Drawn Portraits // Conversation Prompts  // Dancing // Reboot's National Day of Unplugging Analog Photo Booth


Ditch the Facebook status or checking-in with people on Instagram - be spontaneous and meet new people, play games, create art and celebrate community.

Do you spend all day at work looking at a computer, filtering through emails, answering text messages, or scanning Facebook when your boss isn't looking? Sick of going to a friend's house, restaurant or bar where everyone is looking down at their phones instagramming each bite, sending tweets mid-conversation or "checking-in" with people online instead of those across the table? You are not alone...

*** Want to volunteer at this party? Email Camp@thedigitaldetox.org with the subject "volunteering" to get involved. Thanks!


Digital Detox is an organization dedicated to finding, exploring and creating balance in the digital age. They host events and tech-free retreats where attendees disconnect from technology to reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them. Learn more about our upcoming retreats at DigitalDetox.org + CampGrounded.org


 The National Day of Unplugging (NDU) is a project of Reboot, a national nonprofit that seeks to reinvent and reinvigorate Jewish traditions to make them resonate with a new generation. The NDU is in its sixth year and encourages people to take a regular pause from technology to reconnect with the community and those around them. The Koret Foundation and the Jim Joseph Foundation are main supporters of Reboot programs in the bay area. NationalDayofUnplugging.com


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