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Mystic Manor

1240 Morningside Way

Los Angeles, CA 90291

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An immersive healing experience

About this Event

Heal past trauma.

Break toxic patterns.

Embody Self Love.

This is designed for the heart who’s ready to meet themselves at a deeper level of fulfillment and experience new possibilities in their life and love life.

Unlock Love will expose every wall, chain, and pain around your heart that is keeping you from the self love and love life you desire; while giving you the guidance and experience to heal, release, and evolve into the most authentic version of yourself you’ve ever known in your entire life.


Unlock love is a full immersive experience that's designed to help you uncover and discover all of your underlying limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back from living with more PASSION and LOVE.

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. What you do in the room at Unlock Love is a unique process that isn’t your normal journaling, lecture, or meditation. We get go deep. In every sense of the word.

Unlock Love is about:

  • Releasing yourself from the past
  • Allowing yourself to trust again
  • Fully respecting, honoring, and loving all of yourself

It’s about tapping back into that deep realness and fulfillment that already lives in your heart.

It’s about stopping all of the lies and neglect, to actually show the fuck up for yourself and claiming the truth.

It’s not love that hurts us, its our expectations. And far to many hearts are seeking unconditional love while carrying a bag of expectations to protect from getting hurt again. This just causes the same toxic behaviors to repeat over and over again in ones love life that can breed confusion, totally control, and seriously damage someone's heart.

FREEDOM comes from divorcing the story and marrying the truth. If this resonates with you, join us.


  • You’re reading books, listening to podcasts, doing all of the meditations and journaling but you’re not seeing any of the significant changes you want
  • You keep experiencing the same toxicity over and over in your love life.
  • You were wounded in the past and know you haven't fully healed.
  • You have a hard time in dating and manifesting the right relationship.
  • You've been afraid to make changes in your life you know you need to make.
  • You’re in a dysfunctional relationship.
  • You’re validation seeking and people pleasing.
  • You have a huge heart and get treated like a doormat.
  • You recognize you have codependent tendencies.
  • You may need a dose of tough love
  • You have a hard time forgiving yourself or others.
  • You over-work, drink, or abuse any substance that you know is keeping you from love and doing the inner work.

Love truly is the answer. It’s time you unlock your heart and give yourself the love you so freely give to others.

What others are saying:

“Unlock Love gave me so much growth at a spiritual level! Not only relational, not only psychological, not only emotional… but growth on a spiritual level” - Josh

“Unlock Love helped me grow so much not only in my relationship, but in my relationship with myself.” - Alexa

“Unlock Love was the best thing that has happened for myself and our relationship” - Leslie

“A-MAZE-ING! I discovered so much I didn’t know was holding me back! I feel like my true authentic self and feel so powerful and free!” - Ivana

Most of us were wounded by our parents or past lovers. From those experiences we locked away our hearts as to avoid the pain, and in doing so kept ourselves from the love, life, and love life we deeply desire. It’s time to UNLOCK LOVE.


  • Waking up your heart
  • Giving your heart eyes
  • Claiming your truth and calling out the BS.
  • Effective blaming.
  • Tools for emotional mastery.
  • Forgiving yourself.
  • Letting go of the past.
  • Evolving and meeting the new you.
  • Empowering emotional strength
  • Rebuilding trust.
  • Step away as a FREE and SELF LOVING heart.

Your Instructor:

Kevin Crenshaw

Love & Relationship Coach

Trauma Healer

Transformational Facilitator

Founder of The Heart Gang

Special breathwork activation with Chelsea Didier

Chelsea will lovingly drop us into a waking dream state as we relax into our authentic skins, held in seamless connection to the earth. She will guide us into an active breathing journey of oneness; which will culminate in a deep sound release and vocal activation. Be prepared to feel brought back to life. Revitalized, as we release and transmute trauma stored in the body; anchoring into raw, authentic self expression, giving rise to unity consciousness.

About Chelsea Didier

Shamanic medicine woman

Result-oriented mentor and retreat facilitator


Embodiment guide

Breathwork facilitator

Stop letting anxiety and fear control your life and start OWNING your TRUTH.





Tough Love

Inner peace


Self love embodiment practices

Multiple trauma healing techniques

Healing a broken heart



Understanding masculine and feminine

Mirror work

Breath work

Primal Embodiment practices

Inner Child

Sexual Energy

Spiritual needs of a lasting relationship

Human Connection Practices

Now you have a choice:

There are testimonials and details on this page, proving that your life and love life can be radically different within a 12 hour workshop.

The choice is now yours.

You can choose to stay stuck. You can close this page and continue living your life with the same toxic cycles, falling for breadcrumb relationships, and not loving yourself enough to live the life you truly want. Living a life where you never get to experience what’s possible, and anxiety and trauma run your life. WHERE YOU ARE 100% GUARANTEED THAT NOTHING WILL CHANGE.


You can choose to start showing up for yourself and change your entire life forever. Those who are willing to risk it all put themselves in a position to gain it all. Everything you want is on the other side of where you have been. You can choose to come out with inner peace, happiness, and self love that NO ONE can ever take from you.

The choice is yours. The experience provided in the room is the result of over $250K invested in my own personal development, me walking my own healing journey in this process, and the experience of mentoring thousands of hearts into healing and love. You can stay stuck in feeling unworthy or you can show up for yourself and reserve your spot now!

Love is a lot closer than you think.

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Date and Time


Mystic Manor

1240 Morningside Way

Los Angeles, CA 90291

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