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Impact Hub Brixton

49 Brixton Station Road



United Kingdom

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Women With Voices - The unlock your voice and unleash your potential is a series of bitesize workshops that will empower you to transform your inner critic, unlock your potential and express your voice compellingly in business, work and play. The workshops are facilitated by Founder of Women With Voices Ingrid Marsh and Transformational Coach Helen Chapman.

Ingrid and Helen Workshop 1: 24th May 2017

Relationship to Self

This workshop is for you if:

  • What you deeply desire and what the world keeps giving you are two completely polar opposites and the more you try, the greater the difference between the two worlds become, and you don't understand what you are doing wrong.

  • For years, the messages you have been receiving from the outside world are that ‘I’m not good enough’ and you start to believe it. Yet in your clearest moments you can sense how capable and powerful you are, but shedding the old story and embracing the real you seems such an impossible task.

  • It doesn't matter how well you do at work, how many people validate you, how much weight you loose, how toned you get, or how much you spend on make-up and clothes, you never feel good enough, clever enough or beautiful enough.

  • It doesn't matter how many times people praise you, within minutes of a complement your self-worth has dropped again and you are back in the trap of only feeling good if someone external validates you.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the real you, beneath the old story, and begin generating a life that reflects this truth back to you wherever you go.

  • Learn to harness the power to relate to your experience in such a way that you are able to say goodbye to your old story forever, no matter how engrained it is.

  • Discover how to transform the self-defeating ways you’ve been showing up in life, and powerfully begin generating new and life-affirming ways of engaging with yourself, others and life.

£25, includes organic refreshments and runs for two hours


      Ingrid's Executive speaking, presence and storytelling workshops - 31st May 2017 + 28th June 2017

      This workshop is for you if:

      • Struggle to speak up in meetings

      • Get nervous speaking to large groups of people
      • You are happy blending in and as a result are not being heard

      • Avoid promotions as it will mean public speaking and presentations

      • Feel as though they are not memorable or have a voice

      • Feel disempowered in a room full of men

      In this workshop you will:

      • Learn the tools of what makes a great communicator both on and off the stage, such as vocal variety, gravitas and the power of the pause, to bring about a more dynamic and powerful you

      • Explore compelling non-verbal communication skills.

      • Be equipped with tools to confidently develop body language which is authentic to your style, engaging and bold

      • Learn how to make an impact in a three-minute intro and leave behind a memorable fingerprint everywhere you go

      £25, includes organic refreshments and runs for two hours

      Helen's Workshop 2: 7th June, 2017

      Relationship to Something Bigger than You

      This workshop is for you if:

      • You have a strong sense of instinct and intuition but you feel you can’t trust it because it’s seen as insufficient and weak to base any decisions on.

      • When your life is going well, you accept it, or you might think you are experiencing a ‘lucky streak’. But when things don’t go so well, you feel that life and the world are against you and the only thing you can do is to work even harder to turn things around.

      • You feel so alone and disconnected that you yearn to connect to something bigger than yourself.

      In this workshop you will:

      • Come to trust your inner compass to guide all of your actions in order to realize your true potential.

      • Learn to use setbacks, delays, obstacles and disappointments to catapult you toward the highest possibility of your life.

      • Learn how to create all that you most deeply desire in partnership with Life itself.

      £25 Including organic refreshments and runs for two hours

      Ingrid's Kick-Ass Mindset Workshop - 14th June 2017

      Research is continually proving that talent alone is not the reason for success - but rather, your mindset.

      For those who:

      • Often procrastinate

      • Feel that those who are successful were born that way

      • Feel because of the gender, race, sex, academic ability their goals are unachievable

      • Lack self-belief


      • Discover fun, simple and effective techniques to work through the mindset issues that often hold women back

      • Learn how your mindset impacts your leadership skills and relationships

      • Learn skills to transform your inner critic

      • Be equipped with tools to transform from the limiting boxed mindset to the transformational growth mindset

      £25, includes organic refreshments and runs for two hours

      Helen 's Workshop 3 - 21st June 2017

      For those who

      Relationship to Others

      This workshop is for you if:

      • You don’t ask for help because you think it is somehow seen as weak and it will make you look stupid, and if you open up and work with others you think they will discover that you are a ‘fake’ or a ‘fraud’.

      • You are surrounded by friends and family and possibly a strong community yet you have never felt so alone and you feel like you are the only person feeling this way.

      • On face value, there is nothing essentially ‘wrong’ with your life, yet you feel this sense of anxiety and depression and you don’t know what’s causing it or how to overcome it.

      In this workshop you will:

      • Learn to source strength and reach your full potential by being vulnerable in front of and working in partnership with others.

      • Let go of any unconscious commitments that have been keeping you playing small and reaching your biggest potential

      £25, includes organic refreshments and runs for two hours

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      This Harness Your Power aspects of the workshops are facilitated by:

      Helen Chapman:

      Certified Transformational Coach and Leader, graduating with the highest levels of certification from the award winning company, Feminine Power, which is recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

      Helen Chapman

      Helen will be joined by the Founder of Women with Voices and Women Empowerment Coach Ingrid Marsh who will also be facilitating The Kick-Ass Mindset as well as the Executive Speaking and Presence Workshop.

      Public Speaking and Communications Coach Ingrid Marsh

      Dubbed as the Oprah for this generation through her inspiring talks of how not knowing her father drove her to succeed as a speaker to ultimately forgiving him, Ingrid achieved extraordinary success, despite the stereotypes, for her and her son though managing their mindset.

      Described by Google Campus as a fantastic public speaker, she has over 10 years experience as a speaker, broadcaster and NLP practitioner specialising in women's confidence, executive presence and communication. She is on a mission to amplify women's authentic voices and increase their visibility so that we close the visibility and leadership gap, increase our influence and signal to future generations that success is not defined by our bodies, but rather believing it's possible and rocking your authentic self.

      Ingrid is also a serial entrepreneur owning everything from a vintage lifestyle shop in prestigious Islington to an online street-food marketplace. Before heading into broadcasting, she worked in the City for ICV in Account Management serving some of the major financial institutions, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to name but a few. Ingrid has compelling communications skills and has been the voice-over for radio adverts aired on the BBC and local radio stations. She was the resident life coach for The South London Press Newspaper and radio station Asian Star. Ingrid has also been featured in the Guardian Newspaper, was the traffic presenter for Radio Jackie and has appeared as an expert on Nick-Ferrari's LBC radio show as well as OH TV sky channel 199 alongside MP Tessa Jowell and para-Olympian, Will Bailey.

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      Impact Hub Brixton

      49 Brixton Station Road


      SW9 8PQ

      United Kingdom

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